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Investment Banking Resources
Free Step by Step Guides and Resources on Investment Banking Fundamentals
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Valuation Guides
Understand the Fundamentals of Valuation to determine the worth of business or asset
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Financial Modeling Guides
Learn and Master Financial Modeling through a compilation of over 40+ self-study Guides & Resources.
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Financial Statement Analysis Resources
Understand the entire process of financial statement analysis in a simplified way
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Corporate Finance Resources
Deep dive into learning the nuts & bolts of Corporate Finance with real-world cases
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Financial Markets Resources
Find the curated collection of Guides and Articles on Financial Market Resources
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Mergers and Acquisitions Resources
Familiarize yourself with the concept of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) with sure-shot guides & resources
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Private Equity Resources
Self Study Guides on Private Equity & Venture Capital to help you learn core concepts from scratch.
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Accounting Resources
Learn and Master the Concepts of Accounting as used by Financial Analysts with our 1200+ Step by Step Guides
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Banking Basics for Everyone: Learn from our Step by Step Guides and Resources
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Excel Resources
Learn and Master Excel with 700+ Self Study Guides and Resources.
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VBA Resources
Learn and Master VBA from our 250+ Self Study Guides and Resources
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Learn Power BI
Power BI is a very helpful tool that converts data into easily understandable visuals.
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Economics Resources
Complete guide to the principles of economics and its core concepts
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Learn the purpose and different stages involved in the process of Audit in Accounting
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Capital Budgeting Resources
This compiled list of over 100+ resources will teach you Capital Budgeting in depth.
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Budgeting Resources
Step by Step Guides on Budgeting and Costing to Ensure Optimal Financial Performance and Resource Utilization
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Derivatives Resources
Explore the world of investing through Derivatives like Futures and Options.
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Fixed Income Resources
Learn and master the concept of Fixed Income with our self study guides
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Technical Analysis Resources
Gain proficiency in analyzing market trends, deconstructing patterns, and interpreting technical analysis indicators.
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Tax Resources
Read our guides to increase your knowledge about taxation and use it to your advantage
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Careers Resources
Learn how a career in finance and accounting is equally challenging and rewarding.
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Finance Certification Resources
Thoroughly researched material to prepare you for CFA, CPA, FRM, CPA, ACCA and more.
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Asset Management Resources
Best compiled resources for Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Portfolio Management in Finance.
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Risk Management Resources
Self Study Guides to teach you everything about financial risks and how to mitigate them.
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Step by Step Guides and Resources on Leadership, Strategy and Management skills
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Marketing Made Simple: Actionable Tips for Students and Professionals
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Full Form
Learn 100+ most relevant Abbreviations of the Finance World.
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Top Books to Read
List of Best books in Finance, Business & Entrepreneurship.
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Personal Finance Resources
Best Personal Finance Resources & Guides to manage your finances, taxes, and investments.
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Statistics Guides
Learn the fundamentals of statistics and know how to study data using different statistical models for making effective, data-driven business decisions.
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Fin Tech Resources
Learn all about Fin Tech with Guides and Resources on  Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and digital assets
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Finance Templates
Most exhaustive collection of templates for Accounting & Finance
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Financial Calculators
These pre-designed calculators will help you manage your budgets for Business and Personal Finance
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Dictionary – All Articles
Our one-stop resource hub brings you across all the financial terms that you might have been searching for so far.