Investment Banking Training Course – Epic Bundle!


This Investment Banking Training course is an Epic bundle of 99 courses with 500+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. This is not all, you also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete these courses.

This online investment banking course is the most comprehensive Investment Banking Preparation material on the planet! It is designed for students and professionals who want to master investment banking skills. The resources included here are from basics tutorials to super advanced concepts of Investment Banking.

About Investment Banking Course

Course Name Investment Banking Course Epic Bundle
Deal You get access to all 99 course bundle. These 99 courses are further divided into 6 parts. You do not need to purchase each part separately.
Hours 500+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Financial Modeling in Excel, DCF Modeling, Relative Valuations, Comparable Comps, Mergers & Acquisitions, LBO Modeling, Private Equity, Bank Modeling, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Forex, Technical Analysis
Excel Templates Included? Yes. All templates downloadable
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning Investment Banking and wants to make a career in this Field
Pre-Requisites None (Basic accounting knowledge should help)
What do you get? Certificate of Excellence for each of the 99 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enchanced Investment Banking Skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Excel (2007 or above)
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Part 1 – Investment Banking Training – Core Courses

These set of core courses on Investment Banking start from the basic operations at an Investment Bank to imparting core practical training on the same. Some of the core courses include analyst accounting, Discounted Cash Flows or DCF Modeling,  Comparable Comps, Financial Modeling and M&A Modeling.

Below is the full list of core courses included in this package.

S. No Course Name Description
1 Investment Banking – An Overview In this course, you will learn the nuances of Investment banking industry. It cover topics like what is investment banking, Investment Banks v/s Retail & Commercial Banks, Investment Banks v/s Retail & Commercial Banks, Investment Banking & Research, AMC, Buy side and Sell side of an Investment Bank, AMC, Buy side and Sell side of an Investment Bank, Sales & Trading and Equity Research, Raising Capital & IPO, Underwriting and Market Maker, M&A Advisory and Pitch-Book, Reorganizations and Restructuring and Structure of an Investment Bank.
2 Microsoft Excel 2010 – For Beginners This is a starter course on Excel 2010. Since, excel is primarily used in Investment Banking, the aim of this course is to make you familiar with the fundamentals functions in Excel 2010 and how it should be used. The tutorials will help you learn about Getting Started, Data Entry, Populating the Case Study in Excel, Formulas, formatting, Conditional Formatting, Charts and Graphs, Pivot Tables, Presentation, Prints, Short cuts and common errors.
3 Microsoft Excel 2010 – Advanced Training Course Not only the basics of Excel is required in Investment Banking, but you should master this art. This is a online course is to gain understanding of Excel 2010 – Advanced functions. The aim is to learn the advanced features Excel 2010 and how they can be used . These tutorials will help you learn Useful Excel Functions, Data Functions, What If Analysis, Functions for working with Text, Pivot Tables, Names and Dynamic Range, Auditing and Trouble Shooting formulas, Form Controls and advanced charts.
4 Accounting – Income Statement Analysis This Investment Banking online course on Income Statement Analysis where you will learn how to do an analysis of an income statement of a company. In this course you will be learning about fiscal year v/s calendar year, income statement format, how to calculate profit margins, how to estimate changes in accounting, how to do revenue recognition, depreciation expense. Through this course you will learn the analysis of Colgate company’s income statement.
5 Accounting – Balance Sheet Analysis In this Investment Banking course of Balance Sheet Analysis you will be learning about the items in balance sheet. You will be learning what are the current assets, then you will learn about financial reporting standards, current liabilities, long term assets, long term liabilities, shareholder’s equity schedule.
6 Accounting – Cash Flows Analysis In this investment banking training on Cash Flow Analysis where you will be learning about cash flows items i.e. cash flow from operations, cash flow from investing activities, cash flow from financing activities. Also through a comprehensive you will be learning how to analyse cash flow statement through direct and indirect method.
7 Corporate Valuation – Beginner to Pro in Excel Corporate Valuation means estimating the value of the company. Through this Invetsment Banking Tutorial on Corporate Valuation you will be learning what is corporate valuation, dividend discount model, discounted cash flows, calculation of enterprise value, calculation of relative valuations – enterprise valuation and equity value. Also you will learn about P/E Ratio, understanding about Price to book value ratio, why price to book value is used in banks and also learning about price to cash flow ratio.
8 Comprehensive Training on Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) This IB training module is dedicated to learning about this most commonly used DCF valuation techniques wherein you shall understand it right from scratch on a financial model
9 Comprehensive Relative Valuation Training Through this IB course you would be learning how to perform relative valuations using various earnings multiples, book value multiples, revenue multiples and industry specific variables.
10 Comparable Comps – Comparable Company Analysis This Investment Banking course on comparable company analysis will help the learner in getting a general overview and understand where comparable comps places itself in the bigger picture of valuation of stocks
11 financial modeling of petrochemical sector This course on Investment Banking will help you learn how to create a financial model and perform valuation analysis on Petrochemical sector w.r.t Advanced Petrochemical Company.
12 Merger Modeling- Albemarle Corp and Axiall Chemicals This Investment Banking Program is a comprehensive training on building a merger model right from scratch. It has been done with the help of a fictitious case study on Albemarle Corp and Axiall Chemicals.
13 Basic VBAs and Macros Course You will learn the nuts and bolts of VBAs and Macros. Macros can help you automate lot of IB stuff. Here you learn the basic features of Excel VBAs and Macros like creating Macro, VBA Environment, Macros with IF Condition, Data Filter, Charting using VBA, creation of Userform.
14 Advanced VBAs and Macros Course This IB tutorial on VBAs and Macros Advanced functions teaches you to create Userform , Looping, Referencing Sheets, Writing Formulas, Create Graph, Print using VBA

