Square Root in Excel (SQRT)

Square Root Formula in Excel (SQRT)

Square Root function is an inbuilt arithmetic function in excel which is used to calculate square root of a given number, to use this function we need to type the keyword =SQRT and press tab button which will pop up the SQRT function for us, this function takes a single argument.

SQRT in excel is one of the many MATH & TRIGNOMETRY function in excel. The square root of a number that we get when we multiply the number with the same number itself.

For example, the square root of a number 25 is 5 because if we multiply the number 5 with 5, we will get a value 25.

We can also write the equation this way as well.


If you are a newbie to mathematics, you may think 5*2, which will return the result as 10. But the above equation will be solved like this

5 * 5 = 25.

Negative Square

Square root works for negative numbers as well. Now, look at the below examples.

If the number -6 is squared, we will get a positive number of 36.

-6 * -6 = +36. As per the mathematics rule, if we multiply the negative sign with the negative sign, we will get a positive number.

And off course, 6 * 6 = 36 as well.

So the square root of 36 is either 6 or -6.

Square Root in excel no brainer. It works exactly the same way too. With manual calculation, we need some calculators to do the task. But in excel, it’s just a supply of the number to the formula called SQRT in Excel.


Square Root formula in excel

Number: This is the only parameter the SQRT function has. We need to supply the number that we are trying to find the square root value.

One important thing we need to remember here that the square root formula can return the result only for positive numbers. If we supply the negative number, we will get #NUM! Error.

Square Root function 1

How to Calculate Square Root (SQRT) in Excel? (With Examples)

In excel, we can calculate the square root not only by using the square root, but we have several other ways too.

You can download this Square Root Excel Template here – Square Root Excel Template

Example #1

I have a list of numbers. We need to find the square root value.

Square Root Function Example 1

  1. Copy these numbers to excel.

    Square Root Function Example 1-1

  2. Open the formula in the B2 cell.

    Square Root Function Example 1-2

  3. Now select the required cell, i.e., A2, in this case.

    Square Root Function Example 1-3

  4. Now drag and drop the formula to the remaining cells.

    Square Root Function Example 1-4

Example #2

In the earlier section of this article, I have mentioned that the square root in excel formula can work only for positive numbers. If we supply the negative number, we will get #NUM! Error.

Square Root Function Example 2

But we can apply another formula with SQRT function to get this done. Now, look at the below negative numbers.

Square Root Function Example 2-1

I have applied the SQRT Excel Function at this point in time, and I got #NUM! Errors due to negative numbers.

To solve this issue first, we need to convert all the negative numbers into positive ones. So I am going to use ABS functionUse ABS FunctionABS Excel function or Absolute function is used to calculate the absolute value of a given number. The negative numbers given as input are changed to positive numbers and if the argument provided to this function is positive, it remains unchanged.read more, which can return the absolute value of a negative number. We don’t need to apply this formula separately rather. We can nest this formula inside the SQRT function itself.

Square Root Function Example 2-2

Firstly ABS function will convert the negative number to a positive number, and the SQRT excel function will work fine because of the positive number supplied by the ABS function.

Example #3

We have learned how to calculate the square root number in excel formula. But we can find the square of the number too.

Now, look at the below numbers.

Function Example 3

If I multiply the 6 with 6, I will get 36; as a result, i.e., the square root of a number 36 is 6. But we don’t have any special formula to calculate the square value, but still, we can do this, and that is the power of Excel.

Function Example 3-1

By using an exponential symbol, we can solve this problem.

Things to Remember

  • SQRT function can accept only numbers. If you supply anything other than the numerical value, we will get #VALUE! error
  • SQRT function accepts only positive numbers. If you supply negative numbers, it will return the result as #NUM!
  • In order to insert the square root symbol, hold the ALT key and type 251 from the number keypad.

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