Vikram Shakti

Vikram Shakti, a seasoned analyst at Broadridge Financial Services, brings seven years of expertise in personal finance, portfolio management, and financial models. Holding an MBA from Alliance University, Bengaluru, and a Bachelor's in Information Science & Engineering, he explores the intersection of money and technology in today's dynamic markets. Currently a Senior Market Analyst at Borderless Access, Vikram delves into various market forces shaping the economy and capital markets.

Vikram Shakti


Analyst, Financial Services, Personal Finance, Portfolio Management, Financial Models, Information Science, Money and Technology, Market Analysis, Capital Markets

Work Experience
  • A senior analyst in Broadridge Financial Services
  • Market Analyst in Borderless Access
  • Advanced analyst in Ernst and Young

Vikram Shakti was always fascinated with two things, Technology and the way Money moves the world around us.

So, he armed himself with a Masters in Finance, along with a Bachelors in Information Science & Engineering, and set out on a journey to learn more about money and how it has fuelled the development of technology around it.

  • Vikram Shakthi began working soon after his MBA in the year 2014. Where his work has ranged from Personal finance, Portfolio management, Financial models, primary and secondary market research. He currently focuses on topics including the various market forces that are shaping the economy and capital markets.
  • An MBA graduate from Alliance University, Bengaluru, with nearly 7 years of professional experience, Vikram is currently working as a Senior Market Analyst in Borderless Access. He has served in various roles in reputed institutions such as Ernst & Young and Broadridge Financial Services.
  • He has experience working on a wide range of domains including Taxation, Investment Banking, Settlements, Financial Modelling, and Equity research.

  • If winter comes can spring be far behind
  • In a world of investing, to mitigate the risk factor, avoid carrying all eggs in one basket.