Accounting Clerk Job Description

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What Is Accounting Clerk Job Description?

An Accounting Clerk is a resource of the company responsible for bookkeeping, accounting, clerical and administrative tasks, keeping track of balance sheet items such as account receivables and account payables, and updating the senior management with the information resolving their queries. They are also responsible for keeping track of invoices and bank transactions.

Accounting Clerk Job Description

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An entry-level accounting clerk description consists of responsibilities that abridge the gap between senior accountants and management. They carry out the daily entries, and basic reconciliation, and ensure all basic documentation such as budgets, billing reports, and cost reports are up to date for final audit and scrutiny from the head accountant of the company.

Accounting Clerk Job Description Explained

The accounting clerk works in the accounting departmentAccounting DepartmentThe accounting department looks after preparing financial statements, maintaining a general ledger, paying bills, preparing customer bills, payroll, and more. In other words, they are responsible for managing the overall economic front of the more  of the company. They take care of accounting tasks such as maintaining the office books, reporting the financials to the senior, keeping track of various costs and revenue tracks such as invoices, and assigning them per ledger. The accounting clerk also provides the solution to auditors’ queries related to the company’s accounting books.

Job Requirements

Let us understand the entry-level and senior accounting clerk job description through the discussion below.

Skills and Responsibilities

For an entry-level accounting clerk job description, it is important for the candidate to possess the following skills and understand the responsibilities to ensure the process of accounting is unhinged and efficient.

  • Must have full knowledge of accounting principles.
  • Should be responsible for providing accounting support for the department.
  • Should have the skill of reconciling bank statements.
  • Must have skills in running accounting software such as SAP and Tally.
  • Should have good analytical skills and must be comfortable with numbers.
  • Should have the ability to keep the data responsibly and ethically and never share the data with unauthorized persons.
  • The accounting clerk has to deal with people from various departments. Hence he should have good people skills and should have the ability to work with these departments.
  • Should be willing to work with federal or state departments if required.
  • It should be very detail-oriented.
  • Should remain updated with the change in accounting standards and policies.


A basic qualification and additional set of certifications help a candidate fit into a senior accounting clerk job description. Let us understand them through the discussion below.

Experience and Licensing Requirements

For any candidate with the skills in accounting, they must also possess relevant certificates for them to be able to fir into the role and fulfil the responsibilities of the job as mentioned in the company’s entry-level accounting clerk job description.

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