Finance for Non Finance Managers Course

This Finance for Non-finance Managers Training Course is a bundle of 7 courses with 25+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

This course is designed for students and professionals who want to learn Finance but are from a non-finance background. The resources included here are from basics tutorials to medium-level concepts of Finance and Accounting including Accounting Foundation, Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flows, Ratio Analysis, Earnings Per Share, Corporate Finance.

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What you get in this Finance for Non Finance Managers Course?

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About Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course

Courses No. of Hours
1 Accounting – The Foundation 1h 16m
2 Accounting:01 – Income Statement 1h 57m
3 Accounting:02 – Balance Sheet 3h 37m
4 Accounting:03 – Cash Flows Analysis 1h 3m
5 EPS – The Concepts of Earnings Per Share (EPS) 1h 28m
6 Ratio Analysis Foundation 2h 35m
7 Corporate Finance Training 3h 34m

Course Summary

CourseFinance for Non-Finance Training Course
DealThis is 7-course bundle. You do not need to register for each course separately. You get access to all at once!
Hours25+ Video Hours
Core CoverageAccounting Foundation, Income StatementBalance Sheet & Cash Flows, Ratio AnalysisEarnings Per Share, Corporate Finance
Excel Templates Included?Yes. All templates downloadable
Course ValidityLifetime Access
EligibilityAnyone who wants to take the first step towards learning Finance.
What do you get?Certificate of Excellence for each of the 7 courses
Certification TypeCourse Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each finance for non-finance course with unique link. These link can be included in your resume/LinkedIn to showcase your enhanced Finance Skills
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self Paced Learning
Software RequiredExcel
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course Curriculum

S. NoCourse NameDescription
1Accounting FoundationIf you are new to accounting, this is the first finance for a non-finance course that you need to take. Here is a case study format, we teach you the fundamentals of why accounting is required and introduce you to the world of Financial Statements – Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows
2 Accounting – Income Statement AnalysisIn this, we look at the Income Statement format and understand all its key terms. We also look at Colgate’s case study wherein we download a company’s annual report populate the Income statement in excel investigate the non recurring items and calculate various profit margins.
3Accounting – Balance Sheet AnalysisIn this finance for a non-finance managers training course, we understand what is a balance sheet and its key components like Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Long Term Assets, Long Term Liabilities and Shareholders Equity.
4Accounting – Cash Flows AnalysisIn this video course, we understand what is cash flow statements, why it is required and learn all its key components – cash flow from operations, cash flow from finance activities and cash flow from investing activities. We also look at Cash Flow from Operations calculation using two methods – i) Direct Method ii) Indirect Method
5Earnings Per ShareIn this course, you will learn about the concepts of earnings per share i.e. what is earnings per share and how it is calculated. Through this course, you will be learning basic EPS example, how to calculate weighted average shares, the effect of stock dividends and stock splits, simple v/s complex structure, preferred convertible shares, convertible debt dilution, anti-dilutive convertible debt, treasury stock method, and comprehensive example.
6Ratio AnalysisIn this finance for a non-finance training course, we introduce to the analysis part of Financial Statements namely, Ratio analysis. Here you will learn the basics of Horizontal and vertical analysis, activity ratios like receivables turnover, inventory turnover and payables turnover, Cash conversion cycle, liquidity ratio, solvency ratios, profitability ratios and more.
7Corporate FinanceIn this course, we look at the principles of Corporate Finance – capital budgeting, IRR, NPV, the cost of capital, Leverages, Stock Dividends, Working Capital Management and more.

What is Finance all About?

Finance is all about how money is acquired and how money is spent. There are three things you need to learn if you want to understand finance.

  • Income Statement – This statement is one of the most important financial statements you should learn. The income statements can also be called Profit & Loss statement because this statement helps you compute how much profit or loss you have made during a particular period.
  • Balance Sheet Analysis: Once you learn the income statement, you need to craft a balance sheet. The balance sheet is another most important financial statement for a business. This helps you find out whether there’s any mismatch between assets and liabilities because, in the balance sheet, the asset side and liability side always match.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: The importance of cash flow analysis is very crucial. An income statement helps you find out the profit/loss of business. But it doesn’t tell you how much cash you received and how much cash you spent during the period and how much cash you spent on which activities (e.g.: operating, investing, and financing).

Learning these three important parts of finance will build your foundations and then you can go on to learn advanced finance if you’re interested.

