Alfina, a dedicated content editor at WallStreetMojo, brings 5 years of rich experience in content creation and review across diverse industries. With expertise in SEO and digital marketing, she is a zealous learner.



Content strategy & creation, SEO, digital marketing, technical content development

Work Experience

Currently working as a content editor for Wallstreetmojo, Alfina has rich experience in writing, developing and reviewing content for a diverse set of industries. She has helped create marketing and technical content in all formats for businesses ranging from interior designers to automobile and restaurant chains.

She also has experience in Digital marketing, SEO and online promotion /marketing campaigns. She is also a zealous learner and observer who have a persistent thirst for seeking knowledge.


Alfina possesses a bachelor’s degree from the College of Engineering, Pathanapuram.


Alfina is a story lover before anything else and enjoys them in all shapes and forms. She keeps an open mind towards anything fresh and original. As a writer, Alfina seeks release, clarity and freedom through her expression of words.