Investment Banking Firms

A comprehensive guide to top investment banking firms operating across the globe

List of Top Investment Banking Firms

Investment banking firms are gaining popularity for their financial advisory service to individuals, businesses, and governments. Its areas of expertise include raising capital, underwriting security, retail banking, and equity research, acting as advisors on events like mergers & acquisitions, and bridging corporates with investors on matters of financial transactions. In an economy-driven world, investment banks engage in financial consultancy.

Investment Banking in New York

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Given the scope and presence of investment banks in different parts of the world, this section provides a better understanding of them in terms of various metrics. Besides learning about investment banking firms in global cities like Chicago, Dubai, and Los Angeles, the list covers advisory-based financial services in countries like India, China, Hong Kong, and Russia. What is more are top 10 boutique, bulge bracket, and middle-market investment banks.

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