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2/10 Net 30 Above the Line vs Below the Line Accelerated Depreciation Accelerated Share Repurchase (Buybacks) Account Balance Accountant Accountant Responsibility Accountant vs Actuary Accounting Assumptions Accounting Concept Accounting Controls Accounting Convention Accounting Cycle Accounting Department Accounting Entry Accounting Equation Accounting Errors Accounting Estimates Accounting Firms in Australia Accounting Firms in Canada Accounting Firms In Singapore Accounting Firms in US Accounting for Convertible Bonds Accounting for Derivatives Accounting for Fair Value Hedges Accounting for Joint Ventures Accounting for Sales Discounts Accounting Functions Accounting History Accounting Information System (AIS) Accounting Interview Questions Accounting Manual Accounting Methods Accounting Period Accounting Policies Accounting Practice Accounting Principles Accounting Procedure Accounting Profit Accounting Profit vs Economic Profit Accounting Records Accounting Reports Accounting Rules Accounting Scandals Accounting Skills Accounting Statement Accounting System Accounting Terminology Accounting Test Accounting Transactions Accounting vs Auditing Accounting Vs Engineering Accounting vs Financial Management Accounting Worksheet Accounting Year Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Credit or Debit Accounts Payable Cycle Accounts Payable Examples Accounts Payable Journal Entries Accounts Payable Ledger Accounts Payable Vs Notes Payable Accounts Receivable – Debit or Credit? Accounts Receivable Collections Accounts Receivable Financing Accounts Receivable Journal Entry Accounts Receivable Process Accounts Receivable vs Accounts Payable Accounts Receivables Accounts Receivables Factoring Accounts Written Off Accrual Accounting Accrual Accounting Examples Accrual vs Deferral Accrual vs Provision Accrued Expense Journal Entry Accrued Expenses Accrued Expenses vs Accounts Payable Accrued Income Accrued Interest Formula Accrued Interest In Accounting Accrued Liabilities Accrued Payroll Accrued Revenue Accrued Revenue Examples Accrued Revenue Journal Entries Accumulated Amortization Accumulated Depreciation Accumulated Depreciation Journal Entry Accumulated Depreciation – An Asset or Liability Accumulated Fund Acquisition Accounting Actuals Additional Paid-in Capital Adjusted EBITDA Adjusted Trial Balance Adjusting Entries Examples Adjusting Entries in Journal Administrative Expenses Advance From Customer Advance Payment Advance To Employee Aging Accounts Receivables Air Waybill (AWB) Allowance For Credit Losses Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Allowance Method Amortization Amortization of Bond Premium Amortization of Intangible Assets Ancillary Revenue Annual Financial Statements Annual Report Annual Turnover Appropriated Retained Earnings Appropriation Account Arm’s Length Transaction Asset Accounts Asset Classification Asset Disposal Asset Retirement Obligation Asset Tagging Asset Tracking Assets In Accounting Assets Revaluation Assets vs Liabilities Authorized Capital Authorized Shares Auto Repair Invoice Template Available For Sale Securities Average Inventory Formula Average Total Cost Formula B Shares Bad Debt Expense Formula Bad Debt Provision Bad Debt Reserve Bad Debts Badwill Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Examples Balance Sheet Formula Balance Sheet Items Balance Sheet Purpose Balance Sheet Reconciliation Balance Sheet vs Consolidated Balance Sheet | Top 9 Differences Bank Balance Sheet vs Company Balance Sheet Bank Reconciliation Examples Bearer Share Big Bath Big Four Bill of Lading Bill of Materials Bill of Sale Billback Billing Cycle Billing Invoice Template Billing Statement Template Blank Invoice Template Bond Accounting Bonds Payable Bonus Depreciation Bonus Shares Book Profit Book Value Book Value Formula Book Value of Asset Book Value Of Debt Book Value of Equity Bookkeeper Interview Questions Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Examples Bookkeeping in Excel Books Of Original Entry Bottom Line Branch Accounting Branches Of Accounting