CMA Certification Exam Training – Part 2

This Online training on CMA Part 2 Exam preparation includes 6 comprehensive training with 9+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

The course includes a brief summary of all the topics of the CMA Part 2 certification syllabus which focuses on financial decision making.

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What you get in this CMA Certification Exam Training – Part 2?

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About CMA Certification Exam Training – Part 2

Courses No. of Hours
1 CMA Part 2:01 – Financial Statement Analysis 2h 17m
2 CMA Part 2:02 – Corporate Finance 3h 26m
3 CMA Part 2:03 – Decision Analysis and Risk Management 1h 37m
4 CMA Part 2:04 – Cost-Volume and Profit (CVP) & Marginal Analysis 1h 4m
5 CMA Part 2:05 – Investment Decisions 1h 18m
6 CMA Part 2:06 – Professional Ethics 1h 34m

Course Summary

Course NameOnline CMA Part 2 Certification Training
DealYou get access to all 6 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours9+ Video Hours
Core CoverageIt includes a brief summary of all the topics of the CMA Part 2 certification syllabus which focuses on financial decision making
Course ValidityLifetime Access
EligibilityAnyone who is serious about learning accountancy and wants to appear for the CMA Certification
Pre-RequisitesBasic knowledge about Accountancy would be preferable
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self Paced Learning
Software RequiredNone
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

CMA Exam Part 2 Exam Preparation – Curriculum

In this section, each module of the CMA Part 2 Training is explained.

Sr.No. Course Name No.of HoursCourse Description 
1Financial Statement Analysis2In the first CMA Part 2 exam preparation module, you will be learning everything about financial statement analysis. At the beginning of the video, you will be explained all the details about the CMA Part 2 exam. As you should be aware of the jargon that you have come across while preparing for the CMA Part 1 exam, you will be getting just an overview of that jargon to refresh your memory. After the introduction, the actual chapter will start with a brief detail about financial statements analysis. The educator will be explained to you about it using real or live examples. There will be actual statements that you will be analyzing. Afterward, you will start solving the problem based on this topic that will be part of the questions in the CMA Part 2 exams.
2Corporate Finance3In the second CMA Part 2 certification exam preparation module, you will be digging deep into corporate finance. This is going to be a three and a half-hour video tutorial where the first half-hour has been devoted to introducing you with all the concepts of corporate finance. After the first half of the video, there will be various examples that the educator will be solving for you to give you an idea about the approach that is leveraged to solve the problem based on this topic. By the end of this unit, you will be able to solve the questions based on corporate finance.
3Decision Analysis and Risk Management58mIn this CMA Part 2 training, you will be learning about risk management and decision analysis. This is going to be around an hour-long video where the first few minutes have been given to the introduction of this topic while the remaining time has been devoted to solving the example. Similarly to the second unit, this unit is also comprised of several examples. All the example has been selected very carefully to ensure that they comply with the way of questions that are being asked in this exam. The educator will be explaining the examples to you and some of the questions will be there for your practice.
4Cost-Volume and Profit (CVP) & Marginal Analysis 38mIt is the fourth CMA Part 2 certification exam preparation module where you will be solving questions based on cost volume and profit and the marginal analysis. It is just a forty minutes long video where you will see lots of examples or sample questions. We have ensured to add the questions here which are exactly the same way as the questions are being asked in the CMA Part 2 exam. You will get to know about the approaches that you should follow in order to complete the question in a specified time. The main purpose of this unit is to make you proficient in solving questions based on marginal analysis and cost volume.
5Investment Decisions47mThis is one of the very important units which trainers you on investment decisions. You will be solving the questions based on investment in this unit. Not just for the sake of solving questions, but also to understand the concept of investment, this unit is going to be very helpful to you. Throughout the CMA Part 2 training module, you will see actual scenario-based questions that will magnify you understand investment decisions so that you can find it convenient to solve the questions based on this topic. By the end of this unit, you will be all set to resolve investment based problems.
6Professional Ethics1This is the last and a but theory-based unit. In this CMA Part 2 certification exam preparation module, you will learn about the professional ethics that are considered crucial in terms of business. This will be an hour and fifteen minutes video where the first half of the video has been designed to explain to you the concept of professional ethics. In the other of the video, you will be explained this topic using the actual example. You will get to learn about this topic in a practical manner. After completing this unit, you will become ready to appear in the CMA Part 2 exam.
What is the CMA Part 2 Certification Exam?

