Twinkle Sethi

Twinkle Sethi, a Senior BI Consultant at EC Analytics Consulting, brings over 5 years of analytics and data science experience. As a Statistics Instructor, she adeptly teaches tools like Power BI, Excel, SQL, Python, VBA, Tableau, and R, fostering analytical thinking. Her Master's in Statistics and Actuarial Science background solidify her expertise.

Twinkle Sethi


Data Analytics, Data Science, Statistics, Power BI, MS Excel, SQL, Python, VBA, Tableau, R, Actuarial Science

Work Experience
  • Senior BI Consultant & Analytics Instructor at EC Analytics Consulting
  • Statistics Instructor at e-Learning firm
  • Former Senior Risk Analyst at RMS
  • More than 5 years of experience in Analytics/Data Science

Twinkle Sethi is a Senior BI Consultant at EC Analytics Consulting. Throughout her career, she has developed a skill set in visualizing data and providing insights into statistical analysis.

With more than 5 years of experience, she has been validating data and inspiring analytical thinking. She has been involved in data analysis and reporting, data visualization, predictive analytics, BI services, and content creation. She develops tutorials for statistics and analytical tools like Power BI, Excel, SQL, Python, VBA, Tableau, and R. She is also a Statistics Instructor at an e-Learning firm.

  • Twinkle earned her Master's degree in Statistics at the University of Delhi
  • She has also cleared Actuarial Science exams (CT-1, CT-3, CT-6, CT-7)

“Walking a long journey learning new things and opening door for new opportunities”