Break Even Point In Accounting Business Asset Business Entity Concept Business Expenses Business Transaction Callable Preferred Stock Called-Up Share Capital Capex vs Opex Capital Account Capital Assets Capital Dividend Capital Expenditure (Capex) Capital Expenditure Examples Capital Expenditure Formula (CAPEX) Capital Improvement Capital Investment Capital Lease Capital Lease Accounting Capital Lease Criteria Capital Lease Vs Operating Lease Capital Outlay Capital Receipts vs Revenue Receipts | Top 8 Differences Capital Reserve Capital Stock Capitalization Cost Capitalization vs Expensing | Top Differences| Examples Capitalized Interest Carriage Inwards Carry Forward Carrying Amount Carrying Cost Of Inventory Carrying Value Cash Accounting Cash Accounting vs Accrual Accounting Cash and Cash Equivalents Cash Basis Accounting Cash Book Cash Book Examples Cash Disbursement Cash Disbursement Journal Cash Discount Cash Dividend Cash Envelope Template Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Cash Flow From Financing Activities Cash Flow From Investing Activities Cash flow from Operations Cash Flow Statement Examples Cash Flow Statement Importance Cash Flow Statement Indirect Method Cash Flow vs Net Income | Key Differences & Top Examples Cash Generating Unit Cash Memo Cash Outflow Cash Receipt Cash Receipt Template Cash Receipts Journal Causes of Depreciation Change in Accounting Estimate Chart of Accounts Check Register Checkbook Register Template Checking Account China A Shares Class A Shares Classified Balance Sheet Clean Surplus Accounting Clearing Account Cliff Vesting Closing Entries in Accounting Closing Stock Collections Commercial Invoice Commercial Substance Commitments and Contingencies | Disclosures | Examples Commodity vs Equity Common Stock Common Stock Equivalent  Common Stock vs Preferred Stock Completed Contract Method Components of Financial Statements Compound Journal Entry Consequential Loss Conservatism Principle of Accounting Consignment Accounting Consignment Inventory Consignment Stock Consignor Consistency Principle Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Financial Statement Construction Accounting Construction Work in Progress Consultant Invoice Template Contingency Reserve Contingent Asset Contingent Liabilities Contingent Liabilities Example Contingent Liability Journal Entry Contingent Shares Continuing Operations Contra Account Contra Asset Account Contra Revenue Contract Costing Contributed Capital Control Account Controlled Company Controlling Interest Conversion Ratio Convertible Preferred Stock Cook the Books Corporate Accountant Corporate Accounting Corporate Profit Corporate Tax Correcting Entry COSO Framework Cost Basis Cost Benefit Principle Cost Element Cost Method Cost of Goods Available for Sale Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM) Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Cost of Goods Sold Examples Cost Of Goods Sold Journal Entry (COGS) Cost of Revenue Cost of Sales Cost Principle Cost Recovery Method Cost vs Expense Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) Cost-Plus Contract Creative Accounting Credit Balance Credit Facility Credit in Accounting Credit Memo (Credit Memorandum) Credit Note Credit Sales Credit Terms Cumulative Dividend Cumulative Preferred Stock Current Assets Current Assets Formula Current Cost Current Liabilities Current Liabilities Formula Current Portion of Long-Term Debt (CPLTD) Current vs Non-Current Assets Cycle Billing Cycle Counting Date of Record for Dividends Dead Stock Death Spiral Debit Debit Balance Debit Memo Debit Note Debit Note vs Credit Note Debit vs Credit in Accounting Debtor Debtor vs Creditor Declining Balance Method of Depreciation Deferred Compensation Deferred Expenses Deferred Income Tax Deferred Maintenance Deferred Revenue (Income) Deferred Revenue Examples Deferred Revenue Expenditure Deferred Revenue Journal Entry Deferred Shares Deferred Tax Deferred Tax Asset Journal Entry Deferred Tax Assets Deferred Tax Liabilities Delivery Note Delivery Order Depletion Expense Deposit Accounting Depreciable Assets