CMA stands for the certified management accountant. CMA Part 2 is the certification exam that has to be qualified by one in order to get their skill of finance management certified. The CMA Part 1 exam must have to be qualified before appearing in the CMA Part 2 exam. The topics like investment decisions, corporate finance, financial statements analysis are covered in this exam. The certified accountant possesses all the skills that they are trained on, in CMA Part 2. It is mainly the study of managing the finance of any organization from scratch to advanced Parts. Candidates who qualify for this exam get privilege over other accounts that are not certified. In this certification, the candidate goes through an examination that has questions that belong to all the topics covered under financial management.

What skills will you learn in this CMA Certification Online?

The sole purpose of this CMA Certification Part 2 Online training is to assist candidates who are preparing to appear in the CMA Part 2 exam in the qualifying examination. The one who opts for this course will be trained on all the topics that fall under the court of this certification exam. They will be practising the questions throughout the course where the questions will follow the same pattern as the questions asked in the exam. At the beginning of every unit, the trainer has explained the topic in detail to refresh the memory or to give one in-depth idea of that particular topic. The trainee will be trained on how to manage the time while solving the problems. In addition to that, we have tried to explain everything theoretically as we will give them a real insight into how things work in an actual environment. Anyone who has opted for this CMA certification Part 2 online training will be ready to appear in the exam confidently right after finishing this course and practising it a few times.


There are certain certification exams that have some Prerequisite associated with it. If we talk about the CMA Part 2 exam, the mandatory prerequisite is CMA Part 1 certification. The candidates who have cleared the CMA Part 1 are eligible to appear in the next level exam. In addition to that, there are various topics that you need a good understanding of. When one clears the level 1, they already have lots to top it very clear to them. But if they also have the fundamental clear regarding the accounts, they will be able to crack the Part 2 exams as well.

Target Audience

Anyone who has cleared the CMA Part 1 exam and willing to prepare for the CMA Part 2 exam can be the best target audience for this online training on the CMA Certification Part 2 exam preparation. The professional who has cleared the level exam will find it very useful as this course covers all the topics that fall under the court of this certification. They will learn the methods that have to be followed in solving particular types of questions. In addition to that, they will also be learning how things work in actual environments as we have explained things using real scenarios based examples. The problem that has been included in the units will follow the same pattern as that of the actual exam questions, giving the trainees an actual taste of how the exam is going to be. Also, the candidates who want to know what subject or topics are covered in the CMA Part 2 exam can also be the best target audience for this CMA Part 2 training.

FAQs – General Questions

This CMA Part 2 online training has been designed and developed very carefully to satisfy the requirements of folks planning to appear in CMA Part 2. In addition to the question pattern, they will also be taught about the methods that have to be followed to solve the questions within the given time. Opting for this course will help the candidates to learn all the concepts very precisely. They will get to learn various new things that will endorse them to qualify for this exam.

Sample Previews

Balanced Score Card

Process Costing – FIFO Method

Components of Internal Control

Career Benefits

The candidate who clears the CMA Part 2 exams become the certified accountants. The certified accountant is always preferred over the normal accountants. The job market always remains open for such candidates. Once one is certified, they will be able to attract a lucrative career. If you are planning to appear in CMA Part 2 exam, you can opt for this CMA Part 2 training to secure a good score.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Balmuri Saketh Rao

This CMA Part 2 online Training clearly explains the subcategory of corporate finance i.e. Investment risk and portfolio management ( rest of them might have covered in the other module)..concepts such as risk and return, CAPM, measures, and types of risk were well explained by the tutor with examples. But the indifference curves on portfolio management were just OK. Also, the tutor has taught long term financial instruments. The course was helpful.


This CMA certification online training helped me to understand the various ratios that affect the analysis of the statement. I liked all the videos and enjoyed the training. I am looking forward to other courses too. Would like to recommend this course to finance students.

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Information provided about the topic was very useful and updated my knowledge about various ratios involved in the process of studying the financial statements. The video tutorials proved to update my skills and understanding of basic concepts in cost management accounting. Overall experience was good and enjoyed the online study tool very much.

Abhirami Chatakonda

The CMA Part 2 online Training is just for 4 hours but it is explained in a very good way. It helped me during my college project. Each and every topic had examples and in a detail explanation. This apt for a beginner and revising for a professional. I never knew that we had to take averages in the denominator for few ratios. Worth being part of.

Han Tao

This is a wonderful course on CMA Part 2 Training. The lecturer has provided a long list of various ratios along with examples and the purpose of each ratio. I find the entire course has provided excellent knowledge for those who want to learn about financial statement analysis. I definitely have learned quite a bit from this course. Highly recommended.