Mergers & Acquisition Course (with M&A Projects)

This Mergers and Acquisitions Course is a bundle of 5 courses with 24+ hours of HD video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

This course is designed for students and professionals who want to master merger modeling skills. Here we discuss Hannifin and Clarcor Merger Modeling, Reverse Merger Modeling and Valuation, Merger Modeling – Albemarle Corp and Axiall Chemicals, Comcast and Time Warner Merger Modeling Training, Spin-Offs De-Merger Modeling.

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What you get in this Mergers & Acquisition Course?

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About Mergers and Acquisitions Course

Courses No. of Hours
1 Merger Modeling – Albemarle Corp and Axiall Chemicals 4h 1m
2 Hannifin and Clarcor Merger Modeling Case Study 3h 11m
3 Comcast and Time Warner Merger Modeling Training 3h 39m
4 Reverse Merger Modeling and Valuation 9h 26m
5 Spin-Offs De-Merger Modeling 2h 12m

Course Summary

M&A CourseMergers and Acquisitions Course
DealThis is a 5 course M&A bundle. Please note that you get access to all the 5 courses. You do not need to register for each merger and Acquisition course separately.
Hours24+ Video Hours.
Core CoverageHannifin and Clarcor Merger Modeling, Reverse Merger Modeling and Valuation, Merger Modeling – Albemarle Corp and Axiall Chemicals, Comcast and Time Warner Merger Modeling Training, Spin-Offs De-Merger Modeling
Excel Templates Included?Excel templates that were used are provided as a download
M&A Course ValidityLifetime Access. You can view the Mergers and Acquisitions course any number of times
EligibilityNo eligibility as such. You should have a keen interest in learning.
Pre-RequisitesYou should know the Basics of Financial Modeling and accounting
What do you get?Certificate of Excellence for each of the 5 M&A courses
Certification TypeM&A Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, these are verifiable certificates. This means that you will be provided with a unique URL/Link which you can include in your resume/Linkedin profile for online verification.
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self Paced Learning
Software RequiredExcel
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

Mergers and Acquisitions Course Curriculum

This M&A course is golden because very few M&A courses can give you a comprehensive modeling experience just within few hours. People do diploma programs for learning this sort of specific modeling techniques, whereas you will learn the specific M&A course at your convenience and from the comfort of your home.

The best part of this M&A course is that it doesn’t revolve around theories. Here, we take a case study based approach. Once you go through this course, you would learn to prepare a merger model right from scratch for a proposed merger. What’s more, is that you will also learn how companies get affected before and after the merger and acquisition.

S. NoMergers and Acquisitions Course NameHoursDescription
1Albemarle Corp and Axiall Chemicals Merger Modeling in Excel4 hrsIn this Mergers and Acquisitions course, we take the merger modeling of Albemarle Corp and Axiall Chemicals. We will first understand the various terminologies being used in merger modeling. Post which, we will go through with the detailed merger model, wherein we will learn, how to create an assumption sheet, calculation of the purchase price.
2Hannifin and Clarcor Merger Modeling in Excel3 hrsHere we take this practical Mergers and Acquisitions Training in Excel using Hannifin and Clarcor Merger. Here we look at the target offer value, target enterprise value and create target’s LTM financials. Thereafter, we look at preparing a proforma Balance Sheet and Income Statement of the Acquiror and see if the merger is dilutive or accretion.
3Comcast and Time Warner Merger Modeling Training in Excel4 hrsIn this course on M&A, we take the Comcast and Time Warner merger deal (proposed acquisition of Time Warner by Comcast, which was announced on February 13, 2014). Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Inc. are companies that belong to the Broadcasting and Cable TV sector of US. Merger and acquisition modeling is basically finding out the effect of the merger on the new entity in terms of its earnings per share (EPS).
4Reverse Merger Modeling and Valuation (IGATE & PATNI)9 hrsA reverse merger is an acquisition of a public company by a private company. In this Reverse Merger course, we take a case of the Igate and Patni reverse merger. Here we first cover the valuation techniques used in reverse mergers and then cover concepts of synergy, post-merger share price, the true cost of acquisitions, EPS dilution, proforma BS and IS,  and earn-out model.
5Spin-Offs De-Merger Modeling4 hrsIn this M&A course, we will first understand the various terminologies being used in de-merger modeling. Post which, we will go through with the detailed de-merger model, wherein we will learn, how to create an assumption sheet, calculation of the purchase price. We have used the company’s result press releases and investor presentation to find out relevant data, hence this can assure the reliability of any past data and future projections. The training includes What is Spinoff, How it works, What filings to look at?, How to model a Spinoff situation, Valuation of both entities, Recommendations, Scenarios, and Potential Takeover situations
Industry Growth Trend

The wealth management platform market was valued at USD 1.52 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 3.20 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 13.4% during the forecast period. The base year considered for this report is 2016, and the forecast period is 2017–2022.
[Source – MarketsandMarkets]

Average Salary

Average Salary

$64,744 per year

Salary estimates are based on 5,836 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Finance Manager employees, users. The typical tenure for a Finance Manager is 2-4 years.
[Source – Indeed]

Project Highlights

3+ Industry Projects
Hands-on Instructor-led Case Studies
Perform Financial Analysis on Live company data
Build financial & Valuation Model from scratch
Forecast Target Price of Shares
Showcase Projects in your CV/LinkedIn

Mergers & Acquisition Course Projects

Merger Modeling & Valuation
Reverse Merger Modeling And Valuation
Spin-Offs De-Merger Modeling

Certificate of Completion


Let’s have a look at this M&A Course.