Depreciated Cost Depreciation Depreciation for Cars Depreciation for Computers Depreciation for Rental Property Depreciation Formula Depreciation Journal Entry Depreciation of Building Depreciation On Equipment Depreciation on Furniture Depreciation Rate Depreciation Tax Shield Depreciation vs Amortization Difference Between Capital Reserve and Revenue Reserve Difference Between Cash Flow and Fund Flow Difference Between Journal and Ledger Difference Between Price and Cost Difference Between Shares and Debentures Difference Between Trade Discount and Cash Discount Direct Credit Direct Lease Direct vs Indirect Cash Flow Methods Direct write-off method Director’s Report Discontinued Operations Discount Allowed and Discount Received Discount on Bonds Payable Dividend Dividend Aristocrats Dividend Declared Dividend Growth Dividend Payable Dividend Policy Dividend Policy Types Dividend Reinvestment Plan Dividends Ex-Date Vs Record Date Dividends in Arrears Dollar-Value LIFO Double Declining Balance Method Double Entry Double Entry Accounting System Drawing Account Dual Aspect Concept Earnings Earnings Management EBIT (Earnings Before Interest And Tax) EBIT Calculation EBIT vs EBITDA | Top Differences | Examples | Calculation EBIT vs Net Income EBIT vs Operating Income EBITDA EBITDA Formula EBITDA vs Net Income EBITDA vs Operating Income Economic Life Effective Tax Rate Employee Stock Option Plan Employee Stock Purchase Plan Ending Inventory Formula Enron Scandal Equipment Lease Equity Equity Compensation Equity Dilution Equity Examples Equity Formula Equity Interest Equity Shares vs Preference Shares Equity vs Assets Equity vs Royalty Equity vs Shares Ex-Dividend Date Examples of Assets Expanded Accounting Equation Expense Expense Account Expense Accounting Expense Journal Entries Expense Recognition Principle Expense vs Expenditure Explicit Cost Express Warranty Extraordinary Items Fair Value Accounting Faithful Representation FIFO Inventory Method FIFO vs LIFO Final Accounts Final Dividend Finance Lease Finance vs Lease Financial Accounting Financial Assets Financial Assets Examples Financial Assets Types Financial Close Financial Lease vs Operating Lease Financial Liabilities Financial Reporting Financial Reporting Objectives Financial Statement Examples Financial Statement Fraud Financial Statement Limitations Financial Statements Financing Activities Financing Costs Finished Goods Inventory Fiscal Quarter Fiscal Year Fiscal Year in USA Fiscal Year vs Calendar Year Fixed Assets Fixed Assets Register Fixed Cost Fixed Cost vs Variable Cost Floating Stock FOB Destination (Free on Board) Foreign Currency Translation Forensic Accounting Forfeited Shares Format of Trial Balance Forward Looking Statement Fractional Share Franked Dividend Free Accounting Software Freight Forwarder Freight Forwarding Freight Out Fringe Benefits Frozen Account Full Disclosure Principle Full Form of COA Full Form Of Cr Full Form of FIFO Full Form of FOB Full Form Of GL Full Form of GRN Fully Depreciated Assets Fully Vested Functional Currency Functions of Managerial Accounting Fund Accounting Fund Flow Statement Fund Flow Statement Format Furniture, Fixtures, And Equipment GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) GAAP vs Non-GAAP Gain Formula General Journal General Journal vs General Ledger General Ledger General Ledger vs Sub Ledger General Ledger vs Trial Balance General Purpose Financial Statements General Reserve Global Depository Receipts (GDR) Going Concern Golden Shares Goods in Transit Goodwill Goodwill Amortization Goodwill Formula Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Valuation Governmental Accounting Gross Earning Gross Income Gross Income Formula Gross Income vs Net Income Gross Lease Gross Profit Gross Profit Formula Gross Revenue Gross Sales Gross Sales Formula Gross Sales vs Net Sales Gross Wages Ground Lease H-Shares Hard Asset Hard Cost vs Soft Cost Hedge Accounting Held to Maturity Securities Hidden Assets Hire Purchase Historical Cost Holding Cost Hollywood Accounting Homemade Dividends How to Read a Balance Sheet? Human Resource Accounting Hybrid