Ramya Thiyagaraj

Work Experience
  • Ramya Thiyagaraj is a Content Writer here in WallStreetMojo.
  • She has sheer expertise and a strong skill set towards creating well-crafted content on various categories like Knowledge, Skill Development, Writing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Science and Technology, Parenting, Lifestyle as well.

She is also an aspiring editor and had taken up the role of actively editing Academic books and Journals of publishers like MacMillan, Cengage, and Elsevier. She had been an inspirational teacher imparting English knowledge to young learners.

In her current designation, Ramya focuses on creating engaging copies of finance content that is descriptive and stimulating student's interest in learning complex and straightforward finance concepts. Her hobbies include creating mandala art designs, terracotta painting models, DIY crafts, and engaging in terrace gardening. She is skilled in preparing authentic Chettinad dishes.

  • Ramya earned her Master of Science degree in Biochemistry and her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Meenakshi College for Women, affiliated with Madras University.