Tableau Certification Training Course

This Tableau Certification Training Bundle comes with 4 courses and 39+ hours of HD video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

This course is for anyone who is serious about learning the Tableau tool and wants to make a career in Data and analytics. Topics include Business Intelligence with Tableau, Customer Analytics, Pricing Analytics using Tableau

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What you get in this Tableau Certification Training Course?

Online Classes

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Tableau Certification Online Training Course Details

Courses No. of Hours
1 Business Intelligence with Tableau 5h 47m
2 Tableau 5h 19m
3 Projects on BI Tools and Tableau Analytics 5h 48m
4 Tableau Features Hands-on! 5h 47m
5 Analytics using Tableau 9h 03m
6 Projects on R and Tableau – Customer Analytics 2h 11m
7 Projects on R and Tableau – Pricing Analytics 2h 02m
8 Project on Tableau – Super Store Business Requirements 1h 18m
9 Project on Tableau – Fatal Accidental Drugs Overdose Analysis 1h 27m
10 Project on Tableau – Retail Store Business Analysis 0h 06m

Course Summary

CourseTableau Certification Online Training Course
DealYou get instant access to this 4 Tableau Certification Online Training Course
Hours39+ Video Hours
Core CoverageHands-on practical session on understanding Tableau tool and its application in Business Intelligence
Course ValidityYou get Lifetime Access. No limit on the number of times you can view this credit risk course.
EligibilityNo eligibility as such. You should have keen interest in learning.
What do you get?Certificate of Excellence
Certification TypeCourse Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, these are verifiable certificates. This means that you will be provided with a unique URL/Link which you can include in your resume/Linkedin profile for online verification.
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self Paced Learning
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

Tableau Overview

You are at the right place and whatever we’re about to share will blow your mind. But before we plunge into the information we’re about to share, let’s understand business intelligence and the importance of tableau briefly.

Business intelligence is the new best thing in the enterprise which has been revolutionizing the way corporate decisions are being made. Business Intelligence helps with the following things –

  • Analytics:

To make the most optimal decisions in business, the organization needs to build quantitative processes and needs to find out the right business knowledge. Business intelligence can be applied to do all of these and more. Even things like data mining, predictive analysis, business process modeling etc. can be done using business intelligence.

  • Measurement:

Every business needs metrics to adhere to. In business qualitative metrics are as important as quantitative metrics. Business intelligence helps create the bench-marking so that business can evolve toward its business goals through business process management.

  • Knowledge management:

Knowledge is the new currency of business. A business can’t be run without the proper use of knowledge management. From creating programs to make the company knowledge driven to identify, build new insights and to come up with innovative ideas, it’s essential that a business uses business intelligence.

  • Collaboration:

Since a business needs to depend on multiple sources to find out various data, it’s important to collaborate and find out the synergy to create the optimized output. Business intelligence helps a business collaborate with ease by offering data sharing and electronic data interchange.

  • Reporting:

Whatever a business does with knowledge management and data patterns need to be applied at a pixel level. To do so, it is imperative that the business analytics team reports their findings to the stakeholders. Business intelligence helps build the right infrastructure for strategic reporting. Business intelligence also helps in building executive information system, data visualization, and OLAP.

From the above discussion, it’s clear to you that if you know how to use business intelligence, a lot of things would become easier for you. And if you know how to use business intelligence, you would be able to go beyond the status quo and get ahead faster in your career.

Tableau makes things much easier. You may ask how. Here’s how –

  • Using tableau will enable you to analyse the data in an easy to follow manner. It will help you save more time in development and you would be able to make decisions more effectively and faster than ever. Plus, you would be able to quickly adapt to market changes (if any).
  • Secondly, tableau makes things much easier to use and understand. It pares down non-essentials and only emphasizes on things that matter in making the right analysis and decision. It will also remove the dependency you may have on your IT department since you would be able to use tableau all by yourself.

Tableau Certification Online Training Course Description

Let’s jump into the course right away.

By now, you already know why it is important for you to build your skill in business intelligence. And this course will show you how.

Tableau Certification Training Course Curriculum

First, let’s talk about what you would learn in this Tableau Certification Training Online.

  • Introduction: Before you learn the fundamentals of business intelligence and begin to apply what you learn, you need to get a little familiar with it. So, this section will give you an overview of business intelligence using tableau. This section is important because this will actually help you understand why business intelligence with Tableau is a killer combination.
  • Getting started: In this segment, you will learn a bunch of new concepts and examples to make you familiar with the advanced level. In this section, you will learn about business intelligence and tableau. You will also understand the evaluation of tableau, tableau architecture, how you can install tableau step by step, what steps you need to take for the tableau project report. And you will also learn the steps for the tableau report example.
  • Navigation in Tableau: In this section, you will learn about three things. First, you will learn what the navigation in the tableau is. Second, you will go through a ton of examples on navigation in tableau. And finally, you will understand the design flow of the tableau.
  • Types of File: In this segment, you will learn about types of files in Tableau in detail. Then you will also get to know about the various data types in Tableau.
  • Data Terminology: The best part of this Tableau Training Online is it doesn’t miss out on anything in business intelligence using tableau. We can take this segment as an example this. This segment is especially included so that you get to all the data terminologies in detail.
  • Input Data Source and Connection: This section is of utmost importance. In this section, you will learn about input data sources and connection in tableau and you will also learn how to extract data using tableau. You will also go through the examples of fields in the tableau. Plus you will learn about tableau metadata, types of joins in tableau, worksheet options in tableau, types of operators in tableau, functions in tableau and also sorting in tableau.
  • Filters in Tableau: In this section, you will learn filters in the tableau in detail.
  • Charts in Tableau: If you have ever wondered how to create charts using tableau, this section will particularly be interesting for you. You will learn to create a bar chart, line chart, pie chart, crosstab, scatter plot, box plot, treemap, Gantt chart, and histogram using tableau.
  • Advanced Features: In this last section, you will get a detailed account of the advanced features of the tableau. You will learn especially about dashboard features in tableau.

