Sourav Sinha

Sourav Sinha, a CFA Final Year Candidate and accomplished Team Leader at Cognizant, boasts 7+ years of finance expertise. With a strong track record, he excels in corporate action events, managing teams, and guiding finance enthusiasts.

Sourav Sinha


CFA, Finance

Work Experience
  • Team Leader at Cognizant
  • Team Leader at Cognizant
  • Equity Market Analyst

Sourav Sinha is a CFA Final Year Candidate and in his last two levels, he has Scored 90th percentiles.

He has in-depth experience in capturing Corporate Action Events (Both Mandatory and Voluntary), handling large corporate action volumes of the US market during peak periods, Meeting Service Level Agreement regularly, managing a Multi-linguistic Corporate Action Team of 12 members, starting a Corporate Action project for Exchange Data International, and also the creation of his own Finance Channel (Day2Day Finance).

In total, he has more than 7 years of experience in the finance field. He has written more than 500 financial articles and he guides students who are pursuing finance.

  • BCOM(Honors)
  • CFA Level 2

    Sourav Sinha likes to teach finance. He has his youtube channel called "DAY2DAY FINANCE" where he explains different finance topics to students in a simplified way. He is also foody and creates vlogs based on food and travel. The name of his food channel is "Ghurbo for Food"


"Hard work beats excellence all the time"