What is WallStreetMojo?

Welcome to Dheeraj Vaidya’s page. This blog “wallstreetmojo” is my personal blog that helps students and professionals to become awesome in Financial Analysis.

Here, I share secrets about the best ways to analyze Stocks, buzzing IPOs, M&As, Private Equity, Startups, valuations and Entrepreneurship.

For work I am the Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Bridge – financial training firm. As a coach, I have trained and mentored more than 10,000 students and professionals on Equity Research, Investment Banking, Private Equity etc.

My Quick Resume

  • CEO & Co-founder, eduCBA
  • Worked at J.P.Morgan India as Equity Research Analyst
  • Worked at CLSA India as an Equity Research Analyst.
  • Masters from IIM Lucknow
  • B-Tech Mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi.
  • CFA Charterholder
  • Certified FRM

Key Skillset

  • Financial Modeling
  • Excel
  • VBA
  • E-Learning Technology
  • Team Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Trainer

For timepass you can see the list of things I love :)

  • Reading
  • Swimming with my 2 year kid
  • Corporate Bridge
  • Running and Weight Lifting (morning)
  • Table Tennis with my bro – Neeraj
  • McDonald’s Aloo Tikki Burger (evenings)
  • Paani Poori (I am a big fan!)
  • Music
  • and…ofcourse, my loving wife Shweta

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If you wish to contact me, you can drop me a mail at dheeraj@wallstreetmojo.com


  1. By Savan Shah on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I had few questions about CFA Course and wanted to talk to you regarding the same and it would be great if you could guide me. Could I get an email id where I could talk to you?



  2. By Santigie Kay on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Great Stuff.
    Are the videos and materials downloadable for ease of access and use. Am considering to take the offer for both Investment Banking and CFA LEVEL 1.




    • By Dheeraj Vaidya on


      You will have life time access to all the programs that you enroll for. You can play as many times as required, however, they are not in a downloadable format. The excel templates used for financial modeling etc can be downloaded.




    Hi Dheeraj,
    Do the eduCBA 1700+ online courses will contains all the investment banking module of the wallstreetmojo.com !?.


      • By manish on

        I went through Edu CBA finance course. No any new course updated. so what is future planning for that. They are not concerned on Financial course or anything else?


        • By Dheeraj Vaidya on

          Hi Manish,

          These are all in the pipeline. You should see good number of core finance courses in the portfolio soon.




    Hello Mr. Dheeraj,
    AS YOU ARE THE CEO & Co-founder of the eduCBA.com and wallstreetmojo.com owner,if I buy the eduCBA 1700+ online courses will all the wallstreetmojo.com be enclosed herewith!?.


  5. By kevin on

    I am from uganda, am CFA level 2 candidate currently working at a fund management company. Investment banking is an area that I would want to venture at some point in my career and have found alot of material on this blog very enriching more than even the CFA material actually especially in financial modelling..I would love to to be guided on how I pay to access the all complete material


  6. By Siddharth Shah on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Your bio mentions that you are an FRM Charterholder which is incorrect as FRM is a Certification. Calling yourself an FRM Charterholder is a violation of the code of ethics which I assume you’re aware of.

    Please check this out –
    From here – http://www.garp.org/#!/home

    Proper Usage of the FRM Designation
    The FRM designation adds significant value to your credentials. Having earned the FRM certification, you are eligible and encouraged to acknowledge your achievement by using the certification designation on your business cards and where appropriate in your business activities.

    • FRM
    • Certified FRM
    • Financial Risk Manager – Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals

    Have a look!


  7. By Suvarna Joshi on

    Hello Mr. Dheeraj

    I want to know about the Financial Modelling courses and the fee structure. While am aware of the basics number punching and identifying the key growth drivers for a company. The obstacles faced by me are how to quantify the qualitative growth drivers for a different set of companies and how to identify the key items in the model. Would be helpful if you can personally guide me on this.

    I have also done a course on Equity Research and Financial Modelling earlier with Corporate Bridge which was your erstwhile company i believe.

    Will await your positive revert.

    Thank You

    Yours faithfully

    Suvarna Joshi


  8. By Ankit Kotnala on

    Hello sir,
    I had tried to provide your goodself
    about my intention to learn project finance course but did not got any reply, might be possible that you may not got my message so kindly help me if you get my message
    CA Ankit kotnala


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