Part 2 – Advanced Investment Banking Module

This Part 2 deals with Advanced Investment Banking Topics like Private Equity Modeling, Equity Research, IPO Modeling, Banking Sector Financial Modeling, Islamic Banking, LBO Modeling, Project Finance Modeling and more.

Below is the list of courses included in the Second Part.

S. No Course Name Description
15 Banking Sector Financial Modeling – Bank of America Learn the entire process of creating a financial model of US based bank right from scratch. Create financial model for Bank of America
16 Understanding Islamic Banking This Investment Banking course on Understanding Islamic banking teaches you how to prepare banking model for Islamic Countries banks.
17 LBO – Leveraged BuyOut (LBO) Modeling This detailed course will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Leveraged BuyOut and create an excel based LBO model from scratch
18 Project Finance Modeling – From Novice to Expert Through this Investment Banking training course, you will learn project finance modeling right from scratch. The tutorials will explain estimating the cost of the project, feasibility analysis, means of finance, risk analysis and mitigation, important ratios, comprehensive project finance modeling and concluding with the preparation of the project finance report.
19 Comprehensive Private Equity Concepts and Modeling This course on Investment Banking is for you to learn essential concepts in Private Equity right from scratch. You shall understand concepts such as the structures of Private equity, PE modelling & LBO, DCF and create a PE model by yourself
20 Goodwill Calculation in Accounting Through this advanced accounting course you shall be understanding the major methods of goodwill accounting with examples and their disclosures as per IFRS
21 Credit Analysis – Real Estate Sector Credit Analysis Real Estate Sector Course is a comprehensive application based training wherein you would get to learn about the credit research of real estate sector.
22 Credit Research – Research Process and Methodology This training is a comprehensive course on learning credit research. The lessons include learning about credit research process, credit research methodologies, credit rating agencies, credit models, how credit rating evaluation is done by banks, Credit Rating and its role in Modern Financial System. After the base lectures you would understand the preparation of step by step financial model and finally coming up with a credit rating.
23 Merger Modeling – Comcast Corp and Time Warner Inc. This is a online investment banking program is to gain understanding of Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Modeling. The aim is to gain understanding of how an merger model is prepared, the important concepts and features of an merger model. The tutorials will help you learn the overview of the two companies Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Inc. under the merger deal, Transaction Assumptions, Buyer and Seller IS, Calculating the Accretion and Dilution, Synergies, combining the financial statements, Sensitivity Analysis and Calculating the free cash flows.
24 Equity Research on Pharmaceutical Industry – Aurobindo Pharma Learning how to create a financial model and equity research reports on Pharmaceutical Industry.
25 Equity Research – Pharma Sector ( Claris Life Sceince Ltd) Learning how to create valuation model along with the projection of various financial statements like P&L, Balance sheet and Cash flow of Pharma Company – Claris Lifesciences Ltd.
26 Equity Research Report Writing Training This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of Equity Research Report Writing. The aim is to learn about how equity research reports need to prepared effectively. The tutorials will help you learn about Introduction to Report writing, Understanding Sell Side Reports, Data Analysis, Developing Logic using Minto’s Pyramid Principle, Writing Research Report and Report Writing – conclusions.
27 IPO Valuation Modeling In this course, you will learn IPO Evaluation & Modeling of Wonderla which belongs to the amusement sector. At the end of this program we would conclude what should be the target price for Wonderla.
28 Calculator – Texas Instruments Though this Texas Instruments calculator is much used for CFA exams, I thought this will be a great addition to the learnings as it can be great time saver. The tutorials will help you learn Calculator Set up, Regular Usage, Quantitative Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting, and Fixed Income.


