Bookkeeping Course

In this Online Bookkeeping Course, you get to learn the basics of bookkeeping like Journal, Ledgers, Ledger posting, Bank reconciliation statement, and the different financial statements. In addition, you will learn various principles used in the case of bookkeeping, tracking of the business accounts, working with the financial statements of the company.

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What you get in this Bookkeeping Course?

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About Bookkeeping Course

Courses No. of Hours
1 Bookkeeping 3h 39m

Course Summary

Course NameOnline Bookkeeping Training Course
DealYou get access to all 1 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours3+ Video Hours
Core CoverageLearn the basics of bookkeeping such as Journal, Ledgers, Bank reconciliation and the financial statements.
Course ValidityLifetime Access
EligibilityAnyone who is serious about learning Bookkeeping
What do you get?Certificate of Completion for each of the 1 courses
Certification TypeCourse Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self Paced Learning
Software RequiredNone
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

Bookkeeping Course Curriculum

Sr.NoCourse NameDescription
1Bookkeeping CourseIn this course, details about the various aspects of the bookkeeping will be discussed in a step by step manner.During the video, different jargon involved will also be explained to you in a detailed manner so that you can find it easy to understand the advanced topics that will be discussed later in the course.The discussion will start with the basic introduction which involves two different videos wherein first video introduction to the Online bookkeeping course will be given and in the second video the description of all the contents or the topics involved in the course will be shown. In the next few videos, you will learn about one of the important topic i.e., journal entries which include various sub-topics such as golden rules of accounting and the concept of the journal entries, etc.After that next topic is related to the ledger that will cover videos on the different sub-topics such as using the double-entry system of the bookkeeping how the transactions are to be recorded in the appropriate ledger and how these ledgers are to be balanced at the accounting period end for the company.After the topic of the ledger, the next topic is related to the Bank reconciliation statement where the different training videos will cover sub-topics such as what is the Bank reconciliation statement and how to prepare it along with the numerical example to provide a better understanding, etc.The next topics in the bookkeeping training are related to the Income statement, Balance sheet and cash flow statements which are the important financial statements of the company. Here a detailed explanation regarding all of the financial statements will be given along with describing how the single-entry accounting method and double-entry accounting method affect these financial statements.As the training has been arranged keeping in mind the beginners, all the topics are presented in a simple way. After completing the training you will be knowledgeable about the various areas involved in the bookkeeping and gain various numerical skills that would help you in working smoothly in the practical world.

Bookkeeping Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Bookkeeping Course?

Bookkeeping Course The bookkeeping Certification course is the course that can help expose the principles that are used in the bookkeeping like basics of accounting, accounting principles, monitoring of the accounts receivable and accounts payable, providing the financial reports and other reports as per the requirement of the various stakeholders etc. It is made keeping in mind the requirements of the beginners who need to gain the basic knowledge about the accounting and various aspects involved in it like how the different financial transactions hit the different Financial Statements of the company. It also helps in gaining the various numerical skills that are required ensuring proper accounting and bookkeeping at the place of working and handle with the various practical problem that arises due to course of working. So, the online bookkeeping course offers various details about the bookkeeping in the organization and guides on the next steps of the finance journey. BESTSELLER 4.5 (241 ratings) 1 Bookkeeping Offer ends in: 0 02 34 21 7 Only 27 seats are left with this price ₹1999 ₹1999990% Off Offer * One Time Payment & Get Lifetime Access

What skills will you learn in this Course?

The main purpose of the said course is to make you capable enough to work in the company as the bookkeeper along with the handling the finances of the company and its various reports. Throughout the course, you will be getting several skills that will eventually make you cognizant of this. After completing the whole duration of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand essential numerical skills that are required for bookkeeping as well as accounting and how to apply them in the practical world
  • Learn details about the accounting equation and the double-entry system of the bookkeeping and the relation between the two
  • Get knowledge about the golden rules of accounting and the concept of journal entries.
  • Understand how the transactions are to be recorded in the appropriate ledger using the double-entry system of the bookkeeping and how these ledgers are to be balanced at the accounting period end.
  • Under the Bank reconciliation statement and how to prepare it along with the preparation of important financial statements of the company which includes a Balance sheet, income statement and Cash flow statement.

Thus whatever you will learn in the course, it will help you in gaining the various knowledge and in working in the practical world.


There are no prerequisites or any mandatory requirements as far as this course is concerned. Any person who is interested in gaining basic as well as advanced knowledge about bookkeeping as well as accounting and learn how to deal with the different situations as a bookkeeper in the practical world can go for this course. You will be taught from the basics and with this, you will reach a platform where financial transactions and their impact will not bother you anymore.

Target Audience

The finance sector is one of the important and emerging sectors of the economy. There is a large number of people who are interested in exploring more about the bookkeeping and learn the details about this and the one that can be the best audience with respect to this course. It is ideal for persons who are seeing their careers in the field of accounting and bookkeeping Any newcomer or anyone who are interested to brush up knowledge and gain expertise can undertake this course.


By undertaking this bookkeeping certification course, you will get to know about the basics of the bookkeeping that includes financial transactions, Journal entries, Ledgers, Ledger posting, Bank reconciliation statement (BRS) and the different financial statements. Along with this you will get the numerical skills in this training. Thus with this training you will get sufficient amount of theoretical and practical knowledge so that you can deal with the different situations arising in the real world.

This training involves 21 different videos covering different topics related to bookkeeping in around 3 hours 39 minutes. The time required to complete these videos and to learn every aspect varies from one person to another depending upon the amount of time devoted as well as interest in gaining this knowledge. Also, the time may vary on the basis of the purpose for which one is undertaking this course.

There is no time for the expiry of these videos. Once you will subscribe for this course, these detailed videos will be given to you which will stay forever with you. For accessing these videos you just have to log in with your account details with which you have subscribed for the course.

Sample Previews

Golden Rules of Accounting

Understanding Bank Reconciliation Statement

Career Benefits

A career in bookkeeping is one of the prominent careers available in the present world. This training will offer you the certification in the bookkeeping module as discussed above. It will offer a good position as well as a good salary to the candidate. The certification and working as the bookkeeper can provide you with a perfect stepping stone in a career in finance, auditing, accounting, and accounting information systems. Thus it will not only help you in starting your career at entry-level as a bookkeeper but it also provides the avenue for gaining the skills that are required to maintain meticulous financial records.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Katherine Jackson

5 OUT 5! This course was just what I needed to freshen up my Accounting skills. I’m so glad I found EDUCBA. I plan to complete more courses in the future.

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Daniel Harris

Very positive experience, clear to follow videos and very informative

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Victoria E Guerra

The course was extremely informative and provided a better understanding of how the software works best for your company. Before I started the training, I did not have any knowledge of bookkeeping. Once I completed the training, I am more confident that I will be able to utilize the training I have received in real-world scenarios. I would definitely recommend this training.

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