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Detailed Excel Resources

The Excel tutorials here are so detailed that it was really easy for me to follow, the step-by-step examples and excel template were a plus point for me. Thank you. Keep up the good work.



Thank you

Your materials have been useful, thank you.



WallstreetMojo reviews

I have visited your website and of course spent some minutes to take a look at its lessons, models that are good, informative, well-planned one. I also really hope that your blog can maintain more innovations in the area of financial modeling training. Thank you Dheeraj Vaidya.



Keep it up

I am currently studying for my CFAs and the content has been very useful in preparation for it. Keep up!


Gaurav Barjatya

Value adding

Hello Dheraj Sir, I am working in Moodys Analytics from past 1-1/2 yrs as a credit analyst. In this corporate life it becomes very exhaustive to even go and research for something which can add value in my learning. Your articles , teachings adds value in my life . Thank you for all your lessons. Kudos to you sir!

Ian Hamilton

Great guidance

The articles and emails you send up are very insightful for me, I have a general interest in this area and certainly the emails are giving me good information. Thanks and keep them coming. Ian


Nipun Vaidya

Very very helpful

Hi Dheeraj! I have been regularly reading your blogs since almost 3 years now. Must say that they have been really helpful in brushing/enhancing my knowledge. The blogs present a perfect explanation of text book concepts and their application in the real world. Your examples are pretty straight forward and spot on in helping the reader understand what you are trying to convey. Most importantly, the language and terminology coupled with the infographics is very simple and easy to grasp, making it suitable for anyone - be it an undergrad student or an experienced finance professional. I just admit, that the blogs have actually helped me answer a couple of tough interview questions in the past. I would insist, please do continue with this great bit of work as it is of great help for us readers.


Mahender Edunoori

Very helpful

I follow your every blog and article and its very helpful, i following you since my college life and now i am in corporate professional and still follow your all articles. i want you to continue with the same. its very helpful to understand things and grow professional wise Thanks, Mahi

Ankita Bagri

Yes! You helped me. :)

Hi Dheeraj I find WSM excellent in terms of the format, explanations, and guidance. I interned at equity research and now am working as an IB analyst full time because of what I studied from here, honestly more than what classes could ever teach. There are a lot of corporate trainings which go on in my office for new hires. Wish you could teach us in person! :) Thanks a lot for the awesome interface and intuitive explanations. Good luck!

Krupananda Reddy

Wonderful Articles and Great Job

It's a good learning for everyone, who followed your articles and blog. You did a fantastic job and we looking forward for more. I am a regular follower of your blog and I recently got the job in fields of Equity research by looking at your articles. I wonder to see the email and I hope you may not be demotivated by the external forces. Many students and financial professionals were gained good knowledge and they will be, so my sincere request is to continue. Thank you!




Your Investment Banking tutorials and blog are really interested. I learned a lot with. Please don't stop sending. It's really helpfully.



Please keep wallstreetmojo coming!


Malan Alexis KOUAME

Investment Manager

Hey Dheeraj, Sincerly, I will be very sad if you stop your wonderful work. I am browsing on your blog since 2016 and I can ensure you that it has been very helpful and relevant in helping me to join my current position as Investment Manager with a private equity funds. Your approach to address issues is very simple and digest. Each topics and courses summarized is a real library for students and also professionals like me searching to refresh their knowledge. As an evidence, I got certificate from EDUCBA to certify my involvment and committment at continuing learning. My current employer was very happy and encouraged me at reading and follow your blog. Today, friends of mine and work mates are also engage at following your great job. Don't stop and continue to provide what you do. You are the best. Thanks a lot for all and good continuation. Malan.


Byron Cooper

Great work

As a business operator, I find your blog posts relevant and informative. I read all of them and often share with my finance team. Thank you for putting out great content and please continue!


Robert Arvanitis


Excellent resource for anyone who once "knew it all" in maths of finance, and now appreciates reminders of topics/areas to "keep it all."


Adebisi Sobalaje

Thank You

Your Investment Banking tutorials and blog have really helped me a lot. Please keep up the good works. May God Almighty reward you richly.

Justin Porco

Love reading your posts

Stumbled across your blog and now I am a fan! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for creating such an informative blog.


Shenchao Qiu

Learning a lot

I have followed your wallstreetmojo blog for a long time and I also a big fan of your website educba.com. I learnt a lot from your video and project when I seeking job in US.

Jack Nguyen

Please keep writing

My name is Jack. I am a follower of your blog. Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge so generously.


Songeun Kim


I saw your blog when I was searching for CFA vs FRM. Impressively helpful!


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