Aswathi Jayachandran

Aswathi, a versatile writer with over 3 years of experience, seamlessly navigates sports, business, and finance. With a background in finance, her passion for words crafts well-researched, concise articles.

Aswathi Jayachandran


Corporate law, securities law and capital markets, business economics and commercial laws, corporate and management accounting, financial and strategic management, cryptocurrency, and personal finance

Work Experience

Aswathi is a content writer with over a year's experience. She has written content on Cricket and Business before working with WallStreetMojo. She also has brief experience working in the digital marketing field and is in pursuit of delivering information in an interesting manner.

Aswathi describes herself as a work in progress. She is self-motivated and has a never give up attitude towards life. Being an avid learner, she constantly tries to quench her thirst for knowledge and finds solace in words.


Aswathi is a commerce graduate and is pursuing CS.

She reads, writes, and actively browses through Quora in search of pearls of wisdom from her fellow Homo Sapiens.