CFP®Certification Exam – Prep Course

This Online CFP Certification Exam Prep Course includes 6 comprehensive Course with 41+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

Through these tutorials, you shall learn all the topics under Financial planning and analysis which include Investment Planning, Risk Analysis, and Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Taxation and Estate Planning with case studies and examples.

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What you get in this CFP®Certification Exam – Prep Course?

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About this Prep Course on CFP® Exam Certification

Courses No. of Hours
1 CFP:01 – The Fundamentals 8h 33m
2 CFP:02 – Investment Planning 6h 9m
3 CFP:03 – Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning 7h 5m
4 CFP:04 – Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits 2h 27m
5 CFP:05 – Taxation and Estate Planning 10h 28m
6 CFP:06 – Case Studies 4h 34m

Course Summary

Course NameOnline CFP Certification Course (India)
DealYou get access to all 6 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours41+ Video Hours
Core CoverageFinancial Planning, Investment Planning, Risk Analysis, and Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Taxation, and Estate Planning.
Course ValidityLifetime Access
EligibilityAnyone who is serious about learning Financial Planning and wants to make a career in this Field
Pre-RequisitesBasic knowledge about Finance and Investments would be preferable
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self Paced Learning
Software RequiredNone
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

CFP® Certification Prep Course Curriculum (India)

In this section, each module of the CFP Certification Course is explained.

Sr. No.Course Name No. of HoursCourse Description 
1CFP Fundamentals8In the first CFP Certification Course module, you will be learning about CFP fundamentals. The unit will begin with a detailed introduction to a certified financial planner. You will get to know what this exam is all about, what it takes to clear this exam, how the question pattern will be and things like this. It is going to be an almost eight and a half hours long video, where the first hour has been devoted to explain to you about this certification exam. Afterward, the educator will be explaining to you all the jargon that liked this subject so that you can find it easy to understand the concepts more easily. In this CFP Exam Prep unit, the theoretical part will be explained in the first three hours and the later part has been devoted to solving the problem based on this topic. You will be learning how to solve the problem in less time so that you can solve everything before the deadline. You will get to see scenario-based questions which will make you understand the concepts more precisely.
2Investment Planning7In the second CFP Certification Course module, we will be learning about investing in planning. All the questions that are come in the court of investment planning will be covered in this unit. You will be learning the new approaches that are required to solve problems based on investment planning in limited time. This CFP Exam prep unit will be covering the introduction part in the beginning and after that, some theoretical part will be discussed so that you can understand the concepts. After finishing the theory, we will be jumping in the practical part. Similar to the last topic, you will get various examples over here where all of the examples have been chosen carefully. The pattern of the question that you will be solving in this unit will be solving here will be almost the same as that of the questions that are asked in the exam. In addition to solving questions, you will also learn how investment planning works so that you can get a taste of what it is like working on the investment part.
3Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning7This CFP Exam Prep unit has been introduced to cover the question under the topic risk analysis and insurance planning. Similar to the last unit, you will be covering the introduction part at the beginning of this unit. After introducing this topic, we will understand all the modules that fall under it. You learn to analyze the risk by virtue of real examples. This CFP Certification Course is comprised of questions that will follow the pattern as the actual questions in the exam follows. In addition to the risk analysis part, the focus has also been set on insurance planning. The insurance planning module will be covered in detail in the second half of the video. The educator will show you how to solve the problems based on this topic. Though the educator will be solving the questions for you, you will also be supposed to practice the same at your end.
4Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits2It is the fourth CFP Certification Course we will be covering the retirement planning and employee benefits part. The educator will explain the importance of this topic with respect to the organization and the CFP exams. It will be almost two and a half an hour-long video where the first thirty minutes have been devoted to introducing the topic while the remaining two hours have been devoted to the two topics as an hour each. Like the other units, we will be covering the questions in this unit and all the questions have been explained with the solution and the approach that is used to solve it. You will learn how to estimate the time that will be required to solve problems based on this topic. After completing this unit, you will be able to solve any of the questions that come in under retirement planning and employee benefits.
5Taxation and Estate Planning10In this CFP Exam Prep unit, the main topic of focus will be taxation and estate planning. It will be the longest video throughout the course. In these ten and half an hour-long video, the educator will be covering the theoretical and practical part of both the given topics. You will see how taxation questions could be solved in a matter of minutes. We have included the actual or real cases of estate planning which will give you a brief of how things actually work. The motive of this CFP Certification Course unit is not just to make you proficient in solving problems but also to make you master on solving the question. There will be several examples and the complexity of the examples will keep on increasing with the passing time. After finishing this unit, you will become cognizant of taxation and estate planning.
6CFP Case Studies4In this CFP Certification Course module, you will be working over the case studies and everything discussed here will be scenario-based. The educator will be leveraging different topics that fall under the syllabus of CFP exams in order to explain how the problems were solved to get the solutions. The theoretical part is more in this UK it as compared to the practical part. All the topic or cases covered here has been introduced in this topic to fortify your knowledge with respect to this exam. Once the course has been completed, you will be ample cognizant to solve the questions in the specified time. You will be required to practice the questions taught here in order to qualify for this exam with good marks.
What is CFP?

