Advanced Excel Dashboard

Learn how to create an interactive and dynamic Advanced Excel Dashboard to enhance your presentations utilizing various data visualization methods.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Dashboard
  • Data Visualization Best Practices
  • Mojo Music Project
  • Dashboard Design Principle
  • Mojo Career Project
  • Mojo Toys Project
  • Mojo Hotel Group Project

This Course Includes

8+ Video Hours

Downloadable Excel Templates

Certificate of completion

Course Summary

Our Advanced Excel Dashboard course teaches individuals to create custom dashboards in Microsoft Excel from scratch. Its purpose is to improve one’s data analysis and visualization in the professional world. By choosing this course, individuals can create effective dashboards that would enable them to track the performance of their company or team members. Note that it includes 4 unique projects, and each of them involves constructing an interactive dashboard for an organization operating in a specific industry.

CourseAdvanced Excel Dashboard
Core CoverageIntroduction to Dashboard
Data Visualization Best Practices
Mojo Music Project
Dashboard Design Principle
Mojo Career Project
Mojo Toys Project
Mojo Hotel Group Project
Advanced Excel Dashboard Course ValidityUnlimited access for 1 year
EligibilityMS Excel
What Do You Get?Certificate of Completion
Certification TypeOnline Certificate
Verifiable CertificatesYes
Type of TrainingSelf-Paced Video Course
Software RequiredMicrosoft Excel

Course Content

2.1 Data Visualization Best Practices: Introduction
2.2 Data Visualization Best Practices: Importance
2.3 Data Visualization Best Practices: Essential Visuals
2.4 Data Visualization Best Practices: Chart Formatting Tips
2.5 Data Visualization Best Practices: Storytelling with Data

3.1 Mojo Music Project: Project Brief
3.2 Mojo Music Project: Creating the Chart in Excel
3.3 Mojo Music Project: Applying Chart Formatting
3.4 Mojo Music Project: Telling the Story

4.1 Dashboard Design Principle: Introduction and Types of Dashboards
4.2 Dashboard Design Principle: Defining a Purpose and Visual Elements
4.3 Dashboard Design Principle: Adding Context
4.4 Dashboard Design Principle: Dashboard Layout

5.1 Mojo Career Project: Project Brief
5.2 Mojo Career Project: Preparing the Filters
5.3 Mojo Career Project: Using AVERAGEIFS for conditional calculations
5.4 Mojo Career Project: Creating a Bar Chart
5.5 Mojo Career Project: Sorting Based on Formula
5.6 Mojo Career Project: Creating a Doughnut Chart
5.7 Mojo Career Project: Grouping Donut Slices
5.8 Mojo Career Project: Creating a Combo Chart
5.9 Mojo Career Project: Splitting Combo Chart Elements
5.10 Mojo Career Project: Creating a Filled Map
5.11 Mojo Career Project: Adding New Data with Data Types
5.12 Mojo Career Project: Switching between Series in the Filled Map
5.13 Mojo Career Project: Setting Up the Dashboard Layout
5.14 Mojo Career Project: Dynamically Highlighting Series
5.15 Mojo Career Project: Dynamically Highlighting the Bar Chart
5.16 Mojo Career Project: Inserting Form Controls
5.17 Mojo Career Project: Creating Custom Color Themes and Protecting the Dashboard

6.1 Mojo Toys Project: Project Brief
6.2 Mojo Toys Project: Defining Dashboard Purpose and Visuals
6.3 Mojo Toys Project: Formatting Source Data as a Table
6.4 Mojo Toys Project: Utilizing the Name Manager for the Filter Values
6.5 Mojo Toys Project: Calculating KPIs
6.6 Mojo Toys Project: Applying Conditional Formatting Rules
6.7 Mojo Toys Project: Inserting Linked Pictures
6.8 Mojo Toys Project: Creating a Line Chart
6.9 Mojo Toys Project: Preparing for Visualizing Data across Stores
6.10 Mojo Toys Project: Creating Complimentary Bar Charts
6.11 Mojo Toys Project: Dynamically Sorting Data
6.12 Mojo Toys Project: Creating Top/Bottom Tables
6.13 Mojo Toys Project: Setting Up Dashboard Layout
6.14 Mojo Toys Project: Transferring Visuals to the Dashboard
6.15 Mojo Toys Project: Dynamically Highlighting Series
6.16 Mojo Toys Project: Telling the Story
6.17 Mojo Toys Project: Sharing the Dashboard Online
6.18 Mojo Toys Project: Formula Based Formatting