Securities IFRS IFRS vs Indian GAAP | Important Differences Between IFRS and Indian GAAP IFRS vs US GAAP Illiquid Impaired Assets Impairment Impairment Loss Implicit Cost Implied Warranty Importance of Financial Statements Imprest System Incentive Stock Options Incidental Expenses Income Statement Income Statement Basics Income Statement Examples Income Statement Formats Income Statement Formula Income Statement Template Income Statement vs Balance Sheet Income Statement Vs Profit And Loss Statement  Income Summary Income Tax Accounting Income Tax Expense Incomplete Records Incurred Cost Indirect Expenses Inflation Accounting Inherent Risk Installment Sale Insurance Expense Intangible Assets Intangible Assets List Intercompany Loans Interest Expense Interest Expense Formula Interest Income Interest on Investments Interest Payable Interest Receivable Journal Entry Interest vs Dividend | Top 9 Differences (with Infographics) Interim Dividend Interim Financial Statements Interim Reporting Internal Control Inventoriable Cost Inventories List Inventory Adjustment Inventory Aging Inventory Control Inventory Financing Inventory Shrinkage Inventory Tag Inventory Valuation Inventory vs Stock Inventory Write-Down Investment Securities Invoice Invoice Discounting Invoice Financing Invoice Tracking Template Is Account Receivable – An Asset or Liability? Is Account Receivable a Current Asset? Is Dividend Expense? Is Inventory a Current Asset? Is Retained Earning an Asset? Is Unearned Revenue a Liability? Issued vs Outstanding Shares Joint Product Journal Entry Examples Journal Entry Format Journal in Accounting Journal Voucher Journalizing Junior Accountant KSOP Land Depreciation Learn Basic Accounting Lease Lease Extension Lease Incentive Lease Option Lease Payment Lease Rate Lease Rate Factor Leaseback Leasehold Leasehold Improvements Leasehold vs Freehold Ledger Account Examples Ledger Balance Ledger in Accounting Legal Capital Lessee Lessor Lessor vs Lessee Letter of Guarantee Leveraged Lease Leveraged Loans Liabilities in Accounting Liability vs Debt Lien Sale LIFO Inventory Method Accounting LIFO Liquidation LIFO Reserve Limitations of Financial Accounting Limitations of Financial Statement Analysis Liquid Assets Liquidating Dividend List of Assets List of Operating Expenses Loan Loss Provisions Loan vs Lease Long Term Debt Long Term Investments Long Term Liabilities Long-Term Liabilities Examples Lower of Cost or Market LTM EBITDA MACRS Depreciation Majority Shareholder Management Accounting Books Manufacturing vs Production Margin vs Markup Margin vs Profit Mark to Market Accounting Marketable Securities Marketable Securities Examples Markup Formula Matching Principle of Accounting Material Misstatement Materiality Concept MD&A – Management Discussion and Analysis Minority Interest MM (Million) Modified Gross Lease Monetary Assets Money Measurement Concept Multi Step Income Statement Negative Cash Flow Negative Equity Negative Goodwill Negative Shareholders Equity | Examples | Buyback | Losses Net Asset Formula Net Assets Net Book Value Net Capital Spending Net Cash Net Cash Flow Net Cash Flow Formula Net Credit Sales Net Fixed Assets Net Income Net Income Formula Net Investment Net Loss Net Operating Income Net Operating Loss Net Proceeds Net Realizable Value Net Realizable Value Formula Net Revenue Net Sales Net Sales Formula Net Tangible Assets | Calculate Net Tangible Assets Per Share Net Worth of a Company No-Par Value Stock Nominal Account Nominal Ledger Nominal Value of Shares Nominee Shareholder Non Cash Expense Non Current Assets Non Current Liabilities Examples Non Operating Expenses Non Operating Income Non Profit Accounting Non Recurring Items Non-Controlling Interest Non-GAAP Earnings Non-Interest Income Non-Marketable Securities Non-Monetary Assets Non-Moving Inventory Non-Participating Preferred Stock Non-Qualified Stock Options Noncumulative Preference Shares (Stocks) NOPAT Vs Net Income Nostro Account Notes Payable Notes Receivable Objectives of Financial Accounting Objectives of Financial Statements Objectivity Principle Off-Balance Sheet Off-Balance