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Financial Modeling & Valuation
Step by Step McDonald’s Financial Modeling & Valuations (25+ Hours)
Financial Modeling Course
Step by Step McDonald’s Financial Modeling with excel template (12+ Hours)
Valuation Course
Company Valuation (Discounted Cash Flows, FCFF, FCFE, Relative Valuations)
Ratio Analysis Course
Step By Step Ratio Analysis of Colgate (Top 32 Financial Ratios, 6+ hours)
Excel for Finance Course
Supercharge your financial prowess with our 6+ video hours of Excel for Finance course
Basic Excel Course
Empower yourself with fundamental Excel skills through our Basic Excel course (2.5 hours)
Bond Basics Course
Our Bond Basics Course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in bond investing.
Corporate Finance Free Course
Get a solid foundation in Corporate Finance to make informed investment decisions.
Investment Banking Free Course
Get a Solid foundation in Investment Banking, covering essential IB topics.
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3567 Articles
Investment Banking Resources
Free Guides and Resources on Investment Banking Fundamentals, Valuation, Modeling, M&A, LBO
1190 Articles
Accounting Resources
Learn and Master the Concepts of Accounting as used by Financial Analysts
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Financial Modeling Guides
Learn and Master Financial Modeling through a compilation of over 100+ self-study Guides & Resources.
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Excel, VBA & Power BI
Learn Excel, VBA, and Power BI through over 950 tutorials.
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Budgeting Resources
Plan your Personal and Business expenses in advance with our information-packed budgeting guides
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Derivatives Resources
Explore the world of investing through Derivatives like Futures and Options.
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Fixed Income Resources
Learn and master the concept of Fixed Income with our self study guides
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Tax Resources
Read our guides to increase your knowledge about taxation and use it to your advantage
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Careers Resources
Learn how a career in finance and accounting is equally challenging and rewarding.
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Certification Resources
Thoroughly researched material to prepare you for CFA, FRM, CPA, ACCA and more.
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CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. More than 100+ in-depth articles to help you pass the CPA exam.
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Asset Management Resources
Best compiled resources for Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Portfolio Management in Finance.
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Risk Management Resources
Self Study Guides to teach you everything about financial risks and how to mitigate them.
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Full Form
Learn 100+ most relevant Abbreviations of the Finance World.
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Top Books to Read
List of Best books in Finance, Business & Entrepreneurship.
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Personal Finance Resources
Best Personal Finance Resources & Guides to manage your finances, taxes, and investments.
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Statistics Guides
Learn the fundamentals of statistics and know how to study data using different statistical models for making effective, data-driven business decisions.
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Cryptocurrency Basics
Learn the cryptocurrency basics with evolution and functioning of various digital assets
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Finance Templates
Most exhaustive collection of templates for Accounting & Finance
43 Articles
Financial Calculators
These pre-designed calculators will help you manage your budgets for Business and Personal Finance
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Dictionary – All Articles
Our one-stop resource hub brings you across all the financial terms that you might have been searching for so far.

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The articles and emails you send up are very insightful for me, I have a general interest in this area and certainly the emails are giving me good information. Thanks and keep them coming. Ian
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Ian Hamilton Consulting CFO University of Auckland
As a business operator, I find your blog posts relevant and informative. I read all of them and often share with my finance team. Thank you for putting out great content and please continue!
Byron Cooper
Byron Cooper Operating Officer – North Shore Steel Houston, Texas