7.1 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Project Brief
7.2 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Understanding the Story
7.3 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Defining the Purpose and Visuals
7.4 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Visualizing Seasonality with a Combo Chart
7.5 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Contrasting Gains & Losses with a Column Chart
7.6 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Conditional Custom Number Formats
7.7 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Using Stacked Bars Instead of Pies
7.8 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Visualizing Part of a Pivot Table
7.9 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Setting Up the Dashboard Layout
7.10 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Placing the Visuals on the Layout
7.11 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Using Text To tell a Story
7.12 Mojo Hotel Group Project: Saving Dashboard as an Image

Course Description

We have developed this comprehensive project-based Excel course to provide you with knowledge of crucial data visualization and dashboard design principles. In this course, we’ll start off by introducing you to Excel Dashboard. Then, we’ll discuss data visualization best practices, which will include chart formatting tips, storytelling with data, etc., before starting our first project — Mojo Music.

Later, we’ll explain dashboard design principles in detail and walk you through 3 unique projects, Mojo Career, Mojo Toys, and Mojo Hotel Group, where we will be teaching you how to build Advanced Excel Dashboards from scratch. Such projects will involve constructing a combo chart, preparing filters, sorting on the basis of formulas, utilizing AVERAGE IFS for any conditional calculation, inserting linked pictures, using stacked bars, and more.    

After completing our Advanced Excel Dashboard course, you will be able to combine different visual elements, such as charts and graphs, to present information efficiently and tell a story.

What We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: This course’s extensive curriculumensures that learners develop proficiency in creating custom, interactive dashboards in Microsoft Excel. Through 4 projects, we’ll teach you how to use specialized techniques to convert raw data into interactive visuals that can significantly improve your presentations. The tools that we will cover in our course, along with the dashboard and data visualization principles, are used by data scientists and data analysts in the professional world.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are professionals with vast experience and specialized knowledge in Microsoft Excel. They provide stepwise instructions to guide you through the course smoothly and develop your skills. Their valuable tips and insights can help you gain comprehensive knowledge concerning the creation of Excel dashboards.
  • Certification: Once you complete this Advanced Excel Dashboard course and pass the final assessment, you can download a certificate that demonstrates your proficiency in creating dashboards in Excel.
  • Learning Flexibility: You can learn from wherever you want and at any time you want. So, this course is ideal if you have a busy schedule.
  • Hands-On Approach: As mentioned earlier, this course consists of 4 projects that involve developing an Excel dashboard from the start. The instructor uses various tools like formulas, charts, and tables to create it. You will be able to utilize such Excel tools in different professional scenarios. 

Advanced Excel Dashboard – Certificate Sample

Who Is Eligible?

  • Any Excel user who wants to tell a story through their data by creating custom dashboards and reports
  • Working professionals who wish to develop or strengthen their data visualization skills
  • Any student who wants to enhance their Excel skills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you have to take MCQ-styled assessments at the end of each video to evaluate your learnings throughout this course. Also, at the end of the course, there is a final assessment that you must pass to obtain the Advanced Excel Dashboard certificate.

The instructor of this course explains all the tools and concepts using Excel for Office 365 on a PC. That said, you can still learn about all the tools and concepts and apply them if you are using a different version of Excel or a different operating system. That said, what is displayed on the instructor’s screen may not always match your screen.

Yes, once you complete watching all the course videos, and pass all the assessments, you will be able to download the certificate.

Yes, any person, irrespective of their geographical location, can enroll in this course. Also, they can access the course videos from their preferred location at their convenience.

Yes, you can contact the course support team for inquiries by sending an email to [email protected].

There is no specific prerequisite with regard to enrolment in this course. That said, familiarity with the basic tools and concepts of MS Excel can be beneficial for learners.

Are you ready to learn how to develop high-quality graphs and charts that can effectively communicate the story of your data?

So, are you ready to take your presentations and reports to the next level? Enroll in our Advanced Excel Dashboard course now!

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Jeff Perry, Data Analyst

This is an extensive course, covering so many concepts in great detail. Although I have been working as a data analyst for the past year, I was able to learn various things that I did not know earlier by choosing this course.

Sophie Davis, Student

This is one of the best courses I’ve purchased till now. It has a practical approach as it integrates 4 efficiently designed projects. Because of this, I feel extremely confident about applying the concepts and using the tools in Excel. I’ll surely recommend this course to my friends.

Matt Turner, Working Professional

This course provided me with some extremely useful data visualization and design tips. Every tool, be it charts, formulas, or anything else. Everything was explained in a straightforward manner. Now, I have been applying the techniques learned from this course to create my presentations, and my manager has been quite impressed by the improvement.

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