Basic Excel Training

This Online Basic Microsoft Excel Training is a bundle of 3 excel courses with 12+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

In this course, you will get basic knowledge of excel including how to create a pivot table, how to use the shortcuts, create graphs & charts, and also how to use the date and time.

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What you get in this Basic Excel Training?

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About Basic Excel Training Course

Courses No. of Hours
1 Basic Microsoft Excel Training 4h 8m
2 Microsoft Excel Basic Training | Excel 2013 Courses Online | Beginners 4h 22m
3 Microsoft Excel 2016 – Beginners 4h 03m

Course Summary

CourseOnline Basic Excel Training Course
DealThis is an 3 Excel Training course bundle. You will get access to all 3 Microsoft Excel courses at once.
Hours12+ Video Hours
Core CoverageGetting Started with Microsoft Excel, Basic excel formula and functions, Formatting in excel, Print, Common Errors
Excel Templates Included?Excel templates that were used are provided as a download
Course ValidityLifetime Access. You can view the Basic Microsoft Excel Training online course any number of times
EligibilityNo eligibility as such. You should have keen interest in learning Excel
What do you get?Certificate of Excellence for each of the 3 courses
Certification TypeCourse Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, these are verifiable certificates. This means that you will be provided with a unique URL/Link which you can include in your resume/LinkedIn profile for online verification.
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self-Paced Learning
Software RequiredExcel (Windows)
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

Basic Microsoft Excel Course Online Curriculum

In this course, we would cover everything that a beginner needs to be able to learn the basic MS Excel.

And before we look at the prerequisites, target audience, FAQs, career benefits, let’s look at the basic excel training modules briefly.

Sr. No.Course NameTotal DurationCourse Description
1Basic Microsoft Excel Training Course4This is the first module of basic excel training. And we will start this module with a brief overview on Ribbons Quick Access Toolbar and Excel Help Function. Then, we will take a case study that we can use for showing you how Excel works. Then, you will understand what data entry is in MS Excel. Next, we will feed the data into the excel sheet for the case study. Then, we will talk about the calculations, formulas, formatting, and how you can update a calculation. Next, we will teach you about the percentages absolute references, conditional formatting, IF function, Count-IF, SUMIF, Charts & Graphs, sorts & filters, pivot tables, freeze & split, presentation, print, shortcuts, and finally,  common errors, You need to watch 28 videos in total to cover the module.
2Excel Basic Training 2013 – Introduction MS Excel Basic Training Overview4This Basic Microsoft excel course online module is a little different than the earlier module. This training is based on MS Excel. We will start this module with a brief overview. Then, we will show you how to get started with MS Excel 2013. Then, we will take a case study and then would show you the data entry. Then, we will feed the data into the excel sheet for the case study. Then, we will talk about the calculations, formulas, formatting, and how you can update a calculation. Next, we will teach you about the percentages absolute references, conditional formatting, IF function in excelCount-IFSUM-IF in excel, Charts & Graphs, sorts & filters, pivot tables, freeze & split, presentation, print, shortcuts, and finally,  common errors, You need to watch 38 videos in total to cover the module.
3Microsoft Excel 2016 – Beginners4This is another module that is an extension of the previous two basic Microsoft excel training course modules. In this module, we will go into detail about Microsoft Excel 2016. And as you can expect, we will start with a brief overview of the MS Excel. Then, we will start with a case study so that showing you how things work would be easier. We will talk about calculations, formulas, updating a calculation, percentages & absolute references, conditional formatting, IF function, charts & graphs, etc. You will also learn about common errors and shortcuts in excel. This entire module will need you to watch 37 videos in total.
Total Duration12+ Hours
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Certification of Completion

  • Willingness to learn the course: If you want to learn the basic MS Excel and you would want to learn MS Excel for both Windows and Mac, this is the perfect basic excel training for you. But unless you have the willingness and the commitment to do the course, this training won’t add much value to you.
  • Common sense: You don’t need to be an expert in anything. All you need is common sense to do the course. If you’re reading this, we imagine that with the intelligence you have, it would be enough to go through this course and become a master of basic MS Excel.
Target Audience
  • Students (graduate or undergraduate): If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, this course is just perfect for you. If you know MS Excel, still you can do this course as a refresher. This basic Microsoft excel training course will set the foundation for you so that you can go ahead and learn the advanced level, MS Excel.
  • Professionals: If you’re a professional and you never have put your hands on MS Excel, this is the perfect course for you. This course will teach you to step by step how you can use the basic functions, formulas, graphs, pivot tables, and many other features of MS Excel.

FAQs – General Questions

You should do this basic Microsoft excel training course because you need to set the right foundation on which everything else will depend. No matter which profession you go in, you would need to use MS Excel and if you don’t know at least the basics of MS Excel, how would you possibly be able to perform the job? And in this Basic Excel Training, we included every module that you need to learn the basics completely.

We encourage professionals and students of every domain to do this course. Why? Because this course will teach you the basics of MS Excel even if you would never use MS Excel for your job. But if you need MS Excel by any means in near future, this learning would be quite handy.

Sample Previews

Populating the Case Study in Excel

Filter Function

Date and Time Formats
Career Benefits
  • You will be way ahead than your peers: This is the truth. Imagine that you work in a setting where people never know what MS Excel is and in that environment, you would know the basics of MS Excel so that you can present a set of data well, create better reports, and present well in front of the top management. Don’t you think it would take your career to a whole new level? You bet.
  • You will be able to learn other courses if you know this one: If you look at different course (especially related to data analysis or financial analysis), you first need to have a primary idea about spreadsheet. If you don’t know how MS Excel works, you will not only miss out on important learning opportunities but you will also limit the possibilities of success in your career. This course will teach you the basic MS Excel that can be the beginning of every other course that you will learn.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Nikunja Nawal

It was a great learning experience and I have mastered in Excel after availing this course. The course was detailed and easy to grasp. It was very handy and helped me in many of my project during my MBA studies. The division of the course and the different versions of Excel being stacked into a single course is amazing and different from other courses.

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Lee Ta

Very good basic Excel training course. The course covers many basic fundamental and key features and enable beginner to learn and practice and be ready to use what have been learned in this course to apply to real life projects. This course is definitely a good beginner course and prepare beginner well for advance courses.

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Jose Martinez

Easy to follow content. Very basic and well explained. The course has the worksheets available for download so the student can review the content after each lecture. If you are an avid Excel user this course will be very boring. This course is perfect for someone who knows nothing about Excel or someone who knows a little. The keyboard shortcuts are a tool everyone should learn.

Hope Tshepo Lephothe

As a basic requirement for entering the equity research space, excel is and excellent tool to use for organising your data for analysis and presentation. The shortcuts and formatting lessons in this basic excel course are helpful and will allow you save time and energy.

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Mamadou N Golo DEME

It’s was very simple to learn and Apply in the same time. I really enjoyed Learning this course. And also each topics are well presented with a very easy English (easy to understand for french speaker)
Don’t stop and continue to provide what you do. You are the best. Thanks a lot for all your effort and keep it up.

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