Part 3 – Advanced Financial Modeling

This third part on Advanced Financial Modeling for Investment Bankers is primarily dedicated to mastering the art of financial modeling. In this you will not only get basic understanding of preparing a financial model but will also get enough practice to apply the same on different sectors. In this part, there are more than 10+ financial models you can learn from, including the Real Estate Financial Modeling, Automobile, Telecom Sector and more.


S. No Course Name Description
29 Financial modeling – Real Estate Sector Through this course on Investment Banking, you will learn to create a financial model and equity or sector research reports on real estate sector. The course is structured into two parts a) building a financial model from the scratch and b) writing an equity research report or sector research report on the real estate sector.
30 Financial Modeling – Automobile Sector Learn to create a financial model for an automobile company from scratch – forecasting, DCF, comps, target price
31 Financial Modeling – Indian Telecommunication Sector Learn the nuances of Telecom sector modeling thoroughly by preparing schedules like depreciation, shareholder’s equity, cost sheet, debt schedule etc.
32 Financial Modeling – Broadcasting Sector This is a Financial Modeling IB course on Broadcasting Sector prepares a financial model of a broadcasting sector company step-by-step. You learn to populate the historical data, make projections and find the fair price of the stock
33 Financial Modeling – Banking Sector (JPMorgan) The IB tutorials on Banking Sector takes example of JPMorgan. Learn Banking Modeling, Loan Portfolio Projections, Balance Sheet Projections, Interest bearing Assets and Liabilities, Income Statement Projections, Cash Flow Statement Projections, Linking the Financial Statements, Capital Adequacy, Dividends Stock Repurchase, Public Comparables, and Dividend Discount Model.
34 Financial Modeling – Media & Entertainment Sector Here we take an example of Indian Media Company – Zee Entertainment. Learn to prepare a fully integrated financial model along with valuations.
35 Financial Modeling – Apparel Sector In this Investment Banking course, we take an example of Apparel Sector company and prepare valuation model from scratch for your further practice.
36 Financial Modeling – Time Warner Learn comprehensive financial modeling of Time Warner Inc. which is a US broadcasting sector company. The tutorials will explain you how the broadcasting sector works in US, performing the fundamental analysis (Horizontal, vertical and ratio analysis), forecasting the future financials of Time Warner and interpreting the EPS of the company.
37 Financial Modeling – Retail Sector Learn the nuts and bolts of Retail Sector Financial Modeling. We will learn some important topics in this course like: Revenue Buildup, Depreciation and Amortization Schedule, Valuation Of Shoppers Stop etc.
38 Financial Modeling – Asian Paints This is a case study on Asian Paints. You will learn how to populate financial statements, how to do ratio analysis, how to take assumptions, how to prepare various schedules, how to do projections of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.
39 Financial Modeling – Siemens AG Here we take the case study of Seimens Financial Modeling. Find the target price by building a full three statement integrated financial model
40 Financial Modeling – Cox & Kings This is an online Investment Banking Program on Financial Modeling of Cox & Kings where you will be taught how to prepare a model of a company.
41 Financial Modeling of REITs This is an online course on Real Estate Investment Trust Modeling where the example of real estate is taken in order to explain the financial modeling of this sector.
42 Equity Research of Capital Goods Industry (Praj Industries) In this course, you will learn valuation model, the depreciation and interest cost calculation, projection of other balance sheet items, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) etc. Further, we will also learn functions like Data table and NPV.


Part 4 – Investment Banking Foundation Courses

These Investment Banking Add-on courses that may not be directly connected with Investment Banking, however, they are required for your complete knowledge of Banking and Finance Sector. Some of the areas include here are Hedge Funds, Banking, Debt Markets, Concept of Technical Analysis, Portfolio Management etc.

