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Top 5 Best Economics Books – When we think about bringing to you information we think about information that can benefit all. By all we mean a learner or a professional. The captioned topic very precisely talks about top economics books and hence today we want to make sure you benefit from every bit of information we provide.

We have a list of best economics books given below with their brief information which we feel will suffice. So let’s move further to take a look into the notes.

#1 – The Fix:

How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline

Author – Jonathan Tepperman


In this top economics book, the author very creatively covers the crisis of times including terror threats calling the age the irreversible time. He displays the overlooked success stories that have been hiding in plain sights. Their methods of success despite of economic stagnation, Islamic extremism, corruption, political loopholes, etc are explained which are called hypothetical they are based on government initiatives.

He holds the moments in times to show you the picture with applicable measures to enhance equality, cooperation, income, consistency in an extremely diversified society. He also gives examples by flipping the political wisdom and displaying as to how much could the US congress learn about compromising and pacification form its equivalents in Mexico

He has travelled the world to write this book and has conducted over 100 interviews to get to the facts in a few hundred pages.


Based on reality the author gives practical advice to problem- solvers of all issues. The writer talks about important remedies solve the displayed distress of harsh future that has been ruling the news with relevant data based on case study to be used in times of devastating cynicism.

Best Takeaway from this Top Economics Book

The author has really put in his heart and his soul in understanding global issues and threats and how has it been affecting our economies making the poor more poor and the rich more rich. He has learnt about the topic after researching for years and travelling and also conducting interviews. He has also gives us practical advice based on these situations to avoid a harsh and painful future. Our take away her is his practical advice.

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#2 – Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead 

Author – Sheryl Sandberg


This economics book is a motivation for a number of women who unintentionally hold themselves back in their careers besides having all the knowledge and ability required. With the help of studies confirms that even after having 50% women graduation rate in The United States of America the men still dominate major positions of management in the government and industries which means women still have a very less stay.

In this economics book, the author here explains the root cause of the reason why women still lack the success that they really deserve along with the required elucidations that actually are basic common sense solutions. She has given examples of 100 business women who have been most influential people in the world. She wants women to sit on the table, take risk, seek challenges and follow their goals and she has very powerfully spoken about such phenomenon which has been viewed more than 200 times.

This is the best economics book written with both humor and wisdom to be more specific with words she has given a very inspiring call to action conversion into individual women and mankind. To sum it up leading women to a direction of what they can do form what they can’t.


The author simply explains why we have very few women leaders. She has coined the biggest traps set form women and why are they lacking behind besides being so talented. She also gives common sense solutions to help women take a turn from what they can’t do to what they can. She has given a number of phenomenons which are very inspiring for every woman who wishes to succeed in her career and life and is bounded by situations.

Best Takeaway from this Best Economics Book

What can be better than taking away the motivation of growing in life from some most successful woman in the world? We suggest you focus on taking away the positivity the author is trying to spread with her words. Break your set boundaries take risk, sit on the desk and explore for women do have the power of making a great change and it is time for the change to take place.

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#3 – Zero to One:

Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

Author – Peter Thiel and Blake Masters


In this top economics book, the author with the help of legendary investors and entrepreneurs explains how we can find single ways to create newest successful things. He explains how we are diverted by flashy mobiles and devices that are making us live in a world that is stagnant due to technology for we live in an opposing society. He understands the importance of Silicon Valley’s besides the fact that information technology has shown continuous improvement and growth. And hence growth and progress need not be restricted in a single industry and others must grow based on their skills and most importantly skilled leadership thinking yourself as the leader.

He also adds that doing anything that someone has already done or someone already knows takes your scale from 1 to n; however when you do something new you start from 0 to 1. He strongly believes you can escape competition in monopoly for monopoly gives you your recognition because in a competitive market the others are already doing what you are. Monopoly or a monopolist completely escapes competition for their business is unique.

This novel presents a positive and a unique way of progress in the future and thinking differently about innovations. Get up and start asking questions that will help you lead to different and unexpected places.


The authors are simply talking about new inventions in different industries and helping the industries to grow with the help of leadership. He wants people to not be monotonous and repeat inventions that people have already made in the past. He really wants monopoly to take place again, for one simple reason monopoly helps escaping competition. No competition is equals to good profit. The authors have given very strong examples of Bill Gates who created the operating system and Larry Page and Sergey Brin who created the search engine.

Best Takeaway from this best economics Book

We like the idea of monopoly and new inventions from the author. He clearly says that only IT industry need not grow for there is scope of growth of the other industries as well. He talks about new ideas and we must put our creativity to work to develop them. The examples given by the Authors are extremely motivating as they are set examples. We must learn from the experts the power and the journey of failures to grand success.

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#4 – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent:

It’s Not About the Money…It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!

Author – Gary Keller , Dave Jenks , Jay Papasan


Each one of us want to be successful and off course the success that comes to us is never enough and all we want is more. The economic science is all about this demand and supply theory of wanting something. The author here is explaining to you the tricks of business step-by-step. To be successful you need to follow a few rules and tricks which really important however none of us really do. Weather as a starter or a business tycoon you must have a few laws and rules to follow.

Two most important parts of your life include 1st the strugglers stage and then the stage where you have to maintain your success. And as per the author both the tasks are not easy. This book is the best place you get a step by step guide in seeking excellence in both your professional as well as your personal life. Yes it is right many a times the skills of your professional life do help you by become a habit and the same habit reflects in your personality which also turns your personal life.

This top economics book is a life changing book as it has the capability of awakening and enlightening you and this change will be a map to the great change which is priceless. Carry the road map along to guide you to your destination.


This best economics book is a real great example for real estate professionals and is recommended for the real estate professionals to begin with. However every individual who is looking for a road map for success and success maintenance must read this book as it is an epic example and a step by step guide.

Best Takeaway from this Book

People believe once the struggle is over it is done then all you need to do is relax; however this is not the case. What success really needs is maintenance and as professionals you need to know how to not just reach there but also maintain your designation and success.

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#5 – Rise of the Robots:

Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

Author – Martin Ford


In this economics book, the author very easily describes that the devices that have become important and have been making our lives easy have also taken our lives and our livelihood from us. They are slowly and steadily destroying us. For example the computer that has simplified our lives so much that we can really not imagine ourselves without it today; however you cannot imagine what has it done to us, it has taken our place in making electronic discoveries and is soon going to take over radiologist, which is not going to be the end it will only be the beginning.

Technology has the power to destroy the entire industry and uproot the job market of the other sectors. Big companies such as Facebook and YouTube need a very few employees to make it a success. Technology has replaces human labor however no one has ever spoken about who can help human labor to take over computation.

We as individuals are unaware of the fact that the industrial revolution will unfold itself in a manner such that a few jobs will vanish from the market. He has explained the shattering effects of this transition in this book. He can see a painful future where a huge chunk of population fron the labor class will be jobless.


This best economics book is based on technology taking over our job is future. Technology is meant to facilitate our lives and simplify it however it is now being developed in such a way that it has been taking away the jobs of mankind. He clearly means that technology is developed for mankind and mankind is not made for technology. His research shows that a number of job profiles have vanished from the market today due to technology and this can leave many of us jobless.

Best Takeaway from this Book

This top economics book clearly indicates people to develop something that will replace mankind with computation and not vice versa. Acceptable is that technology has simplified our life and our jobs however it need not replace us, which means human beings should not be replaced with technology. This thought is very intense and you must think about it.

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