Katie Barton

Katie Barton, a seasoned financial writer and former insurance agent, draws from nine years of financial reporting and six years of bookkeeping experience. Specializing in investing, insurance, and business strategy.

Katie Barton


Insurance, Financial Reporting, Bookkeeping, Investing, Business Strategy

Work Experience
  • Former personal lines insurance agent.
  • Nine years of experience reporting on financial topics.
  • Six years of bookkeeping experience

Katie Barton has been covering financial topics since 2012. She specializes in investing, insurance, and business strategy.

She was previously a personal lines insurance agent based out of Ohio. She worked for a full-service financial group for two years.

Katie also served as the office manager for a department store for six years. She handled accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and the filing of various state and federal taxes.

Katie lives in Ohio with her husband and three daughters.


When she’s not reading the latest personal finance book or writing, Katie enjoys fixing up her 1800’s style log cabin.


“In a year from now you’ll be glad you started today.”