S. No Course Name Description
43 Banking Operations – A Comprehensive Course on Banking This wonderful online course is about Banking Operations. You will learn in detail about Banking Operations, working capital & non-fund based limits, Non Performing Assets (NPA’s), SARFAESI Act etc.
44 Introduction to Structured Finance Through this program on Investment Banking, you will get to learn the concept of basic structured finance and understand its various products such as the ABS, MBS, CDO, CLO, CMO, Credit Derivatives etc.
45 Structured Finance – Credit Derivatives Here you will get to learn the concept of structured finance credit derivatives module in –details with practical exampled to get better understanding about the concept.
46 Fixed Income Trading Fundamentals In this course you are going to learn about various fixed income instruments, their life cycle, pricing and valuation with the help of live examples.
47 Options Trading – Proven Strategies For Success This Practical Options and Futures Trading Course is a detailed course which will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Options and Futures Trading.
48 Overview of Hedge Funds Through this course on Hedge Funds course you will be learning about the overview of the concept of Hedge funds and its core concepts and structure. Also you will learn how it not related to Mutual funds.
49 Concept of Leverage in Hedge funds Learn how the concept of leverage is applied in hedge funds. It would be explained with the help of live case studies and examples so that the learner can comprehend all about it. We shall also understand when best we should use them
50 Hedge Fund Performance Analysis Learn how performance analysis of hedge fund happens. It would be explained with the help of live case studies and examples so that the learner can comprehend all about it. We shall also understand when best we should use them
51 Classic Strategies In Hedge Funds Want to learn the strategies that decide the success of Hedge Funds? Take this course on classic hedge fund strategies and understand the merits/demerits of using the leverage, Long Only, Short Only, Equity Long Short , Market Neutral, Short Bias, Long Bias and Variable Bias with the help of case studies.
52 Important Hedge Fund Strategies This course on hedge fund strategies is for you to learn various high risk/return profiles of hedge fund investing. You shall learn how to interpret and when to use them successfully. It includes strategies such as the Emerging Markets, Multi Event, Event Driven Strategies.
53 Hedge Fund Risk Management Through this course you shall be learning about the theory and practice of risk management in hedge funds understanding the tools and the concept of risk exposure.
54 Hedge Fund Accounting and Taxation In this course on you shall be learning about the accounting and taxation of hedge funds which includes concepts such as Carried Interest, Bermuda, Accounting Entries, NAV etc.
55 Hedge Fund Success and Failure Case Studies Through this course we are going to analyse the most successful as well as the ones which had the biggest failure in the hedge funds industry.
56 Arbitrage Strategies Take this course on Arbitrage hedge fund strategies and understand the merits/demerits of using the quantitative strategy, relative value strategy, convertible arbitrage, fixed income arbitrage and many such complicated yet interesting strategies with the help of case studies.
57 Foreign Exchange in IB Operations Learn all about Foreign Exchange, its importance to its usage through this course and also how foreign exchange helps in trading purpose.
58 Role of SWIFT in Investment Banking Settlements Through this training we are going to understand the importance and services of SWIFT and also comprehend the SWIFT message structure and types.
59 Currency Trading Basics In this course on Currency Trading, you will be learning about Forex and Currency Trading basics, how currencies are quoted, bought and sold. The course will also highlight about various types of currency trading contracts.
60 Basics of Equity Trades This training is the base for you to understand Investment banking operations wherein we are specifically looking at equity trading concepts and settlements.
61 Understanding Currency Spot Contracts In this course, you shall be learning how Spot Contract Notional Trading and Margin Trading takes place. We would be understanding this by actually practically currency trading on the portal keeping in mind UK markets.
62 Value-at-Risk : Calculation of VaR using Excel This online training is to give you hands-on experience with measuring and managing market risk. This could help you effectively apply the concepts at your work.
63 Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis (Module #1) In this module on “Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis” series, you will be learning Basics of technical analysis, Price bars, Volume, Support and resistance, Trend and Moving Averages, Setting up Charting Software and Data feeder.
64 Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis (Module #2) In this module on “Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis” series, you will be learning about momentum indicators, shortcomings of oscillators and concepts such as the fibonacci numbers, elliott wave, reversal patterns, continuation patterns, volume and open interest, long term charts
65 Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis (Module #3) In this module on “Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis” series, you will be learning Elliott Wave, Reversal Patterns and Continuation Pattern
66 Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis (Module #4) In this module on “Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis” series, you shall learn about Introduction to Volume and Open Interest, general rules for interpreting volumes, Long term charts and Moving Averages
67 Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis (Module #5) In this module on “Practical Guide to Stock Technical Analysis” series, you will be learning Candlesticks Charts, Options Basic, option greeks, long call and put, protective collar, straddle, long strangle, butterfly spread, iron condor


Part 5 – Mastering MS Office

These Investment Banking Foundation Courses are extremely important for working in an Investment Bank. Investment Bankers spend 90% of their time on either Excel Sheet, Presentations or Report Writing. In these part of Investment banking foundation courses we have covered concepts of Basic Excel to Advanced Excel (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, Mac version) and also the PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. In case, if you are not a master in these these Microsoft tools, then you can make the most from these foundation courses. We have also included Visual Basic / VBAs and Macros as they are very helpful for Investment Bankers to automate repetitive and mundane tasks.