Sheet Financing Offset Account Opening Stock Operating Activities Operating Cash Flow Operating Cash Flow Formula Operating Cost Operating Cycle Operating Earnings Operating Expense (OPEX) Operating Expense Examples Operating Income Operating Income vs Net Income Operating Lease Operating Lease Accounting Operating Profit Formula Operating Profit vs Net Profit Operating Revenue Order of Liquidity Ordinary Shares Ordinary Shares Capital Other Comprehensive Income Other Current Assets Other Expenses Other Income Out Of Pocket Expense Outstanding Shares Overhead Costs Overstocking Owner’s Equity Owners Capital Paid in Capital Par Value Par Value of Share Partial Income Statement Participating Preferred Stock Partnership Capital Account Pass Through Entity Payment Date Payment On Account Payroll Accounting Payroll Formula Payroll Records Percentage Lease Percentage Of Completion Method Percentage Of Sales Method Periodic Inventory System Periodicity Assumption Perpetual Inventory System Petty Cash Petty Cash Book Phantom Stock Physical Deterioration Physical Inventory Plant Assets Pledged Shares Point of Sale Post Closing Trial Balance Posting in Accounting Preference Equity Redemption Cumulative Stock Preferred Dividend Preferred Redeemable Increased Dividend Equity Security Preferred Shares Premium on Stock Prepaid Expense Examples Prepaid Expenses Prepaid Expenses Journal Entry Prepaid Insurance Pretax Income (Earnings Before Taxes) Prime Cost Prior Period Adjustments Private Accounting Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement Pro Forma Financial Statements Pro Forma Income Statement Pro Forma Invoice Pro Forma Invoice Template Pro-Forma Earnings Profit Profit After Tax (PAT) Profit and Loss Accounting Profit and Loss Statement Profit and Loss Statement Examples Profit And Loss Statement Format Profit and Loss Statement Template Profit Before Tax (PBT) Profit vs Income Property Plant And Equipment (PP&E) Provision in Accounting Proxy Statement Prudence Concept In Accounting Public Accounting Public vs Private Accounting Purchase Credit Journal Entry Purchase Journals Purchase Ledger Purchase Order (PO) Purchase Return Journal Entry Purpose Of Cash Flow Statements Purpose Of Income Statement Qualified Dividends Qualified vs Ordinary Dividend Quality of Conformance Quality Of Earnings Quick Assets Raw Material Inventory Raw Materials Real Accounts Real Assets Real Estate Accounting Real Estate Depreciation Realizable Value Realization Principle Rebate Receiving Report Receiving Stock Reconciliation Reconciliation of Books | Types, Best Practices | Useful Tips Reconciliation Statement Reconciling Account Record To Report Recordkeeping Recourse in Factoring Recoverable Amount Recurring Revenue Redeemable Preference Shares Reimbursable Expense Related Party Transactions Relevance in Accounting Replacement Cost Reporting Period Research and Development (R&D) Research And Development Costs Reserve Accounting Reserves and Surplus Residual Income Residual Value Responsibility Accounting Restatement Restricted Cash Restricted Fund Restricted Stock Units Restructuring Cost Retail Inventory Method Retained Earnings Retained Earnings Formula Retired Shares Return Inward Return Outward Revaluation Reserve Revenue Revenue Accounts Revenue Cycle Revenue Deficit Revenue Expenditure Revenue Recognition Principle Revenue Reserve Revenue Streams Revenue vs Earnings Revenue vs Income Revenue vs Net Income Revenue vs Profit Revenue vs Sales Revenue vs Turnover Reverse Factoring Reverse Stock Split Reversing Entries Revolving Credit Facilities Revolving Fund Risk-Weighted Asset Rules for Journal Entries Safety Stock Salary Payable Sales Allowance Sales Commission Sales Credit Journal Entry Sales Day Book Sales Invoice Template Sales Journal Sales Ledger Sales Return Journal Entry Sales Returns And Allowances Sales Revenue Sales Taxes Payable Salvage Value Scope of Accounting Scrip Dividend Securities Accounting Segment Reporting Sell Through Rate Selling Expenses Senior Accountant Service Invoice Template Severance Pay SG&A Expenses (Selling, General & Administrative) Share