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eduCBA reviews – Have you been looking forward to learn and upgrade yourself, however, unable to do so due to the tight classroom training schedule or maybe you find them too boring.

If yes, then let me introduce you to EDUCBA, trusted by many professionals, training participants, candidates, and many other online learners.

Now you must be thinking what this site will be all about, should you use EDUCBA or not? Whether this website will be useful to you or not? Well there may be lot of questions popping out of your mind regarding the same.

Let us look at a bird’s eye view of how eduCBA operates and whether this learning portal will be useful for you or not.


We note that EDUCBA provides professional courses across multiple categories including Investment Banking, Technology, Analytics and more.

What is EDUCBA all about?

eduCBA is an online training provider which provides multiple ranging of courses or you can call it as online training programs to learners, professionals, readers, candidates/students & many more who wish to learn something new & wish to gain practical knowledge i.e. implications of theoretical knowledge into the corporate life.

eduCBA is currently catering more than 500,000+ learners through its more 1700+ courses which is formed by expert industry professionals & trainers . They also provide 24*7 unlimited access to the learners so that you can learn anytime from anywhere.

If you are looking for one such website which can offer you industrial knowledge of your interest or of your field and help you to fetch job easily, then EDUCBA is the one good option to look at.

What are the features offered by EDUCBA?

Here are few features about educba which will help you to build & enhance your skills:

  • 1700+ courses across 12+ verticals
  • Professional Training to grow your career
  • Plethora of online training courses at one place
  • Lifetime Subscription Facility
  • Accessibility to online courses at any time anywhere
  • Bridges gap between the students & corporates
  • Live case scenarios & exposure to corporate world trainings
  • Learn to analyze & interpret concepts and situations like industry experts
  • Quantum of learning is exhaustive & informative
  • Technical Support & Guidance from the educba team
  • Provides Certificate on the successful completion of the course

In this in-depth EDUCBA Review, we will discuss how it will help you to gain thorough knowledge about your interest field & to gain more of practical training. So are you ready? Let’s check out the details:

How to use EDUCBA?

educba has more than 1700+ courses across multiple categories. The complete list is as per below –

Category No. of Courses Details
Investment Banking 475+ Courses View All
IT 489+ Courses View All
Certifications 90+ Courses View All
Data & Analytics 149+ Courses View All
Mobile Apps 49+ Courses View All
Project Management 107+ Courses View All
Business 412+ Courses View All
Design 79+ Courses View All
Soft Skills & CRT 99+ Courses View All
Office Productivity 218+ Courses View All

Also, you get lifetime access to all future courses.

To help you understand better about the website, let’s go through the website in a bit more detail.

main educba page

In the highlighted search bar you can check it out any course by simply typing the name of the course which you want to learn, it will take you to the respective course page or else you can also select the course from the list of categories by clicking on:

educba list of courses

You can see from the above image that once you click on the icon you will be shown various categories. For example I clicked on the Finance Category which displays further sub-categories namely Investment Banking Courses, Finance Certification, BFSI Courses, Financial Modeling Courses, Trading & Stock Market Courses and many more. Likewise each category i.e. Mobile Apps, Tech Training (I.T.), Data & Analytics etc. has their following categories. Once you place your cursor on any category you will be displayed following sub-categories.

Now to check out the courses you can select any of the sub-categories to view varied number of courses available under each sub-category. You can also click on the Finance icon of the front page to check the Finance sub-categories such as:

courses & categories

After Clicking the Finance icon you will be landed to Finance page which looks like

educba finance category

In the above image it is shown that in the left hand-side all the sub-categories of Finance Category is mentioned which even displays the number of courses available under each sub-category such as in Investment Banking sub-category 54 courses are accessible, in Trading & Stock Market sub-category 68 training courses are courses etc. On the right hand-side there is icon of page number where you can go through the overall Finance Category Courses.

In a similar manner every other category has its landing page followed by the various sub-categories & associated with it number of courses. So if you wish to check out courses under Mobile Apps you can click on Mobile Apps Category & you can see the varied number of sub-categories & courses in it.

Now once you decide which sub-category could be of your interest you can click on the following sub-category & you can check the list of courses. Here’s a screenshot for you to for better understanding.

educba course

The above image shows the Investment Banking Courses sub-category page which will give you an indication about the Featured courses i.e. Online Investment Banking Training (which is the most liked training course by the learners).

Next includes the New & Noteworthy column which keeps you updated about the new training courses added & mostly are those courses or training programs which are in-demand at today’s time.  If you scroll down or navigate the page down which will give you idea about the number of popular courses in the Investment Banking sub-category available with eduCBA.

These courses are the popular courses which industries have demand for, taken up by the industrial experts to provide you the glimpse of practice conducted in the corporates.