S. No Course Name Description
68 Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac – Beginners Guide This online training is for the participants to learn basic excel 2011 for Mac. The tutorials will deal with excel from the very beginning starting from exploring the window, its ribbons and managing worksheets. Moving ahead we are going to understand how to use excel formulas and functions, managing worksheets, formatting and excel charts.
69 Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac – Advanced This detailed course will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Microsoft Excel 2011 – Advanced for Mac.
70 OnlineExcel 2007 – Beginners Training If you are using EXcel 2007, then this is the module that you may want to look at. It covers basics of Excel so that you can jump start the Investment Banking Program. Here you will learn various Logical, Arithmetic and date functions. Apart from this you learn to convert text to string, Data Validation, Creating text to column, Learn subtotal function and a lot more.
71 MS Excel 2007 vs 2010 This is a short course to understand the difference between Excel 2007 and 2010. You will learn about Office Button and Paste Function, Sparklines, Custom Ribbons and Screenshots, Conditional Formatting and Equation Editor etc.
72 Statistical Tools in Excel This is an important course on Statistical usage in Excel. Learn descriptive statistics, data analysis tools, central tendency and dispersions, correlation & regression. Further, understand Histogram using data analysis and moving averages using data analysis.
73 Microsoft Word 2010 – Beginners Guide This basic course will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Microsoft Word 2010  and how to jumpstart on this MS Office software
74 Microsoft Word 2010 – Learning Made Easy! Learn about Microsoft Word 2010 and its features like Formatting of Text, Saving a Document, Modifying Page Layout, Proofing Documents, Printing Options, Formatting Paragraphs, Exemplifying a document, Customizing a word document. Other advanced features such as Styles & Themes, Functioning with Tables, mail merge and much more.
75 Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac – From Beginner to Expert Get Started with Mac Word 2011 and learn the basics of formatting, Paragraphs, Functioning of Tab Tables, Styles & Themes, Various Text Formatting Techniques, Formatting of Document, Working with Tables, Multimedia Elements, Automatic Text Feature, Writing Tools, Learning about Printing Documents & Using Macros.
76 Excel 2013 – Master Advanced Microsoft Excel With Experts! Learn Advanced functions in Excel 2013  including Data Functions, Functions for Working with Text, arrays, pivot tables, Important Excel Tools, Excel 2013 – Charts & Graphs, preparing Excel Dashboard, Financial functions using Excel.
77 Comprhensive MS Word 2013 Course Through this MS Word 2013 training, learn how to proof the documents, advanced functions including styles, reviews, mail merger and more.
78 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – Beginner to Expert Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 comprehensively with this tutorial. Topics include Formatting a Presentation, Table, Charts, Shapes, SmartArt, Printing and Sharing, Keyboard Short cuts and PowerPoint 2010 Advanced lessons.
79 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – Advanced Features Learn advanced features of PowerPoint 2010. You will learn in detail about Inserting video 2010, Rolling Credits, Rotating an object, Creating 3D objects etc.
80 Excel 2013 – Getting Started with Microsoft Excel If you have excel 2013, then you should take this course. Learn Data Entry, Calculations, Formulas, Formatting, Updating a Calculation, Graphs & Charts, Pivot table and much more.
81 Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for Mac – Learn The Easy Way! This course is for Mac users with Microsoft Powerpoint 2011. Here you will learn how to work with Text, Adding Tables & Charts, Working with Pictures, Animating, Checking of Presentation, Preparing & Sharing a Presentation, Inserting Audio & Video in a Presentation and other Advance features of Power Point.
82 PowerPoint 2013 – Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Made Easy This course cover topics like Formatting a Presentation, Table, Charts, Shapes, SmartArt, Printing and Sharing, Keyboard Short cuts and PowerPoint 2013 Advanced lessons
83 PowerPoint 2013 – Advanced Learn advanced Powerpoint 2013 including Inserting Video, Audio and Hyperlinks, Creating 3D Objects, Rolling Credits etc.


Part 6 – Soft Skills for Investment Bankers

Not only Investment Bankers are required to possess pleasing personality, they are expected to be excellent communicators and shrewd negotiators. These soft skill courses for Investment Bankers not only cover personality development courses but also provide you with tips and tricks of cracking the job interviews.

