Niti Gupta

Niti Gupta, a seasoned Chartered Accountant and content creator at WallStreetMojo, blends four years of industry experience with a flair for curating online finance courses. Specializes in content creation and editing.

Niti Gupta


Chartered Accountancy, Online Finance Course Development

Work Experience
  • A chartered accountant with four years of industry experience
  • Experience in curating online courses based on finance for different platforms
  • Practical exposure in financial markets and accountancy
  • Currently working as a content creator at WallStreetMojo

Niti Gupta is a senior analyst associated with Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd, India, and works in the field of financial reporting.

She had qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the year 2016 and since then she has been associated with different industries. Being a finance professional, she has an interest in financial markets and she keeps trying her hands in the same.

Apart from being a chartered accountant, Niti is also a content writer and writes primarily on finance topics. Currently, she is associated with WallStreetMojo as a content writer along with some other projects. She has published impressive content for various corporates and even curated finance and banking-based courses for a corporate independently. She specializes in content creation, proofreading, editing, and ghostwriting.

  • Niti is a Chartered Accountant and she also holds the degree of B. Com from Delhi University.

“Believe in yourself in the most difficult times and you will succeed. Just like you need to keep patience for your investments to grow, you must keep patience in life”