Buyback Share Capital Share Classes Shareholder Shareholder Equity vs Net Worth | Top 5 Differences You Must Know! Shareholder Fund Shareholder Letter Shareholder Primacy Shareholder Register Shareholder Resolution Shareholder Rights Shareholder Types Shareholder’s Equity Formula Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Equity Shareholders Loan Shareholders Value Shares Issued Shares Premium Shares Purchase Agreement Shares Vesting Short Term Assets Short Term Investments Short Term Loans Shrinkage Formula Single Entry System in Accounting Single Step Income Statement Slow-Moving Inventory Social Accounting Special Dividend Special Journal Specific Identification Method Spoilage Statement of Activities Statement Of Affairs Statement of Cash Flow Statement of Changes in Equity Statement of Comprehensive Income Statement of Financial Position Statement of Operations Statement Of Owner’s Equity Statement of Retained Earnings Statement Of Retained Earnings Examples Step Cost Steps in Accounting Process Stock Accounting Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation Stock Certificate Stock Dilution Stock Dividend Stock Keeping Unit Stock Ledger Stock Level Stock Options vs RSU (Restricted Stock Units) Stock Splits Stock Taking Stock Variable Stock vs Mutual Funds Stock vs Option Stock Warrant Stockholder Stockholder’s Equity Statement Stockouts Stocks vs Shares Stores Ledger Straight Bill of Lading Straight Line Amortization Straight Line Depreciation Method Sublease Subledger Subsequent Event Subsidiary Ledger Substance Over Form Sum of Years Digits Method of Depreciation Sundry Expenses Suspense Account T Accounts T-Account Examples Tangible Assets Tangible Net Worth Tangible vs Intangible Tangible vs Intangible Assets Tax Amortization Benefit Tax Loss Carry Forward Tax Loss Harvesting Tax Shield Tax Shield Formula Temporal Method Temporary Account Three-Way Matching Top 10 Accounting Firms Across the Globe Top Line Total Assets Total Assets Formula Total Shareholder Return Tracking Stock Trade Credit Trade Discount Trade Finance Trade Receivables Trading Securities Transfer Agent Transfer Pricing Translation Exposure Travel Expenses Treasury Stock Trial Balance Trial Balance Errors Trial Balance Examples Trial Balance vs Balance Sheet Triple Net Lease True Lease Turnover vs Profit Types of Accounting Types of Assets Types of Financial Statements Types of Inventory Types of Liabilities on Balance Sheet Unadjusted Trial Balance Unappropriated Retained Earnings Underlying Profit Unearned Income Unearned Revenue Unearned Revenue Unit of Production Depreciation Unrealized Gains (Losses) Useful Life Users of Financial Statements Utilities Expenses Verifiability In Accounting Vertical Balance Sheet Vested Interest Voting Shares Voucher In Accounting Warranty Expense Wasting Asset Watered Stock Wealth Maximization vs Profit Maximization Weighted Average Shares Outstanding Window Dressing in Accounting WIP Inventory (Work-in-Progress) Workers Compensation Write Down Write-Off Written Down Value Method Zero Depreciation Policy

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Accounting is the method of processing and recording financial information on behalf of a business. The tasks of an accountant may include analyzing financial transactions, summarizing financial reports, verifying financial records about a company, and then reporting them to regulatory agencies or tax collection authorities. Learning the concept of accounting is a must if you want to become a financial analyst or an investment banker.



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Here you will find a plethora of resources on accounting covering topics like balance sheet (assets, liabilities, and equities) and income and cash flow statements. Aside from basic accounting, the information provided in this section will help you go deep into advanced accounting as used by most financial analysts. If you are new to accounting, go through the accounting case studies to learn the basics in less than an hour.

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