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Liabilities in financial accounting refer to the amount of money owed by a business to the lender. The lender can be anyone, including a bank, services provider, or supplier, while liabilities can be mortgages, loans, or IOUs. It is one of the two important parts of the balance sheet, followed by assets. But unlike assets, liabilities are debts or obligations that require the company to use its economic benefits to write off the owed amount in the future.

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Our resource guide on accounting liabilities contains a wide range of articles and tutorials to allow students and professionals to understand the concept better. It features the most commonly used terms like debt instruments, lessor, debtor vs creditor, ninja loans, and revenue expenditure and the least heard phrases like trade credit, unearned revenue, lien sale, leveraged loans, and minority interest. Also, here you will learn about different types of leases and debts.

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