Dhruv Arora

Work Experience
  • Experienced content writer at WallStreetMojo
  • Former senior research analyst in an equity research firm
  • Years of experience in financial markets, having worked as a financial planner, investment advisor, equity research analyst, wealth manager, and corporate finance manager
  • Skills: financial applications, performance measurement, and data analysis

Dhruv Arora has been a content writer for three years and a former equity research analyst, having more than a decade of experience in financial services. He has prepared hundreds of pieces of news/articles which have been published on the client websites. His articles have also appeared in top searches on Google.

In particular, through his work with banks like Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and financial services companies like Ameriprise Financial (NYSE: AMP), Dhruv has gained extensive experience in financial planning and performance measurement. His work experience in equity research and wealth and investment management has allowed him to become an expert on financial statement analysis and financial reporting.

He is always eager to learn more about finance, investments, and the role of technology. He likes reading up on these topics in his own time to become more knowledgeable.

  • Dhruv holds an MBA in finance and a computer science engineering degree.
  • He has completed a diploma in financial planning (FP) from Kaplan, Australia in 2019.
  • He is certified in securities markets for both domestic and international markets and has a sound understanding of equities, mutual funds, bonds, fixed income, alternatives, and derivatives.

Financial planning gives you a preview of your overall financial situation, your level of risk tolerance, and is the process of meeting your life goals. Financial planning offers new ideas, need-based services, and product recommendations based on extensive and unbiased research. Financial planning is the management of all financial categories — from assets to liabilities and from investments to estate planning — as well as considers market and economic conditions.