Andrea Calcagno

Andrea, a seasoned finance professional and former educator, blends psychology expertise into stock and crypto market insights. A valued contributor at Wallstreetmojo, guiding young investors with over 5 years of experience.

Andrea Calcagno


Finance, Stock Market, Crypto Market

Work Experience
  • Former educator for Genoa Nives private school.
  • More than 5 years of experience in finance as a private investor, counselor, marketing lead, and analyst.
  • Experienced essay writer

Andrea is a contributor at wallstreetmojo, with a background in psychology and a passion for writing. He decided to share his knowledge about the stock and crypto market to help other young investors like him get started in their personal finance journey. With more than 5 years of experience in value and growth stock and tested research skills developed during his years as a financial essay writer, he is sure to bring value to his readers. His background in psychology has helped him find stability even during market crashes and not following the FOMO during bubbles, resulting in continued success.


Andrea has earned his Bachelor's in psychology at Turin University.


"As a new investor, you aren't really treated well by your peers. Your young age doesn't inspire faith and people often mock you, because for them you are trying to enter a complex world and don't have what it takes to succeed. Let me tell you this: just worrying about your situation and future is better than doing nothing, with trials and errors success will come along and with that, you will secure your well-earned stability"