Corporate Finance Training Bundle (9 Courses with Case Studies)

This Corporate Finance Training comes with 9 comprehensive Courses with 35+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

You will from scratch learn concepts on Accounting, Management Accounting, Credit Risk Modeling, Capital Budgeting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Valuation, Merger Modeling and Valuation, Private Equity and Project Finance.

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What you get in this Corporate Finance Training Bundle?

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About Corporate Finance Course

Courses No. of Hours
1 Accounting Training – Online Accounting Courses 8h 06m
2 Management Accounting 12h 48m
3 Credit Risk Modeling 2h 41m
4 Capital Budgeting 3h 19m
5 Corporate Finance 2020 3h 36m
6 Corporate Valuation – Beginner to Pro in Microsoft Excel 3h 06m
7 Comcast and Time Warner Merger Modeling Training 3h 39m
8 Private Equity (PE) Modeling Tutorials 2h 28m
9 Project Finance Modeling – From Novice to Expert 3h 33m

Course Summary

CourseOnline Corporate Finance Training Course
DealYou get access to all 9 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours35+ Video Hours
Core CoverageAccounting, Management Accounting, Credit Risk Modeling, Capital Budgeting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Valuation, Merger Modeling and Valuation, Private Equity and Project Finance.
Course ValidityLifetime Access. You can view the course any number of times
EligibilityNo eligibility as such.
What do you get?Certificate of Excellence for the course
Certification TypeCourse Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, these are verifiable certificates. This means that you will be provided with a unique URL/Link which you can include in your resume/Linkedin profile for online verification.
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self Paced Learning
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

Corporate Finance Online Course Curriculum

Serial No.Course NameNo. of HoursCourse Description
1Accounting Training3We will start by learning the basics of accounting which includes recording, summarizing, reporting, and analyzing financial transactions of a business. This corporate finance online course module will help the students in understanding the position of the company in terms of wealth, profitability and liquidity. Students will be able to read and understand the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement by the end of this module. It can be considered as the starting and an important step in order to make daily and long-term decisions.
2Management Accounting13In this module, we will brush up on the basics of management accounting and build an understanding of how to use this to make decisions. This will be done with the help of practical illustrations and examples. The training will include Management of Cash, Receivables, Payables, Inventory, Overview of Working Capital,  Financing Working Capital and Estimation of Working Capital Requirements
3Credit Risk Modeling2This Corporate Finance Course module will help us cover the different measures of credit risk. It also covers the Traditional credit models – credit rating & credit scoring – including the strengths and weaknesses. The highlight of this session is understanding the calculation of Probability density function of credit losses (discussion on VaR) which will also cover the Parameter specifications like Loss given default, prob of default etc. This module will also cover the Structural models, Reduced form models and the Term structure of credit spreads
4Capital Budgeting3This module will help the students understand capital budgeting which is the planning process used to determine whether an organization’s long term investments are worth the funding of cash through the firm’s capitalization structure. These tutorials will help the students in understanding the very basics of capital budgeting and understand various terms associated with it. The training would include the Importance of capital budgeting decisions and Objectives
5Corporate Finance3Through this Corporate Finance Training Certification, we are specifically looking into the corporate finance section of the CFA level 1 curriculum. We are going to understand concepts such as capital budgeting, principles of capital budgeting, internal rate of return, discount cash flow, IRR vs. NPV project rankings. Next, we learn about concepts related to capital structure such as cost of capital, target (optimal) capital structure, the role of WACC/MCC to find NPV, cost of capital for a project. After this, we would see country risk premium, a measure of leverage, degree of financial leverage, firm characteristics and leverage. Next important concepts are managing working capital management, liquidity ratios, managing net daily cash, cash management, and IPS, evaluating performance. Finally, we will see what is corporate governance and code of ethics.
6Corporate Valuation – Beginner to Pro in Microsoft Excel3This entire Corporate Finance Training module is divided into six parts. These parts are mainly different valuation methods. The first one is corporate valuations followed by dividend discount model, discounted cash flow, calculating the enterprise value and a module on relative valuation which includes enterprise valuations and equity value
7Comcast and Time Warner Merger Modeling Training3Using this online M&A Modeling- course you will learn to create merger models right from the beginning of the potential merger deal. Topics covered will be excel tools and functions which are required to create the model. Build an understanding of synergies and calculations. This module will also cover the Analysis of EPS through accretion/dilution. After completing the course students will be able to prepare the excel model for any merger deal
8Private Equity (PE) Modeling Tutorials2This Corporate Finance Training Certification is intended to be a complement to Private Equity Finance. It also focuses on the “private equity cycle,” and starts by considering how private equity funds are raised and structured. The tutorials will include Introduction to Private Equity, Venture Capital, Buyouts incl. LBO, Fund Structures, Deals and Valuations
9Project Finance Modeling – From Novice to Expert3This Corporate Finance Training module mainly covers the introduction to project finance. It mainly covers calculations for estimating the cost of the project, feasibility analysis, the means of finance. Risk Analysis and mitigation, the importance of ratios are also covered. Excel skills are learned by the way of project finance modeling introduction, project finance modeling assumptions, project finance modeling income statements, depreciation schedule, balance sheet, cash flow statements, ratio analysis, sensitivity analysis and preparing project finance report.
Total Duration35+Hours
Industry Growth Trend

