CIPM vs Claritas – Which Is The Right for You?

CIPM vs Claritas – Which is Right Program for you? Choosing between CIPM and Claritas examination should not be very difficult if you know what exactly are they meant for.

CIPM deals primarily with Investment Performance Analysis and presentation. However, Claritas is all about broad introduction to finance. CIPM is meant for people looking for specializing within a finance domain, however, Claritas suits those who are  from non-finance background.

The article will give you information on the following;

  1. CIPM vs Claritas Infographics
  2. What is CIPM?
  3. What is Claritas?
  4. CIPM vs Claritas Entry Requirements
  5. Why pursue CIPM?
  6. Why pursue Claritas?

CIPM vs Claritas Infographics

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Lets understand the difference between these two streams with the help of this CIPM vs Claritas Infographics.

CIPM vs Claritas infographics

What is CIPM?

Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) is offered by CFA Institute as a specialized credential focused on performance evaluation and presentation of relevant data to investors. There has been a growing demand for financial institutions to adhere to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) and CIPM helps achieve this goal by helping professionals gain an understanding of these global ethics and professional standards. It is a globally recognized accreditation which can help enhance career prospects of investment professionals.

What is Claritas?

Claritas Investment Certificate is an entry-level designation awarded by CFA Institute aimed at helping professionals become acquainted with the fundamentals of investment industry. It also introduces participants to the roles and responsibilities of those working in different areas of financial services sector. This covers a number of finance and investment-related roles and is best fit for entry-level professionals in the field of investment and finance.

CIPM vs Claritas Entry Requirements:

CIPM Entry Requirements:

There are no specific exam requirements for CIPM and the only prerequisite is that one should abide by the CIPM Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. This is achieved by every participant signing a Candidate Professional Conduct Statement as part of the exam registration.

Claritas Entry Requirements:

There are no specific entry requirements for Claritas either in terms of education qualifications or work experience. Anyone interested in gaining a fundamental knowledge of the investment industry is free to join the certificate program.

Why Pursue CIPM

CIPM equips professionals with a broad-based understanding of complex concepts related to performance measurement, attribution and appraisal which play a key role in the highly specialized field of portfolio management. Participants are also exposed to requisite ethical and professional standards necessary to function in the global investment industry. This certification not only validates the capabilities of professionals in investment performance evaluation and related areas but also creates greater trust in employers by introducing them to global ethical practices in the field.

Why Pursue Claritas?

This entry-level certification is highly useful for finance as well as non-finance professionals interested in exploring work opportunities in the investment industry. There are no eligibility requirements which makes it possible for almost anyone to earn the certification and can be of great value for IT, HR, sales, marketing and other professionals roles within investment industry who need a basic understanding of how the investment industry works. In addition, getting certified from CFA Institute is another advantage which enhances their career prospects in the investment industry.

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CIPM deals with a rather complex area of finance, investment performance analysis and presentation, which is not meant for everyone interested in finance in general. It is intended for professionals looking to specialize in this area and looking to explore work opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills acquired. On the other hand, Claritas is an easier fundamental-level certification which offers a broad introduction to finance and does not hold as much value in terms of a professional credential as CIPM. It is a good choice for people working in non-finance roles in investment industry though. CIPM can truly help enhance growth prospects for dedicated finance professionals in the global industry. Both are offered by CFA Institute, known for its quality education, which alone brings a lot of credibility to both of these credentials.

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