Shreya Bansal

Shreya, a seasoned content expert with 3+ years of experience in finance, seamlessly blends her financial acumen with creativity. Renowned for precision and unwavering work ethic, she makes finance engaging and accessible. Proficient in research, review writing, article editing, SEO, visual content creation, social media strategy, and affiliate marketing.

Shreya Bansal


Research Proficiency, Review Writing, SEO, Visual Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Affiliate Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Statistics, Crypto

Work Experience

Shreya brings over 3+ years of expert content experience to her role. With a solid background in accounts and finance, she skillfully merges her financial acumen with a creative edge. She is renowned for her precision, unwavering work ethic, and impeccable adherence to deadlines. Shreya's content exudes expertise, rendering the world of finance engaging and accessible to a broader audience.