The wealth management platform market was valued at USD 1.52 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 3.20 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 13.4% during the forecast period. The base year considered for this report is 2016, and the forecast period is 2017–2022.
[Source – MarketsandMarkets]

Average Salary

Average Salary

$90,321 per year

Salary estimates are based on 5,836 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Finance Manager employees, users. The typical tenure for a Finance Manager is 2-4 years.
[Source – Indeed]

Project Highlights

2+ Industry Projects
Hands-on Instructor-led Case Studies
Perform financial analysis on Live company data
Build financial & Valuation Model from scratch
Forecast Target Price of Shares
Showcase Projects in your CV/LinkedIn

Corporate Finance Training Projects

Comcast And Time Warner Merger Modeling Training
Private Equity (PE) Modeling Tutorials
Project Finance Modeling – From Novice To Expert

Corporate Finance Online Course Certificate

What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is nothing but understanding the in and out of the project. It is understanding the cash flows, the financial statements and the ratios associated with your company. It deals with financial and investment decisions. It is mainly concerned with increasing the shareholder’s value.

Corporate finance also includes valuation methods and learn how to create the entire model on excel. If you need to know more, just go through our course curriculum once again.

  • Willingness to master accounts and valuation: If you don’t like to learn about corporate finance, this course may not be for you. This Corporate Finance Training Certification is particularly designed for people who want every element of corporate finance under one umbrella.
  • Foundation knowledge of Accounting terms: To understand the concepts it is important the students have basic knowledge of the accounting terminology
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (CFA module): It is not an easy module to complete. It is considered as one of the toughest degrees to obtain
  • Computer with an Internet connection
Target Audience
  • Students: Students pursuing Degree, Diploma, Engineering, and commerce who want to make a career in finance/accounts. MBA’s / BBA’s / BMS / B.Com Graduates who want to gain additional knowledge can also opt for this Corporate Finance Course
  • Professionals: Professionals from the non-accounting field who want to excel in accounting Training functions. Professionals with some background like Tax consultants can also benefit from this course. Professionals who want to make a career in Investment Management, Investment banking, Private equity can also benefit from this
  • Beginners: Ideal for people with no accounts background and for Candidates who are appearing for CFA. It is also useful for anyone who wants to make their career in finance
  • Accountants: Accountants who want to enhance their knowledge and update themselves with new ideas can benefit from this Corporate Finance Training

FAQs – General Questions

Understanding corporate finance will give you the confidence of taking better decisions not only in the business but also investment decisions needed in our everyday life

Learning corporate finance for beginners can be tricky. However, if the lessons are learned from the basic level it can be easier to grasp

You will be able to get into the role of a data analyst, valuation analyst, business analyst, research associate, finance manager, finance executive, equity research analyst as well as a financial analyst

Sample Previews

Corporate Finance Course Video1
Corporate Finance Course Video2
Corporate Finance Course Video3
Career Benefits
  • It will increase your chances of getting promoted: Understanding corporate finance can increase your chances of getting promoted. By implementing the valuation techniques, you would be able to achieve more in your job or business
  • Competing your peers: This Corporate Finance online course will let you be ahead than your peers by imparting with skills than your peers lack
  • You will able to merge yourself in any role: If you do this Corporate Finance Training Certification you will be able to mold yourself in the role of a data analyst, valuation analyst, business analyst, research associate, finance manager, finance executive, equity research analyst as well as a financial analyst.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Sonakshi Patel

Good Foundation Level Corporate Finance Course. You can get this certification so as to get thorough with the basics of corporate finance and various ratios and methods that are needed to be accessed in order to compare two or more projects. Each module is kept small, this helps in maintaining proper gap between two modules.

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Divjot Singh

The Corporate Finance online course gave me useful insights into the field of corporate finance. I can use this skills in the real business situations. The course taught us the various valuation methods. It also showed us in which fields the concepts of valuation can be applied. Also Instructor has provided detailed explanation on the business valuation process.

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Rahul Jain

It is a course to brushup your concepts, it is easy to understand and learn from this, being in second year you will be able to quickly revise the topics and prepare for interviews as major portion is asked from corporate finance it is always important to go with all guns loaded so overall it is a good course to start with preparations.

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Prashant Gupta

It`s a nice introductory course on Corporate Finance which gives you details about the terminologies and important processes involved in the world of corporates in a short and crisp manner. It includes necessary topics that a beginner must know about finance domain before entering into much higher details.

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Andrew Breaux

Great organization of topics. It is taught very clearly. I would recommend it for someone just learning it or can be very useful as a refresher for someone who has already done it. Takes you through how you should think about the topics. Good amount of time spent on each section as well. Not too long or too short.

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