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Learn how a career in finance and accounting is equally challenging and rewarding.

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The world of finance offers incredible opportunities for ardent professionals. A career in finance and accounting could be made through lucrative employment or even by establishing your own practice. The field of finance is as diverse as the needs of the people looking for ways to amplify their funds.

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We at WallStreetMojo have compiled a number of resources that will provide you with a point of view about the highly profitable career options in finance across the world. They will explain to you the ever-growing scope of finance and the endless opportunities you can cash into. The few employment options could be investment banking, portfolio management, personal finance, auditing, accounting, and many more. The guides have covered every possible career option that you can pursue. We have elaborated in-depth on each such option based on the global scope, salaries in various countries, course structure, strategies.

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Make the most of these free articles and step by step guides on Careers in Finance and Accounting-