S. No Course Name Description
84 Sales Training – The Art of Persuasion and Selling Training Gain important sales skills before getting into the job of persuading, influencing and enrolling people. Here we discuss the basic facts on sale, communication basics and importance in selling, DOs and DONTs during Clients Visits, Selling Vs Telling, Call Closure.
85 Telephone Etiquette Training In this course on Telephone Etiquette you will be learning about overview of telephone etiquette, general rules of telephone etiquette, tactful responses and also you will be learning about the example of telephone etiquette.
86 Effective Communication Skills – Verbal and Non-Verbal Training Learn Effective Communication Skills – Verbal and Non-Verbal and get insights into Barriers To Communication, The Communication Process, Tips For Improving Communication etc.
87 Job Hunting – How to stand out in the crowd Learn how to stand out in the crowd and get insights into Employee Pyramid, Recruitment Process, Making your CV stand out, Strategies to ensure your CV gets noticed by recruiters etc.
88 Personality Development Essential Training Here you will get insights into Telephone Etiquette, Cracking Interview, Email Etiquette etc.
89 Perspective Management Learn all you wanted to know about Perspective Management including Objective Of Management, Emotional Sensitivity for Managers, Bargaining Power & Political Quotient of Managers etc.
90 Improve Body language and Gain confidence Improve your body language with this IB course. Here we discuss tips for effective body language including Emotions- Aggressive and Submissive, Emotions- Attentive and Nervous, Emotions- Upset and Bored, Emotions- Relaxed and Power, Emotions- Defensive, Handshakes and eye contact, Posture and Gestures, Spatial relations.
91 Attitude and Attitude Development Here you will learn in detail about Attitudes & Approaches to decision making, Features & Sources of attitudes, Measurement & change of attitude etc.
92 Personal Hygiene & Grooming Get insights into Personal Hygiene hair, face, ears, Good & bad personal habits & introduction to grooming etc.
93 Powerful Public Speaking Get insights into Fears of Public Speaking, Techniques of Public Speaking, Useful Tips for Public Speaking in this Course
94 Group Dynamics Essential Training Learn the concepts of Group dynamics including Understanding Synergy, Stages of Group Development, Team work etc.
95 Stress Management At Workplace Learn how to manage Stress At Workplace and get insights into Symptoms of stress, Impact & Consequence of Stress, Sources of Stress etc.
96 Business Etiquette Training Learn Business Etiquette with examples and guidelines. The course starts from scratch so that the participants understand all the important concepts.
97 Job Interviews Tips and Skills Learn solid Job Interviews Tips and Skills and get insights into Matching Skills to Requirements, After the Interview, Helpful Tips etc.
98 Effective Resume Making Here you will learn about Effective Resume Making. You will learn in detail about Critical Area of Resume, Header Accomplishments, Objective of Resume, Sample Resumes etc.
99 Email Etiquette – The Perfect Email Writing Through this course you will learn about overview of email etiquette, understanding the components of an email i.e. header, subject line, attachments, body of email, 5Cs of email, chunking and email language, sample emails and email tips and many more concepts of email etiquette.


Sample Preview of Investment Banking Course

Investment Banking Introduction
Calculator Set Up Chn AOS and RESET
Amortization Schedule
Arrays Basics
Sell Side Research Report
Assumption Operating
Calculating the Equity Value
Conditional Formatting
Cost Sheet
Userforms Introduction
Working Capital Projections
DCF Valuation
Introduction to Formulas and Functions
Invert Negatives
Magic Words
Projecting Balance Sheet
Transaction Assumptions

Pre-Requisites of this Investment Banking Training

As such, there are no pre-requisites for learning Investment Banking. However, Basic knowledge of Excel and Accounting will help.

If you are new to excel and accounting, then you should first complete these courses before you jump to valuations and financial modeling.

Target Audience for this Investment Banking Training

This Investment Banking Training can be taken by anyone who is serious about making a career in Investment banking. This course also makes you eligible for careers in Equity Research, Private Equity, Credit Research etc.

  • Interested Students can be from any background like:
  • Science Background
  • Accounting Background
  • MBA’s
  • CA/CPAs
  • Engineers
  • Working Professionals

Please note that If you’re someone who have few years of professional experience and would like to further your career prospect, you can enroll for the same. Never feel resistant because of your age. At the end of the day, age is just a number. There’re many students who have more experience than you do and still pursuing our course to make an IB career.

Who shouldn’t take this course?

This Investment Banking course isn’t for those who think that we will give you a medicine and you just need to take it. No. You need to put in your effort and be willing to understand each and everything about the subject matter.

It takes patience and hard work to master Investment Banking Skills

FAQs – General questions

I am from Science Background. Can I take this course?

This Investment Banking course is designed in such a way that you can take this even if you are from a non finance background. Just that you need to spend additional time on Accounting Courses before you proceed to core investment banking modules.

Can i see the Demo Videos?

Yes, you can view the demo videos above.

What are the Payment Options?

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Additional payment options include pay by PayPal and 2checkout.

What is the Duration of this course?

This investment banking program is a comprehensive course with 500+ hours of video tutorials. You should complete the Core module first and then move to the other advanced sections.