CFP stands for Certified Financial Planners. It can be defined as the certification exam that certifies the financial planning skills of anyone who qualifies this exam. This certification can be opted by anyone with a keen interest in financial planning. Investment, taxation, retirement planning are some of the modules that will be covered under this certification. This certification also ensures that a person should be proficient in all the modules that fall under the syllabus of this unit. It can be opted by any of the candidates who are interested in beginning their career in the domain of financial planning. All the organizational level financial planning approaches are covered under this certification. The one who qualifies this exam becomes the certified financial planners and usually get privilege over the other no certified financial planner. Employee benefits, their retirement plans are the other modules that are being taken care of by the financial planner and the one who is certified is considered proficient in taking care of such requirements of the organization.

What skills will you learn in this CFP® Prep Course?

This CFP Certification Course has been developed to help the candidates who are willing to appear in the certified financial planner exam. The main focus of this course to assist the candidates in order to qualify for the exam. The one who opts for this CFP Exam prep will be able to learn various new approaches that are used to solve the problems in less time. There are several modules that can be covered precisely in order to clear this exam and this CFP Exam Prep will be covering all such topics. Though the main focus of the course is to train you on solving the questions at the earliest, we will also see how things work actually. The scenario-based examples have been introduced to make you understand the requirements in terms of financial planning and take the appropriate steps. After completing this CFP Certification Course, you will be able to solve all the questions that belong to this exam.


For almost all of the certification exams that are not the basic level, there are some prerequisites exams that have to be qualified before appearing in such exams. But when we talk about CFP, there is no such Prerequisite. If we talk about beginning this CFP Certification Course, one is supposed to have some fundamental ideas about things that belong to the commerce domain. Anyone who is willing to appear in this exam should have a strong fundamental understanding of finance. This is acceptable if they are not having in-depth knowledge of the modules covered under this exam, but it will be very helpful to them if they have a basic idea about those modules. As this course is to transform one into a certified financial planner, they will need to master the planning approaches and it will be very easy for them to learn this CFP Certification Course if they have gone through the concepts that fall in the court of financial planning.

Target Audience

The best audience of this CFP Exam Prep could be anyone who is willing to appear in the CFP exam. The professional who is working as a financial planner and wants to get their skills certified can opt for this CFP Certification Course. They will learn the extended things that are covered in this exam. They will be understanding the methods that are used to solve the questions based on the topics that are considered essential in order to clear this exam. They will get their skills certified and will be entitled to all the benefits that certified financial planners can avail themselves. The students who are in the financial domain and about to complete their studies can also be the best audience for this CFP Exam Prep. They will be able to learn various new things that will strengthen their knowledge of the finance domain and will help them in getting privileges in interviews.

CFP® Certification Prep Course – FAQs

In order to complete this CFP Exam Prep, you will need to give around two months. But in order to be ready to appear in this exam, you will need to practice the questions taught in this CFP Certification Course over and over. Usually, a candidate prepares for more than four months before appearing in this exam. Also, how much time you devote on a daily basis to prepare for this exam defines how early you can be ready to write the exam.

Sample Previews

Excel Functions To Explain Future Value Continued

Technical Analysis Theory Part 1

Recapitulation of Time Value of Money Concepts

Career Benefits

All of the organization has the finance department who is responsible to endorse the growth of the organization in terms of finance. To run a crucial department, the organization needs certified experts to take charge. After completing this certification, one becomes very proficient to handle all those things that come under the role of the financial planner. They also get good compensation as compared to the non-certified personnel who are working in the same domain. If you are looking forward to clearing this exam with a good score, you can opt for this CFP Certification Course to learn the methods that will help you solve the problem easily and in less time.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Ankita vishwakarma

I really like this course. it’s very easy to understand, it gives proper information about each and everything and it saves time also it is amazing here to learn. This teaches us about how to invest how to make investment planning. I have learned many things from this site. I learn from this site how can I save money and where I can invest to get the level of returns.

Pratiksha Singh

Investment planning is nothing but how to invest in the market.. in this course I studied what should we know about investment, effects after investing in market you will study annuity planning funds tax etc in this course. Through these, I would also like to say that I studied how to prepare a balance sheet we have to know before investment that what is shares position in the market. Thank you for giving this course & providing knowledge on investment planning.

Ridge Lobo

This training course is very nice it is filled with knowledge at 1st I felt like it might not be good but as I was reading and started getting knowledge out of it I started enjoying it. I can learn at any time there is no time constraint to it, the course is full knowledgeable & helps you to make better investment decisions. I normally don’t get sleep early so I used to just see this videos n spend time it’s very convenient I can log in anytime

P. Aishwarya L.N. Reddy

This course provides an understanding of the basic concepts of accounting and finance. It gives an insight into how financial data is used to make investment decisions while understanding its financial implications. This course also aims at providing a detailed understanding on the various aspects of investments and impart expertise, in order to arrive at an optimal mix of risk and returns, that suit the particular needs and requirements of an individual. It is designed to prepare a learner for the Investment Planning module.

Praveen Singh

The course was excellent. It gave me a thorough knowledge about financial planning and helped me understand basics of it. The assignments or examples during the course were extremely helpful. They helped me in clarifying my doubts and also test my understanding of the course. Overall it was an effective course.

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