Industry Growth Trend

The wealth management platform market was valued at USD 1.52 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 3.20 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 13.4% during the forecast period. The base year considered for this report is 2016, and the forecast period is 2017–2022.
[Source – MarketsandMarkets]

Average Salary

Average Salary

$87,622 per year

Salary estimates are based on 5,836 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Finance Manager employees, users. The typical tenure for a Finance Manager is 2-4 years.
[Source – Indeed]

Finance for Non-Finance Course Certificate of Completion


You need just 3 things to be able to go through this whole finance for the non-finance course –

  • Willingness to learn the foundation of finance: This is the most important thing you are required to have. If you are willing to learn the foundation and you’re committed to learning (even when you have a non-finance background and you don’t know anything about finance), you will succeed.
  • 15+ hours of undivided attention and self-effort: This training will only take you about 15+ hours and you will get a certificate for completion. But what’s most important is your self-effort. If you just watch the lectures and don’t try yourself, no tool and teaching method will work. Your dedication is utterly important.
  • A computer/laptop/mobile + an internet connection: This training will work on any device. All you need is an internet connection. That means you can learn the foundation of finance anywhere – from home, office, relative’s place, and also while travelling.
Target Audience
  • Students of non-finance background: If you have done your graduation in Science or Arts, you wouldn’t be able to know anything about finance. In that case, it would be helpful to do this training. Even if you don’t need this finance for the non-finance course for your profession, this can be a useful tool for understanding the basic financial statements of companies.
  • Professionals from the non-finance background: If you’re in a position which doesn’t need you to use the knowledge of finance at all, but suddenly while drafting a report you realize that it’s better to know the basics of finance, this training is for you.
  • Entrepreneurs: When you are starting out in business, you need to build the skill that you have never thought you should build. This training will teach you the foundation of finance without any fluff. Just invest 25+ hours of your time and effort and you will be good to go.
  • If you want to become an investor: If you want to invest in the stocks of the company, it’s important that you know the basics first. Of course, only basics will not do if you want to invest professionally. But this training can be a good starting point.

FAQs – General Questions

Why shouldn’t you? Rarely will you find a course which is –

  • So well-researched and tailor-made for non-finance professionals
  • Easy to do from any place, at any time
  • Offering you a verifiable certificate which you can show forth to your employer/clients
  • Very much credible and done by thousands and thousands of students & professionals

If you’re from hardcore finance, you may find the training familiar. But if you want to brush off some dust from what you already know and hone your basics, why not?

Sure. Learning should never stop. If you’re eager to go through this course even if you don’t need it, congratulations. You’re one of those who are continuous learners.

Professionals from around the globe have benefited from WallStreetMojo’s Finance for Non-Finance Managers courses. Some of the top places that our learners come from include New York, San Francisco, Bay Area, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, London, Berlin, UK, Dubai, Riyadh, UAE, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Gurgaon among many.

Yes, you can view the demo videos above.

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Additional payment options include pay by PayPal and 2checkout.

Career Benefits
  • Adds tremendous value: Ask any non-finance student who has done this finance for the non-finance course. You will know what this course will offer you. It will add so much value that at the end of this training, you would be able to include “financial statement analysis” in your resume.
  • Creates an incredible foundation for advanced finance course: Yes, this is not an advanced course. But it will build your financial base so well, that when you will begin to learn the advanced course in finance, you will never feel anxious.
  • Helps to negotiate better compensation: In just 7 hours, this training will teach you the basics of financial statement analysis. If you can strategically project your accomplishments to your employees, you will definitely be able to negotiate higher compensation.

Sample Previews

Accounting For Income Statement

Solvency Ratios

Financial Statements – Fiscal Year Vs Calendar Year

Introduction To Cash Flows

Introduction To Eps

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Gulzar Hussain

This course is very useful for those who are unaware about Accounting. Each topic was explained properly by the instructor, also he has provided good information related to stocks dividends and their types, how it works . I hope I can learn more in other videos as well.

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Ziyad Kazia

This finance for non-finance course clarified most of my doubts when it comes to income statement, Initially, I used to get confused in understanding reconciliation and also separating non-recurring costs. This course with practical Colgate example made it seem very simple. The examples taken through out the course were good.

View LinkedIn Profile

This online training on finance for non-finance has helped me a lot. I learnt about all the concepts related to finance with ease. A lot of examples were there to make a concept clear. This training helped me to do study at my own pace and not according to the scheduled classes.

Divjot Singh

This finance for non-finance course gave me useful insights into the field of corporate finance. I can use this skills in the real business situations. The course taught us the various valuation methods. It also showed us in which fields the concepts of valuation can be applied. Also, Tutor has provided detailed explanation on the business valuation process.

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