Georgina Tzanetos, MA

Georgina, a seasoned financial advisor with a decade on Wall Street, holds Series 7, 6, 63 licenses. An MA graduate from NYU, she combines expertise in investment, research, and writing.

Georgina Tzanetos, MA


Financial Advisor, Investment Research

Work Experience
  • Former financial advisor
  • Series 7, 6, 63 licensed
  • 10 years of experience on Wall Street as an investment advisor, trader, writer, and researcher

Georgina has experience in asset management, private client banking and investment and quantitative research. Georgina has written both at the professional and academic level on international supply chain barriers, mortgage markets, personal finance, and capital markets. Her interest in writing came from her professional experience working first-hand with clients and businesses learning about the obstacles in certain markets towards economic growth.


Georgina holds an MA from New York University in political economy with a concentration on distressed job markets.


" Job markets, personal finances, and overall economic health took directions in 2020 no one was prepared for. Strengthening financial awareness for future readiness is now crucial, and I find it important to contribute to its cause. The world and international economy has changed so much, and the level of one's financial literacy is as much a matter of survival as it is nice to have. We all have to be part of the conversation to manage the way forward".