Excel Data Analysis Training (12 Courses, 4+ Projects)

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What you get in this Excel Data Analysis Training?

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About Excel Data Analysis Course

Courses No. of Hours
1 Microsoft Excel Course – Beginners 3h 8m
2 Microsoft Excel – Advanced 6h 06m
3 Gantt Chart Tutorials 1h
4 Microsoft Excel Charts and SmartArt Graphics 6h 52m
5 Power Excel Training 5h 27m
6 Microsoft Excel Reports 8h 35m
7 Project – Microsoft Excel Simulations Training 2h 18m
8 Business Intelligence using Microsoft Excel 5h 1m
9 Project – Sales Productivity Dashboard 6h 57m
10 Pivot Table for Beginners 1h 29m
11 Pivot Tables Hands-on! 2h 22m
12 Project – Analysis with Pivot Tables 4h 6m
13 Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel 2016 3h 34m
14 Microsoft Excel for Data Analyst 2h 39m
15 Project – Building Dynamic Heat Map in Microsoft Excel 2016 1h 17m
16 Statistical Tools in Microsoft Excel 1h 14m

Course Summary

CourseOnline Excel Data Analysis Course
DealThis is a 12 Excel Training course bundle. You will get access to all 12 Excel courses at once.
Hours62+ Video Hours
Core CoverageYou would understand Descriptive Statistics, Central Tendency, Mean Mode Median, Dispersion, Standard Deviation, Data Analysis Tool, Central Tendency and Dispersions using Data Analysis, Correlation, and regression, Histogram using Data Analysis, Moving Averages using Data Analysis
Excel Templates Included?Excel templates that were used are provided as a download
Course ValidityLifetime Access. You can view the Excel data analysis online course any number of times
EligibilityNo eligibility as such. You should have keen interest in learning Excel
What do you get?Certificate of Excellence for each of the 12 courses
Certification TypeCourse Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, these are verifiable certificates. This means that you will be provided with a unique URL/Link which you can include in your resume/LinkedIn profile for online verification.
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self-Paced Learning
Software RequiredExcel (Windows)
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

Excel Data Analysis Course Curriculum

If you’re working in any profession and you need to deal with data, this Excel Data Analysis Course is for you.

Before we talk about the target audience, prerequisite, FAQs, let’s look at the each module of this Excel Data Analysis Course briefly –

Sr. No.Course NameDurationCourse Description
1Microsoft Excel Course – Beginners3This is the first module of the entire Excel Data Analysis Course. And as you can expect, we will start with a brief overview of the MS Excel. Then, we will start with a case study so that showing you how things work would be easier. We will talk about calculations, formulas, updating a calculation, percentages & absolute references, conditional formatting, IF function, charts & graphs etc. You will also learn about common errors and shortcuts. This entire module will need you to watch 30 videos in total.
2Microsoft Excel – Advanced 6We will start this module will the key differences between MS Excel 2007 and MS Excel 2010. Then, we will talk about the most important & useful excel functions, data functions, what-if analysis, arrays, functions for working with text, pivot tables, names & dynamic range, advanced charts etc. You need to watch 61 videos in total to cover this entire module.
3Gantt Chart Tutorials1This Excel Data Analysis Course module is an exclusive module for the course. In this module, we will begin with a brief overview of the Excel Gantt Chart. Then, we will talk in length about data series, e.g. inserting a new chart, performing on Red Data Series, data formatting series etc. You need to watch 7 videos in total to cover this module.
4Power Excel Training5In this module, we will start with an introduction to the power excel training. Then, we will talk about functions, pivot table, date & time format, statement & VLookup, Future Value Function, Business Information etc. This entire module will need you to watch 47 videos in total.
5Microsoft Excel Reports9As we always start, we start this Excel Data Analysis Course with a brief introduction to the excel reports. Then, we will talk about the shortcut function, excel functions, vertical lookups, financial function, and average if function. You need to watch 56 videos in total.
6Microsoft Excel Simulations Training2We will start this module with an introduction to excel simulations and general tips on modeling in excel. Then, we will talk about the data simulation, goal-seek, table simulations, data validation & macro filters, and Monte Carlo Simulations. You need to watch 19 videos in total to cover the Excel Data Analysis Course.
7Business Intelligence using Microsoft Excel5We will begin this Excel Data Analysis Course with an introduction to business intelligence and sorting in business intelligence. Then, we will talk about filtering, conditional formatting, checklist demonstration, data charts, pivot table, and calculated fields & data table. You need to watch 35 videos in total to cover the entire module.
8Pivot Table1In this module, we will begin with an introduction to the pivot table. Then, we will talk in length about features, formatting, and questions. You need to watch 9 videos in total.
9Microsoft Excel for Data Analyst3We will begin this module with an introduction to advanced data sorting, how to use data & sort and also with advanced data filtering. Then, we will go in detail about conditional formatting & cell referencing, VLookup, HLookup, Index & Match, and pivot table and advanced excel tricks. You need to watch 14 videos in total to cover the entire module.
10Building Dynamic Heat Map in Microsoft Excel 20161In this Excel Data Analysis Course module, we will start with a brief overview of the heat map. And we will also go in detail with an example. Then, we will teach you the formatting rules for dynamic heat map. Next, you will learn about how to use sales data, how to use channel, and finally, we will look at the reference files. The entire module will need you to watch 9 videos.
11Statistical Tools in Microsoft Excel 1We will again start with a brief introduction. Then, we will teach you descriptive statistics – the central tendency, dispersion, standard deviation, data analysis tool, descriptive statistics, histogram using data analysis, moving averages using data analysis, and finally, you will learn about statistical tools in excel. This entire Excel Data Analysis Course module will need you to watch 12 videos in total.
Total Duration62+ Hours

Certification of Completion

What is Data Analysis?