Additional information

It is important to know few things along with the curriculum.

This entire Tableau Online Training will just take around 7 hours. So, you can just block off one weekend to do this course and learn business intelligence using tableau. If you’re in data analytics or in the job where you need to make so many decisions, learning this Tableau Online Training will turn out to be invaluable to you.

Plus, there are only 40 video lectures which you can watch anywhere with just a device (mobile/laptop/tab) and an internet connection and learn at your own pace.

What’s more fascinating is you would also be able to learn this entire Business Intelligence Tableau Training without any internet connection (but with an Annual Membership).

So what are you waiting for?

Go learn from this Tableau Online Training and add a great skill to your professional kitty. If you do, we promise that you would never regret your decision.

You may be wondering about the requirements for doing this Tableau Online Training. Let’s talk about that.

Certificate of Completion

What are the requirements / pre-requisites to this Training?
  • Willingness to learn business intelligence using tableau: This Tableau Certification Training is particularly designed for beginners. So if you have never done anything on business intelligence, do not worry. You can start this course, get into the basics, and learn the fundamentals. But there is one small requirement. You need to be willing to do this course and practice as you go. If you are not interested in learning, it would turn out to be very difficult for you.
  • Basic familiarity with Tableau: You will be able to create the maximum value out of this Tableau Online Training if you have at least a basic understanding of tableau and how it works. Since this is a beginner course, you don’t need to know a lot to begin. But familiarity with tableau will definitely help.
  • A device and an internet connection (or without): All you need to do this Tableau Training is yourself. Since we’re in this technological era, it’s expected that you already have a smartphone or a tab or a laptop. No matter what device you have, you can learn this entire course on your device with just an internet connection. You can get the entire course offline if you go for an annual membership.
Target Audience for this training
  • Students who would like to learn: This Business Intelligence Tableau Online Training is for any student who would be interested to learn tableau. You will find that this is the most practical course you would ever do. So if you feel that you need to learn the fundamentals and application of business intelligence using tableau, look no further.
  • Working professionals: People who are in various domains but feel that they can be benefited from the course material can do this course. This Tableau Certification Training would certainly add an incredible dimension to your professional life.
  • Data Analysts: If you are already in data analytics, this course will be highly practical for you. This course can be a new opening for data visualization or can be a great refresher for you.
  • Business Analysts: This is a must-do course for business analysts. As business analysts, you need to use a lot of tools. And you also need to make effective decisions and create reports to communicate your findings to the stakeholders. If you learn this Tableau Certification Training, making effective decisions and creating valuable, strategic reports would be much easier for you. And you would also get a professional edge over your peers.

Tableau Online Training FAQ

Knowing the quality of this course and the value it brings to the table, why shouldn’t you do this Business Intelligence Tableau Training? Here are few reasons for which this course is a must do for professionals and students –

  • This Business Intelligence Tableau Training is highly relevant for the enterprise and for any business you are in.
  • This course can be completed within a very short period of time (there’s really no excuse).
  • This course covers all that you need to learn about business intelligence using tableau.
  • This course is filled with examples that you would be able to crystalize your learning as you learn each concept.
  • You can do this Business Intelligence Tableau Training from anywhere and at any time whenever you want.

Sure. Even if you know what tableau is, this course will be a great refresher course for you. It surely pays when you brush off the extra dust on your most valuable skill. Don’t you think?

If your profession needs a lot of decision making, communication, and creating reports, knowing what this Business Intelligence Tableau Training will teach you would be amazing for your career. Just dip your toe into the course and you would know.

Sample Preview of This Course

Navigation in Tableau

Descriptive Analytics – Graph

Sensitivity and Specificity

Career Benefits of this training
  • Add tremendous value to your already awesome professional life: You may be doing great in your professional life. But this Tableau Course will help you become someone who would be able to quickly help your boss make effective decisions. Isn’t it a valuable addition for you?
  • You would be ahead of the curve: Technical literacy will help you get ahead of your peers and make your mark in the profession you are in (if it is relevant at all).
  • It can be a foundation for a great career ahead: This course may change the trajectory of your career. After doing this Tableau Online course, you may get so very much interested in data analysis, that you can learn further and master the skills required for data analysis.

Tableau Online Training Reviews

Shaurya Bhagat

This training will now help me use tableau more efficiently and will help me be more marketable in the job hunt. During the course I was able to learn how to make charts, include formulas and much more. Since I work with a lot of numbers and tables each day, this course will help me be able to organize data much more efficiently as well as display the data In a more professional manner.

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Tapash Kumar Dhali

Good exercises, good speed, well communicated. The trainer made every aspects feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away. Excellent.”It is recommended to absolute and very good presentation on Tableau Software For Business Reporting and analyst.

Gus Raposo

This was my first course with Tableau and it was very useful for my skills development. I took this course since a friend of mine told me that Tableau has become an industry standard for best practices in data visualization. The part of the training that was most useful was the forecasting with Tableau and this was new to me. A great course overall.