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 educba popular courses

EDUCBA Course Pages

We have gone through with the category page, sub-category page and then the varied no. of courses, now we will see how does the course pages looks like & know what all things it includes:

online investment banking courses

This is the before login front page which includes short description about the training course, thereafter you check the reviews provided by various training participants, learners etc., then the no. of hours of course (includes HD videos). For example in this course of Online Investment Banking Training it consists of more than 97+ hours of HD videos, 528+ lectures, till now 13009+ students have enrolled for this course or has chosen this course to study, and lastly this course can be taken by any individual be it basic learner, intermediate learner or advanced learner.

Likewise similarly each course contains of specific video hours of lectures, how many students have taken that particular course & level of the course.

When you navigate the page you can see 5-6 tabs which consists of Course Overview, Curriculum, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Reviews, Quiz & Certificate.

  1. Course Overview:

It includes the brief description about the course i.e. what does this course is all about, who should take this course, what all pre-requisites required to learn about this course, what is the objective of this course. You’re all these questions will be answered through this tab which will help you to know that is this course you are looking for to learn or not. So that’s the best part to know about the course structure.

  1. Curriculum:

educba course curriculum

The next tab consists of Course Curriculum which will show what all sub-topics are covered under the course & what all lectures are covered under each sub-topic. So this will give you benefit to know about the course or training program more in-depth by knowing the overall structure of the course.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


This tab includes frequently asked questions asked by the training participants to know about the course, to know about the educba platform, to know about the training instructors and many more as such questions are answered.

So if you feel like knowing anything much about the platform, you can mail your queries or doubts which will be answered promptly.

  1. eduCBA Reviews

educba reviews

In this tab of eduCBA Reviews you can view the feedback or testimonials provided by genuine customers who have used educba for learning purpose & how was their experience of learning for the particular course & also about the overall educba website. Through this you can get to know that the view point of customers towards educba.

Rated 4.6/5
based on 23 customer reviews


  1. Quiz


Next is the Quiz tab which contains mainly the questions related to the course, which in short helps the learners to practice & check their knowledge regarding that subject or topic. This quiz you can take it after learning about the course in order to analyze your skills about the topic.

  1. Certificate

educba certificate

Last tab will show you the format of sample certificate which will be granted to you after successfully completion of the course. And we all are aware that in today’s time to gain importance in your CV or to stay ahead in the market; you required to have a certificate to prove that you have completed the following training programs. So this is the best part of educba that it offers you certificate after completion of your course training & which adds an advantage in your resume.

After Login Page

Till now we have seen how you can operate the educba website before logging in & how does the website looks like. Now in this EDUCBA Review I’ll show you how to login & how you can operate the after login page. First have a look on the login panel:

educba login panel

This login panel you will be able to see on the top right hand-side of the corner of a page. When you login with your respective login credentials you will be directly taken to the “My Course” Page.

educba after login

The above image displays the Welcome Page of educba which is similar to before login in page where all the categories on the left-hand side, then whichever course you have viewed or learnt recently you can check out on that tab, it also shows you the update of new courses in this page.

Once you have decided that which course you are looking forward to learn or to practice, you can search that course via through search tab or through categories. For example I wanted to learn about Online Investment Banking Training so I’ll directly search it by typing the course name or through Finance Category.

Now after selecting the particular course, it takes you to the main page of a course where the Curriculum of course, along with that information about Certificate, Discussion Forum & Announcements (latest update about the blog articles, resources & other information).

educba course page

As you can see the after login page of the Online Investment Banking Training Course which will guide you which lecture you have completed & which you haven’t. On the right-hand side the information on certificate which you can access it by giving certification test (implies only in few of the courses) & thereby about the discussion forum & announcements is been displayed.

Let me take you to the video page where you can access the video lectures to get better understanding about online trainings.

after login investment banking

In this screenshot of main video page the left-hand side contains curriculum videos; on the right-hand side there is a video (which you can expand to get a full view) playing the video of a particular lecture & respective section. Just towards the downward side of video there are options of previous & next where you can change the video from previous video to next video and also there is an icon called as Mark as Completed which will show you whether the video is completed or not so that you can have an idea that about the completion of videos. Or else if you wish to re-learn any lecture you can click on Mark as not completed; you can see that video as not completed when you go to the main page of a course.

Through this way you access the video tutorials of any topic of your choice & after completing the course you can claim for the certificate too.

But Wait…. What about the Price?

EDUCBA offers simple and awesome pricing. It comes with 3 pricing packages, you get access to all 1700+ courses in both the packages.

EDUCBA Pricing

EDUCBA provides you with the QuarterlyAnnual Subscription & Lifetime Subscription. The difference between the three is just the time span through which you can access the tutorials of educba. When it comes to pricing, they are offering whooping discount of more than 80% – 90% on their subscription & the amount being charged is just negligible for the high-end training programs.

If you still have a doubt in taking its subscription plans, I would suggest you to go for its Free Courses and once you like the training programs you can upgrade to any subscription plans to get a complete list of training courses.

I hope this EDUCBA Review has helped you to understand the process of online training programs & the variety of training courses which they avail to their customers at a very negligible cost. Do remember, there is no end to learn & conquer more knowledge. So get start you journey of learning & gaining expertise skills with EDUCBA.

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