Gabriel Machado Pureza

Gabriel Machado Pureza


Fintech, Financial Analysis

Work Experience
  • Freelance journalist
  • Expert in the fintech industry
  • Half a decade of experience with financial writing for both traditional and non-traditional markets

Gabriel is a freelance journalist and writer from Santa Catarina, Brazil. He has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from UNISINOS and has worked with clients from all over the world.

His expertise lies in both technology and finances. So, he has quite an interest in how these two industries intersect. If you need a fintech expert who knows about the latest trends, just give him a call.

During his career, he worked on a cryptocurrency blog for two years, where he learned a lot about how the financial world is changing, but also about the risks of non-traditional investments such as Bitcoin. He also worked for several international content agencies and private clients.

When he has time, he likes to play video games or hang out with his friends.


Gabriel got his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Sinos Valley (UNISINOS)


"If you're going to invest, you need solid information. Investing with hype alone is the first step to losing money or being the victim of a scam. So, you should always study carefully before you make important decisions. Investing is always risky, but you can mitigate that risk with the right plan."