How to Add Text in Excel Formula?

Formula with Text in Excel

Excel is a great tool to do all the analysis and finalize the report. But sometimes, calculation alone cannot convey the message to the reader, because every reader has their own way of looking at the report. Some people can understand the numbers just by looking at them, some needs some time to get the real story, some cannot understand at all. They need a full and clear cut explanation to everything.

You can download this Text in Excel Formula Template here – Text in Excel Formula Template

In order to bring all the users to the same page while reading the report, we can add text comments to the formula to make the report easily readable.

Let us look at how we can add text in excel formulas.

#1 – Add Meaningful Words Using with Text in Excel Formula

Often in excel, we only do calculations, and we are not worried about how well they convey the message to the reader. For example, take a look at the below data.

Words to Formula Calculations 1

By looking at the above image, it is very clear that we need to find the sale value by multiplying Units to Unit PriceUnits To Unit PriceUnit Price is a measurement used for indicating the price of particular goods or services to be exchanged with customers or consumers for money. It includes fixed costs, variable costs, overheads, direct labour, and a profit margin for the more.

Apply simple text in excel formula to get the total sales value for each salesperson.

Words to Formula Calculations 2

Usually, we stop the process here itself, isn’t it?

How about showing the calculation as Anderson’s Total Sale Value is 45,657.

Yes, this looks like a complete sentence to convey a clear message to the user. Ok, let’s go ahead and frame a sentence along with the formula.

  1. We know the format of the sentence to be framed. Firstly, we need a Sales Person name to appear. So select the cell A2 cell.

    Words to Formula Calculations 3

  2. Now, we need the word ‘s Total Sale Value is after the salesperson’s name. In order to comb in this text value, we need to put the ampersand operator sign after selecting the first cell.

    Words to Formula Calculations 4

  3. Now, we need to do the calculation to get the sale value. Put on more (ampersand) sign and apply the formula as B*C2.

    Words to Formula Calculations 5

  4. Now hit enter to complete the formula along with our own text values.

    Words to Formula Calculations 6

    One problem with this formula is that sales numbers are not formatted properly. Because they don’t have a thousand separators, that would have made the numbers look in a proper way.

    Nothing to worry; we can format the numbers with TEXT in excel formula.

    Edit the formula, and for the calculation, part applies Excel TEXT function to format the numbers as shown in the below image.

    Words to Formula Calculations 7
    Now we have the proper format of numbers along with the sales values. TEXT in excel formula to format the calculation (B2*C2) to the format of ###, ###

#2 – Add Meaningful Words to Formula Calculations with TIME Format

Ok, we have seen how to add text values to our formulas to convey the clear cut message to the readers or users. Now we will be adding text values to another calculation, which includes time calculations.

I have data on Flight departure and arrival timings. I need to calculate the total duration of each flight.

Words to Calculations with TIME 1

Not only the total duration rather but I want to show the message like this Flight Number DXS84’s total duration is 10:24:56

In the cell, D2 start the formula. Our first value is Flight Number. Enter this in double-quotes.

Words to Calculations with TIME 2

The next value we need to add is the flight number, which is already there in the cell A2. Enter & symbol and select the cell A2.

Words to Calculations with TIME 3

The next thing we need to do is add the text ‘s Total Duration is, enter one more & symbol and enter this text in double-quotes.

Words to Calculations with TIME 4

Now comes the most important part of the formula. We need to perform the calculation to get the total duration after & symbol enters the formula as C2 – B2.

Words to Calculations with TIME 5

Our full calculation is complete. Hit enter to get the result.

Words to Calculations with TIME 6

Oh, hang on, we got the total duration as 0.433398, which is not in the right format. Apply the TEXT function to perform the calculation and format that to TIME.

Words to Calculations with TIME 7

#3 – Add Meaningful Words to Formula Calculations with Date Format

TEXT function can perform the formatting task when we are adding text values to get the correct number format. Now we will see in the date format.

Below is the daily sales table that we update the values regularly.

Words to Calculations with Date 1

I need to automate the heading as the data keeps adding, i.e., the last date should be changed as per the last day of the table.

Step 1: open the formula in A1 cell as “Consolidated Sales Data from.”

Words to Calculations with Date 2

Step 2: Put & symbol and apply TEXT in excel formula, and inside the TEXT function, apply the MIN function to get the least date from this list. And format it as “dd-mmm-yyyy.”

Words to Calculations with Date 3

Step 3: Now, enter the word to.

Words to Calculations with Date 4

Step 4: Finally, to get the latest date from the table, apply the MAX formulaApply The MAX FormulaThe MAX Formula in Excel is used to calculate the maximum value from a set of data/array. It counts numbers but ignores empty cells, text, the logical values TRUE and FALSE, and text more, and format it as the date by using TEXT in excel formula.

Words to Calculations with Date 5

As you update the table, it will automatically update the heading as well.

Things to Remember Formula with Text in Excel

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This has been a guide on Text in Excel Formula. Here we discuss how to Add Text in Excel Formula cell along with practical examples and downloadable excel templates. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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