Tanuj Kumar

Tanuj Kumar, founder of ShareYourConscience.com, brings 9+ years of expertise in data analytics and content support. As a former Assistant Programmer at CyberQ Consulting and Software Developer at Raxon Technology, he passionately shares tech insights and knowledge to inspire skill-building. A UPTU graduate in Computer Science, Tanuj excels in SEO, Excel, and technical writing.

Tanuj Kumar


Data Analytics, SEO, MS Excel

Work Experience
  • Founder of ShareYourConscience.com, a platform where one can share their thoughts and knowledge with the world
  • Former Assistant Programmer at CyberQ Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Former Software Developer at Raxon Technology

Tanuj Kumar is the founder of Shareyourconscience and has 9+ years of experience in data analytics and content support. His constant commitment and tireless efforts have helped provide relentless support and knowledge to his readers, a lot in terms of their skill-building and knowledge gain. He is truly an inspiring person working and helping others to get a better understanding of topics and subject knowledge.

He has been heavily involved in technical writing and believes in sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He loves writing on tech topics since the beginning of his career and his articles about Global positioning systems and Programming Language were published on superparticles.

A graduate from UPTU, Tanuj Kumar is an Excel expert and has good hands in search engine optimization and technical content writing. He likes to write on SEO, Excel, HTML, Latest technology, Gadgets, Tech News, and Lifestyle.

  • Tanuj Kumar earned his bachelor's degree at UPTU from the Computer Science branch.

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