ACCA vs CA – How Are They Different?

ACCA vs CA – How Are They Different? Career is on your mind!!! What needs to be done is the biggest confusion it has always been for students who want to pursue professional exams like ACCA certification or CA exam. Well commerce students have a number of options, trust me a number. Choosing is definitely a task. Well if you know the difference between two professional courses choosing is simplified.

In this article, we will discuss about the following –

  1. ACCA vs CA Infographics
  2. What is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)?
  3. What is Chartered Accountant (CA)?
  4. ACCA vs CA Exam Requirements
  5. Why pursue ACCA?
  6. Why pursue CA?

ACCA vs CA Infographics

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Lets understand the difference between these two streams with the help of this ACCA vs CA Infographics.

ACCA vs CA infographics

What is Associations of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)?

ACCA is one of the leading accountancy body’s globally or internationally, however in a few countries it is said to be equal to one of their local qualifications. By completing your ACCA you prove to the employers that you are good in all aspects of business. This qualification can be completed from across 170 countries and has more than 500 000 members and students associated to them. This degree gives you the good employment prospects and helps you in displaying your ability in every aspect of finance and management of any business. It is the largest and the fastest growing global accountancy body in the world. It keeps you in high demand amongst employers for taxation and law, banking, auditing and also financial consulting. Along with gaining accounting and finance skills this degree also trains you for organizational and management strategies.

What is Chartered Accountant (CA)?

To become a CA you need to go through various levels of examinations and a tough training. However this training is definitely very beneficial as its gives you the recognition of a professional chartered accountant and can fetch you a job in any government body, public and private company and with the help of this degree you can also start your own business. You can work under the titles of an expert for auditing, taxation, general management, financial accountant, financial advisor, etc. Skilled CA’s are always in great demand. This degree gives you international recognition as an accountant hence you can also work abroad with this qualification. In fact the institute of chartered accounts also encourages the members to regularly take up minimum level of continuing professional development to stay professionally competitive. However to accomplish your goal of becoming a CA you have to study very hard and also smart. Do checkout the top accounting firms

ACCA vs CA Exam Requirements

ACCA Requirements

  1. You need to 1st register with ACCA as a student to appear for an ACCA exam
  2. You need to clear 14 exams in the span of 10 years to become a certified ACCA.
  3. However if you have an accountancy or a business background from related institutes you will be exempted from appearing a few exams.
  4. The studying is optional if you want you can attend courses, or study at home with the help of books and study material provided or even study on line. Free study material is available on various websites that offer open tuitions.
  5. For the convenience of students these exams are held across the globe in various countries.

CA Requirements

  1. To become a professional CA you need to appear for CPT exam after you clear your 10+2 or your 12th. If you are pursuing this course after your graduation you can directly take up or start with the intermediate level.
  2. The intermediate exam of this course is divided into two groups. In this after completing the 1st level of the IPC level the candidate needs to undergo a tough training as an article assistant under a CA or in a CA firm.
  3. Before the candidate appears for his finals that is in the 3rd year of his training he can also work in an industry
  4. Before the final exam the candidate also needs to complete the IT training of a 100hrs and also soft skills development orientation.

Why pursue ACCA?

ACCA gives you an international recognition and the ability of sharpening your skills in accounting finance, organizational management and strategy. An ACCA is in high demand in industries such as banking, auditing, taxation and law, consulting, etc that is in all aspects of finance and business. If you finish your ACCA you will be a part of the fastest growing accounting body across the globe with more than 500000 students and members and its presence in more than 170 countries. This qualification is based on international auditing and accounting standards.

Why pursue CA?       

CA gives you the ability of working in any industry under any title such as an auditor, a financial accountant, financial advisor, budget analyst, taxation and law consultant, etc. In fact a CA can also set up his own practice. This degree has international recognition. Skilled CA’s are in great demand in the market. CA’s these days do not only work on number crunching data they do much more than that such as auditing, working on companies profitability, leading and guiding the company towards profits with their financial advice.

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