What are the career options after this training?

Once you complete this program on Investment banking, then you are eligible for the following careers –

  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Equity Research
  • Hedge Funds
  • Credit Research
  • Corporate Finance


Where do learners come from?

Professionals from around the globe have benefited from WallStreetMojo’s Investment Banking courses. Some of the top places that our learners come from include New York, San Francisco, Bay Area, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, London, Berlin, UK, Dubai, Riyadh, UAE, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Gurgaon among many.

Career Benefits of this training

  • Freshers (graduates/MBA) and professionals without any practical Investment Banking skills find very difficult to enter this Industry.
  • Inclusion of Practical skills like Financial Modeling, Investment banking, valuations, Comps, Private Equity, Excel Modeling, Relative Valuation in your resume enhances your chances of shortlist for such roles.
  • This course provides you with practical knowledge and skills which gives you advantage and confidence to get into the Investment Banking Industry.
4.8 stars –
based on 578 reviews

Investment Banking Course Reviews

    1. Greg Insana

      Impressed by the training materials and the teaching as well. I come from an engineering background so the entire concept of investment banking is new to me. I was interested in learning more about it to explore the possibility of a career change. I took this course to get an overview of the basics and understand the structure of an investment banking company. This class did a great job of summarizing the basic pillars of the industry and introducing some key terms for someone with no knowledge of the topic.

    1. Toan Tang

      Very much helpful training course & the instructions are crisp & clear. This investment banking instruction video course has let me see a whole picture of an investment bank. The knowledge I gained in this video is more than what I have learned in school. School only taught me fundamental analysis, but what I need to know is about how the investment bank looks like in the real world. By seeing that picture, I can easily pick my career path. After watching this video, I clearly know what kind of job title that I should search online. I know what my goal is now.

    1. Shan Mikkelsen

      Very informative course – teaching fundamental concepts on investment banking, the different sectors and functions of an investment bank. The course starts with a general overview then specifies as it develops. From sales, trading and equity research to M&A advisory. This course has allowed me to gain a fundamental knowledge level from which will allow me to further my study. IPOs were the most interest component of this course.

    1. Kenneth Opera

      This investment Banking course has given me a bird’s eye view of Investment banking operations, dealings and structure. This has broadened my knowledge on the operations of financial intermediaries and also positioned me as a better practioneer in the investment field. The material is delivered in a simple and easy to understand way while covering all aspects of investment banking. this is a course i recommend to all with an interest in finance and investment.

    1. Antonio Graceffo

      This course gave an excellent overview of the investment banking job and industry. It would be a good starting point for further study. The course explains the difference between a commercial bank and an investment bank. It also explains the work done by investment banks, such as IPOs, market making, specialists, private placement, research, and others. I look forward to attending other courses in the fields of finance, investment, and investment banking.

    1. Vincent van Dillen

      I think it is a very well taught course on investment banking. I believe the course highlights all the growth needed in the finance world and how we as individuals can learn selling and trading. I particularly liked the part on M&A and growing to find the right fit in the investment banking world. I enjoyed this course thoroughly and how well maintained it was and how informative and up to date. I think this course is very helpful and educational in that it teaches one more than just the basics in a simplified way.

    1. Shumas Balouch

      I wanted to become an Investment Banker but before taking this course, I was totally unaware how Investment Banks works but after completing this course I am confident enough to tell others what investment banking is. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to become an investment banker. You guys have done a great job by providing this course, I appreciate your work and thank you especially for this course.

    1. Than Aung

      I just learned how the investment banks work through this course, it’s so useful and got very clear sense of what is investment banking, who are related people in IB business industry, what are the functions of IB, the roles of employees working for IB under their organization structure. And I also got the clear understanding on some jargon like market making activity, underwriting, public placement etc. Really appreciate for this and happy to study more and more.


  1. By Peter on


    I am trying to purchase the $99 bundle and it gives me the error message, “Login Failed, Please try again !!!” when I enter my email address in the 2nd step of purchasing process. I am a new user. Please advise.


  2. By Manuel on


    I do not have the time now nor in the next few months to take the courses; does the access expire? If I payed $99, would I have access to the courses forever? Next year? Few years?


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      Hi Wade, its never too late to start.

      To answer your question, Investment Banks do hire industry experts to help them with domain knowledge. These industry experts are expected to help the associates prepare valuation models etc by proving their opinion about the industry, right assumptions etc. So you will not be expected to work like juniors, your role will be much more top level which will obviously involve lot of client meetings etc.



