Ibrahim Zaghw

Work Experience
  • Freelance writer, focused on the fascinating worlds of finance, business, and economics
  • Former Business analyst at Firnas Consulting
  • Started off as a civil engineer with a head for numbers

Ibrahim Zaghw is currently a freelance content writer who helps finance and business related websites and blogs to both educate and engage their readers. He has been crafting well-researched content for the past five years.

Before being a writer, Ibrahim was a business analyst at a boutique consulting firm. His job was to assess the viability of different business decisions as well as to write detailed business plans for them. He also delved into the financials of different companies, helping them find tailored solutions to their unique problems.


Ibrahim graduated from Cairo University as a civil engineer.


When Ibrahim isn't immersed in the worlds of finance and business, he is probably immersed in a pool somewhere doing laps. Aside from swimming, Ibrahim loves jogging and playing football. He is also a half decent chess player. That all said, at the end of every day, Ibrahim makes sure to dedicate at least an hour to reading a good book while his dog snores lazily at his feet.