Let’s say that you’re a marketing lead of an organization. As a marketing lead, your job is to look at different sets of data and analytics, collect the right sets of data, analyze them (by looking at the growth, ROI etc.), and then taking the right actions.

Today, if we investigate, we would see that the main job of any strategy function is entirely focused on data-sets and how they’re useful for businesses.

So, no matter what your profession is, data analysis would be a must-learn skill in today’s economy. And you would learn on the most common platform – MS Excel.

In this Excel Data Analysis Course, we have identified what you need to learn to excel at data analysis and designed the course in the exact, same way.

Learn, chew, digest, and apply. You will be a better professional once you do this course.

What tangible skills will I learn from this course?

You would learn a lot of skills from this course. We’re highlighting the ones that are more significant than the others –

  • Basic & Advanced Excel Course: You would be able to grasp everything you need to know about MS Excel. Since data analysis involves the usage of a lot of formulas and functions, until you are on top of MS Excel, you won’t be able to do justice. At the same time, you don’t need to do any other courses for mastering MS Excel in its entirety.
  • Excel Reports: It’s equally important to showcase your findings to the top management if you’re working in a setting that needs the management’s approval. In that scenario, you would need to generate reports repeatedly. You will learn how to produce Excel reports in this Excel Data Analysis Course.
  • Statistical Tools: You would learn a separate module on statistical tools to make sense of how you can use statistical tools in data analysis. You may need these tools for producing complex data analysis report for the top management to see.
What are the requirements / pre-requisites to this Training?
  • Willingness to learn and master data analysis: This Excel Data Analysis Course will provide tremendous value if you are interested in learning the material and putting in the time and effort. This is the best course you would ever do on data analysis if you learn and work on the material.
  • A basic sense of mathematics and a lot of common sense: You have these two right? Since you’re reading this and checking out the curriculum, it’s given that you’re interested in learning the course. A bit of math and a lot of common sense is what you need to get started.
Target Audience for this training
  • Students: If you’re a graduate or undergraduate student, this course will help you level up. No matter what profession you would choose in the near future, you would need MS Excel and at the same time, you would also need data analysis skill. Well, you will get both of these in this Excel Data Analysis Course.
  • Professionals: No matter what profession you are in if you need to use MS Excel at a basic or at an advanced level, this Excel Data Analysis Course is for you. Just dive in, learn the lessons at your convenience, and work on them. You would be way ahead of the crowd.
  • Entrepreneurs: Many entrepreneurs struggle with data analysis. If you’re someone who has a business and you feel that you should brush up on your data analysis skill, this is the best course you would ever find in the market.

Excel Data Analysis Course FAQs

You should do this course because it will not only teach you MS Excel but it will also help you learn an important skill i.e. data analysis. This single course will teach you how to look at data and make sense of it for improving the metrics that matter.

If you’re looking for learning and mastering MS Excel and data analysis, you don’t need anything else. This course will help you learn the basic and advanced MS Excel and also data analysis from the fundamental level.

The answer is both yes and no. Because it completely depends on what kind of work you do. The answer is yes if you need to look at a series of data every day as an HR and need to make meaningful decisions, this Excel Data Analysis Course is just tailored for you. The answer is no if you don’t need to look at data while performing your job.

Sample Preview of this Course

Creating Goal Seek in Excel Continues

Table Simulations

How to Create Heat Map Using Sales Data

Arrays Basics

Career Benefits of this training
  • You would be way ahead of your peers: This may not be your goal, but learning this Excel Data Analysis Course will help you get ahead and level up. As a result, you would be able to produce reports and generate insights that you have never thought possible before. And thus, you would be helping your company as an entrepreneur or an employee directly or indirectly.
  • You will be able to solve complex problems: This is big. Sometimes when we look at a set of data, they don’t make sense. But when we collate, analyze, and interpret, they make perfect sense and help us carve out a new course for us. To make sense of data, nothing would be more helpful than this Excel Data Analysis Course. Plus, you would be able to learn MS Excel (basic plus advanced) without doing any additional course.
  • You would be a rockstar at what you do: That’s given. When you do something with precision and improve the way your organizations look at data, you would not only make room for your growth but also for the growth of your organization. As a result, your organization would celebrate you like a rockstar.

Excel Data Analysis Course Reviews

Ayush Sharma

The course is focused mainly on pivot tables. If you have a large data set and you want to analyse it, Pivot table will come handy and is an extremely strong tool. The course is well designed and explains all the features and uses of pivot table in a nice way. I would like to recommend it for anyone looking to learn data analysis.

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Avinash Bawa

It was joyful experience learning with you the core techniques of the excel so i must say you did a wonderful job on the relevant details.The stimulation work fine when all other things are working very well.Overall was a good learning experience, need to say that stuff which you did was good at all level.

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Greg Kowalczyk

I always wanted to learn data analysis using Excel as my job requires it. This Excel Data Analysis Course from eduCBA came in very handy. As far as I am concerned, euCBA courses are more useful to me than Pluralsight.com, Lynda.com or day courses, because this is far more affordable. Also, new courses are created daily which are very practical.

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Fredric C
Fredric C

Pivot table is a built in feature in excel. This Excel data analysis course helped me how to add this feature. Understood how to import data, inserting functions, test connection, change column names, creating a pivot chart with various variables, difference between pivot table and power chart, how to create two pivot charts for the same data, how to create four pivot chats for the same data. Simply awesome course how to create pivot table

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