  • Knowledge of Financial Modeling – It is important to know Financial Modeling concepts for this course. Additionally, you should know the basics of accounting and excel.
  • Eagerness and passion to learn M&A modeling: Not everyone would be willing to do this M&A course because this Mergers and Acquisitions course is designed for people who need advice on specialty training of Mergers and Acquisitions. This is one of those sorts and people who are interested in that type, of course, would be interested in doing this course. That certainly doesn’t mean you need to have a degree attached to your back to do this course; rather it’s quite the opposite. But you need to have your finance fundamentals clear before doing this course.
  • Have 25 hours to invest: All you need to invest to do this M&A course is 25 hours of your life and of course that doesn’t include practice. This course will be taught to you within 25 hours and then you need to practice as much as you can to get the best results.
  • A computer and an internet connection: As you are reading this, it’s assumed that you already have a computer and an internet connection.
Target Audience
  • Finance students/ Aspiring professionals: If you are finance students this course is a must-do for you. And if you want to be an aspiring professional, then you cannot miss this Mergers and Acquisitions course. Why? In this M&A course, you will not only learn about merger modeling, but you will also learn how to approach a proposed merger from scratch.
  • Finance professionals / IB Professionals: If you have a few years of experience in finance, you can do this course. Why we’re emphasizing on finance domain? Because to do this Mergers and Acquisitions course, you need to have your fundamentals clear. That doesn’t mean that students/ professionals from other domains can’t do this Mergers and Acquisitions course, but they may not need to if you look at the scope of this particular training.
  • Entrepreneurs/ Consultants/ Small Business owners: As start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s of immense importance; because if you need to hire someone to do this (let’s say for your clients), it would be quite expensive for you. What if you can learn this yourself and ask your existing employees to do this M&A course, it would be much cost-effective and you would get a skill for life.

FAQs – General Questions

You should do this Mergers and Acquisition course if you are looking to learn merger modeling without any fluff. This M&A course will teach you a practical skill which will help you earn better pay, better position and an added hat to your already existing portfolio of skills.

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because if you have basic knowledge in finance and interest to do the course, there is no reason for which you shouldn’t do this Mergers and Acquisition course. And no if you assume that you will be able to understand everything in one shot without having the fundamentals of finance clear at first.

Most certainly! If you have been doing financial modeling for years, you will find M&A Modeling to be very interesting. Additionally, this M&A course can work as a great refresher for an expert like you.

WallStreetMojo’s Mergers and Acquisition courses have been preferred by professionals across the globe. Top places include New York, San Francisco, Bay Area, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, London, Berlin, UK, Dubai, Riyadh, UAE, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Gurgaon among many.

Yes, you can view the demo videos above.

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Additional payment options include pay by PayPal and 2checkout.

Sample Previews

Introduction to Hannifin and Clarcor Merger Modeling

Acquiror Balance Sheet

Reverse Merger

Cross Border Merger

Purchase Price Calculation and Sources

Career Benefits
  • Add tremendous value: The trade-off is easy to make. You can invest 25 hours of your life and add one great skill to your hat. Teaching merger modeling can’t be better than this.
  • Will help you get better pay: Suppose you are hired as a financial analyst and you showcase that you can do merger modeling. Don’t you think your value as a professional would increase and you would be able to bargain for a better pay cheque?
  • Saves you a ton of money and effort: If you go for learning the same in a diploma program or in any other course, it will cost you a huge sum of money and a lot of additional effort. This course will save both of your time and effort and you will not find any fluff in this training, just real, practical stuff.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

John Patrick Gramaje

This M&A course is thorough and comprehensive in introducing a professional in Discounted Cash Flow. The concepts are explained clearly, concisely, and in a logical manner, making it easier for the learner to understand the crucial concepts. It also explains the actual application of the concepts used.

Ayushi Agrawal

Really good platform to learn finance. It really helped me a lot. I would definitely recommend this great platform to my friends.

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Rahi Jain

I found the Mergers and Acquisitions course very informative. This Mergers and Acquisitions course was designed in a way that it built a foundation level knowledge of M&A first and then would progress the user through more advanced concept. The course content was lucid. the course was overall very good and i can say that after completing this Mergers and Acquisitions course i have covered a decent ground in mergers and acquisitions modeling and can answer questions in interview confidently

Jayakanth Kasthuri

I would highly recommend anyone interested who wants to make a careers in M&A Advisory role to go through the videos which shows how merger modelling is done starting from assumptions , to purchase price calculations , to preparing the sources and usage of funds sheet to go about the acquisition then calculating the goodwill created to preparing the proforma P& L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow statement then completing the prepared statements by calculating the debt repayment schedule since most often debt is used for acquisition then finally to EPS accretion / (calculation) with sensitivity tables.

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Vina Wiryadinata

I learnt about merger modeling course and truly this M&A course is very useful to build up financial modeling skills. Merger modeling helps recognize significant key issues and special assumptions to consider in projecting and forecasting impacts a Merger activity will have to both companies, the acquirer and target company.This M&A course helped me to understand BS, PL, CF statements projection, combination and adjustments, sensitivity analysis etc., very thoroughly. I liked the training a lot.

View LinkedIn Profile

This M&A course was really well structured. Each and every thing is explained appropriately. One suggestion, if the videos could fast forward the excel formatting parts, copying and pasting of same formulas multiple times or excessive repetition of the same thing like showing 5 data tables, debt schedule for every debt category, then it would have been perfect. Thanks team.

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