Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain


Finance and Accounting, Business Laws, Costing


Accounting, Finance, Business Laws, Costing, Economics

Work Experience
  • Finance and Accounts professional
  • Working as a content writer with WallStreetMojo
  • Technical Skills include accounting, finance, business laws, costing, economics, etc.

Mr. Ankit Jain has been working as a finance and accounts professional since 2012 in different organizations at different levels. He was a personal banker in HDFC bank, a Business Transaction analyst in Xerox International Pvt Ltd, and an Accountant in Mili Consultancy Pvt Ltd Mumbai.

He has been associated with WallStreetMojo since Nov'2019 and has written articles on different domains of finance, including accounts, cost, and economics-related topics.

Currently, he is working as an Accountant in one of Mumbai's share broking firms and has gained exposure in fields of accountancy, GST, and share trading knowledge. Also, he had worked as a Business Transaction Analyst in Xerox International Pvt Ltd where he handled US Clients of the company. He has previously worked as a personal banker in HDFC bank during FY 2015-16 where he acquired banking industry knowledge.

Ankit is also working as a Subject Matter Expert – Accounts On Chegg India Pvt Ltd. Some of his technical Skills include accounting, finance, business laws, costing, economics, etc.

  • Ankit pursued his M.Com from Vikram University, Ujjain
  • He has also completed CA-IPCC (Second level of C.A.) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi
  • Knowledge up-gradation via reading, learning
  • Reading Economy/ share market-related articles
  • Playing football

“As per Ankit, there exists no limit on areas where a person can work. Having exposure in different fields like the Banking industry, Shares trading industry, and Business process outsourcing company, Ankit believes that - One should work passionately towards whatever he/she is working upon”