Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson, Freelance Financial Content Writer at WallStreetMojo and SEO Content Writer at The HOTH, leverages a decade of personal investing experience. Yale-certified in Financial Markets. Marketing and Business Management graduate.

Peter Johnson


SEO, Personal Investing, Financial Markets, Marketing, Business Management

  • Freelance Financial Content Writer at WallStreetMojo
  • SEO Content Writer at The HOTH
  • Over ten years personal investing experience in financial markets

Peter Johnson is a freelance financial content writer for WallStreetMojo. He also works as an SEO content writer at The HOTH, where he writes about topics such as Personal Finance, Investing, and Retirement. In his free time, Peter likes to learn more about financial markets and the analysis of securities.

Peter takes every opportunity to continue his learning and applies it to his work. He has recently completed the Financial Markets course authorized by Yale University offered through an e-learning platform.

Prior to becoming a content writer, Peter worked independently as a web developer and designer. He has been actively involved with the financial markets for over ten years, including experience with stocks, options, commodities, and cryptocurrency.

Peter studied marketing at Le Moyne College and Business Management at Morrisville State College.


“It’s unfortunate that finance is not a bigger priority to teach in the public education system. It’s such a critical element of our lives, and when we step into the real world, we get a wake-up call. I’ve made it my life’s work to help spread financial literacy with the hopes of eventually changing that.”