  3. By Sudhir on

    Do you provide PDF files also. More than Audio files, PDF files would be convenient and usefule for me to learn at my own convenience and pace. Please do provide me the list of PDF files you will be sending along with the above course.

    with regards,


  4. By Malan on

    Dear Mr.Dheeraj,

    I’m a french speaking citizens and my english is not very well. However, I’m very interesting to buy the videos. I would like to know if these differents video are subtitled in English or French. Is there for differents importants course videos a manual downloadable (pdf version) and Excel file to practise?


  5. By IBB on

    Hi, I’d like to purchase the course material; however, I cant use my card for Online payments due to country restriction so I’ve asked a friend to make the payment on my behalf. How do i get the access code after payment is done since the card holder and I (the user) bear different names. Thanks


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on


      I have forwarded your query to the concerned person. They will drop you an email on the same.



  6. By Chandan Jain on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I had done my MBA in finance and worked for a corporate for 4 years and then left to start my own venture which was operational only for 6 months and now looking for job again.

    I was part of investor relations team and was mid level expertised in financial modeling as well.

    I wanted to know if Investment banking course will be a right choice for the new career. Will I be eligible to get any job in the said profile with no experience in it??

    In short how does the career path be if investment banking chosen now?

    Will be very much helpful if it can be answered. Thanks


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      Hi Chandan,

      Given that you have experience in Investor relations and expertise around Financial Modeling, you may look for a career in Investment Banking. Certifications like CFA are helpful in providing an entry into IB industry. Also, taking these courses on Investment Banking will provide you with equip you with technical skillset of IB.

      How easy it will be to find IB job? I must caution you that it’s an extremely competitive industry and getting into Investment Banking profile is very tough. So you will have to be show some patience in finding the right role in this industry.

      Best of luck,


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      You can just follow the link on the right hand side and make a payment online. Your access will be released immediately.



  7. By Dharmraj on


    I just want to know if i buy this 99 video course can i get certification of this course, please Let me know.

    Thanks You


  8. By Liza on

    Hello Adnan, I am interested in this course. However, I just wanted to know will I be getting the certificates after I get through the course.


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      Hi Prem,

      They are part of a single bundle. You just need to take it once. You get access to all 99 courses.



  9. By akshay iyer on

    Hi dheeraj,

    I just wanted to know as to how and when i am gonna get the Certificate for this investment banking course?


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      Hi Akshay,

      You will get certificates for this investment banking training courses.



    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      Hi Ankit,

      My colleague Shankar will help you on this. I will ask him to drop you an email on this.



  10. By Vikram Gandhi on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I went thru the above course details and found them to be comprehensive and very useful. I just have one query. The videos that are going to be made available for this course are they a collection from the web relating to specific courses or are they made by you and your team. Secondly if I enroll for the course would i be able to download these to my system?


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      Hi Vikram,
      This is web based course where all videos are made available online. You can download the excel templates and other presentations, however, the videos are in a non-downloadable format.


      • By Vikram Gandhi on

        Thanks Dheeraj for the reply. So since the videos are not-downloadable, for how long will I have access to these videos (Asking since I am a slow learner and need to go thru stuff multiple times to understand). Also just curious to know if these are made by you and your team or are they collections from the net.


        • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

          Hello Vikram,

          These videos have been made inhouse by me and other team members. Also, you get lifetime access to these courses, so you can learn at your pace and place.



  11. By Jeff on


    This looks like a great learning opportunity. I was curious to know: are there corresponding files provided with each course so we can follow along?


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      Hi Jeff,

      You can download the corresponding excel files discussed in the training videos.



  12. By kusum on

    Hi Dheeraj, I just came across your website and could find some amazing stuff. thanks for sharing. would be exploring all very soon. I would also like to know more details about purchasing the investment banking training of 99 courses.
    Awaiting your response.
    Thank you.


    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

      yes Abhishek, there are excel templates of financial models that you can download.



  13. By PRAVEEN on

    Hi Mr. Dheeraj,

    Amazing Amazing course contents and fantastic work Mr. Dheeraj. I am thankful to Almighty God for letting me land on your website.

    I shall surely take up this comprehensive course on the planet earth, which is available at a very affordable cost whose benefits will be much more than the cost, after one pursues the course.

    Thanks a lot, Yaar…:)

    Take care and Good luck in all your endeavors.


  14. By Syed Muhammad Haider Hussain on

    Dear Mr. Dheeraj,
    Sir, you are doing flamboyant job, give such detailed indepth and relevant knowledge at such a low cost or i will say at no cost. You are doing a great work, educating people is a great help/work. Keep up the good work.
    P.s : i wish i could have taken this great eye catching informative offer, but i dont have funds now. But i will definitely take the course in near future insha allah when i will secure my first career job.


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