Melvin Sewak

Melvin Sewak, Lead Assistant Manager at EXL Service, brings a wealth of financial expertise from roles at Moody's and S&P CRISIL. A Gold Medalist MBA in Finance and Computer Science graduate.

Melvin Sewak


Financial Expertise, Business Finance, Computer Science

Work Experience
  • Lead Assistant Manager at EXL Service, Toronto, Canada
  • Worked as Senior Associate at Moody's
  • Worked as Research Analyst at S&P CRISIL

Melvin Sewak has varied experiences in the field of finance with multiple companies and clients, wherein he provided them with consultation and solutions. This included analyzing financial markets and structuring financial models.

He has expertise in Company Valuations using a wide variety of valuation techniques. He has also worked with many investment bankers to create pitch books for raising capital.

Melvin always had a natural knack for computer programming and through his programming expertise, he has solved real-world problems in the domain of finance. Along these lines, Melvin developed financial automation for banking institutions.

  • MBA, Finance (Gold Medalist) from IBS, Hyderabad
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science
  • Melvin deeply feels for the issues of the environment.
  • He does believe that 'money belongs to you but resources belong to the society'. We only have one planet and there are some things we just cannot buy no matter how much money we spend. So, be thoughtful of our acts for this planet and the environment.