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Free Guides and Resources on Investment Banking Fundamentals, Valuation, Modeling, M&A, LBO
Capital Budgeting Resources
This compiled list of over 50+ resources will teach you Capital Budgeting in depth. View All 70 Resources
Corporate Finance Resources
Deep dive into learning the nuts & bolts of Corporate Finance with real-world cases View All 830 Resources
Economics Resources
Complete guide to the principles of economics and its core concepts View All 988 Resources
Equity Research Resources
Learn the nuances of equity research and its applications in investment banking View All 194 Resources
Financial Statement Analysis
Understand the entire process of financial statement analysis in a simplified way View All 204 Resources
Investment Banking Basics
Find the curated collection of Guides and Articles on Investment Banking Basics View All 760 Resources
Investment Banking Career
Build a career in investment banking with these resourceful guides and supplementary courses View All 34 Resources
Investment Banking Firms
A comprehensive guide to top investment banking firms operating across the globe View All 31 Resources
Mergers and Acquisitions Resources
Familiarize yourself with the concept of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) with sure-shot guides & resources View All 92 Resources
Private Equity Resources
Self Study Guides on Private Equity & Venture Capital to help you learn core concepts from scratch. View All 78 Resources
Technical Analysis Resources
Gain proficiency in analyzing market trends, deconstructing patterns, and interpreting technical analysis indicators. View All 71 Resources
Top Banks in the World
Update yourself with leading National and Global banks in Developing and Developed Countries View All 42 Resources
Valuation Guides
Understand the Fundamentals of Valuation to determine the worth of business or asset View All 149 Resources

Investment Banking Resources & Guides

At WallStreetMojo, you will get everything needed to learn Investment Banking and become a pro. Its 1000+ in-depth resources and guides on investment banking are self-sufficient and meant to empower you with the requisite knowledge. Furthermore, its free courses on investment banking are designed to help you understand the concept and master your investment banking skills. Get enrolled and learn about key concepts like ratio analysis, mergers & acquisitions, LBO, etc. at your convenience.

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Learn Investment Banking

You get access to comprehensive Investment Banking resources like financial modeling, valuation, economics, private equity and venture capital, and many more such topics. You must have a basic understanding of accounting, calculators, and MS Excel before entering the world of investment banking professionally. Do not worry if you do not, as these extensive articles cover it all to make studying investment banking more enjoyable.

If you want a quick overview of what investment banking is and how it works, you can take this free investment banking course.

Investment Banking Articles

Below is the list of investment banking articles that you can go through to learn investment banking -