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3 Fund Portfolio 60/40 Portfolio Abnormal Return Absolute Return Accredited Investor Active Investing Active Management Active Return Active Share Aggressive Investment All Weather Portfolio Alpha Formula Alpha In Finance Alternative Investment Fund Arbitrage Fund Asset Allocation Asset Allocation Calculator Asset Allocation Fund Asset Classes Asset Management Assets Under Management Back-End Load Balanced Funds Barbell Strategy Bias Ratio Blind Trust Bond ETF Bond Fund Bottom Fishing Calmar Ratio Cape Ratio Capital Accumulation Capital Gain Capital Gains distribution Closed Ended Mutual Fund Closed-End Fund Commingled Funds Defined Benefit Plan Difference Between Shares and Mutual Funds Direct Participation Program Diversified Investments Dividend vs Growth Downside Capture Ratio Drawdown Efficient Frontier Endowment Fund Environmental, Social, And Governance Equity Investment Equity Mutual Fund ESG Fund ESG Investing ESG Score ETF vs Index Funds Ethical Investing Excess Return Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Exchange Traded Product Expected Return Formula Factor Investing Family Office Fixed Income Funds Front End Load Full Form of ETF Full Form Of SIP Fund Management Fund of Funds (FOF) Glide Path Global Macro Strategy Global Minimum Variance Portfolio Gold Fund Green Investments Green Tech Greenfield Investment Hedge Hedge Fund Risks Hedge Fund Strategies High Risk Investments High Water Mark Holding Period Return Holdovers Hospitality REIT Hot Money How Does A Hedge Fund Work? How to Manage Your Money? Hybrid Fund Impact Investing Income Funds Income Stock Index Funds Index Funds vs Mutual Funds Index Investing Industrial REITs Information Ratio Information Ratio Formula Institutional Fund Institutional Investors International Fund International Investments Investing In Currency Investment Analysis Investment Calculator Investment Company Investment Decision Investment Horizon Investment Income Investment Management Agreement Investment Manager Investment Mandate Investment Objective Investment Policy Statement Investment Process Investment Property Investment Risk Investment Strategies Investment Style Investment Trust Jensen’s Alpha Keogh Plan Last Will And Testament Leveraged ETF Living Trust Load Fund Long-Term Capital Management M2 Measure Magic Formula Investing Managed Account Management Fee Market Portfolio Markowitz Model Maximum Drawdown Medium Term Minimum Variance Portfolio Modern Portfolio Theory Modified Dietz Money-Weighted Rate of Return Mutual Fund Mutual Fund Analyst Mutual Fund Expense Ratio Mutual Fund Theorem Mutual Fund vs Hedge Fund Mutual Fund vs SIP Mutual Funds Vs ETFs National Savings & Investments NAV Return Negative Return Net Asset Value (NAV) Net Asset Value Formula No-Load Mutual Fund Nominal Rate of Return Non-Traded REIT Office REITs Oil ETF Oil Investing Omega Ratio Omnibus Account Open Ended Mutual Fund Open Ended vs Closed Ended Mutual Funds Open-Ended Investment Company P/FFO Passive Funds Passive Investing Passive Management Pension Fund Pension Plan Performance Attribution Ponzi Scheme Pooled Fund Portfolio Analysis Portfolio Construction Portfolio Diversification Portfolio Investment Portfolio Management Portfolio Management Career Portfolio Manager Portfolio Optimization Portfolio Overlapping Portfolio Rebalancing Portfolio Return Formula Portfolio Standard Deviation Portfolio Turnover Portfolio Variance Portfolio Variance Formula Preservation of Capital Private Equity ETF Profit Sharing Plan Profit Taking Prudent Investment Prudent Investor Rule Qualified Purchaser Quant Funds Quantamental Quantitative Investing Rate of Return Formula Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Real Estate Operating Company Real Rate of Return Reinsurance Reinvestment Replicating Portfolio Residual Return Retail REITs Risk Adjusted Return Risk And Return Risk Averse Risk Budgeting Risk Neutral Risk Return Trade Off Risk Taker Risk Tolerance Risk-Reward Ratio Risk-Seeking Sector Rotation Separation Property Sharpe Ratio Sharpe Ratio Formula Smart Beta ETF Socially Responsible Investing Sortino Ratio Sovereign Wealth Fund Stock Portfolio Stock Selection Strategic Asset Allocation Style Analysis Style Drift Sustainable Finance Sustainable Investing Systematic Investment Plan Systematic Withdrawal Plan Tactical Asset Allocation Target Date Fund Testamentary Trust Tontine Total Return Formula Tracking Error Tracking Error Formula Traditional IRA Treynor Ratio Treynor-Black Model Trust Company Trustee Types of Investments Types of Mutual Funds Ultra High Net Worth Individuals UPREIT Vs DOWNREIT Vulture Funds Wealth Accumulation  Wealth Enhancement What is Hedge Fund?

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Asset Management is the process of procuring, optimizing, developing, and selling assets in the best cost-effective manner possible. It could be managed by an individual or a group of people by means of a company or a firm. The Asset Management professionals are referred to as Fund Managers. Their job is to manage their client's money and amplify it as per the risk-bearing capacity of the client.


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There are over 130 resources through which you can learn everything about asset management. This collection of tutorials will explain to you in-depth the ways to invest and grow your client's funds. You will get to know about the things to consider while investing. There are many factors that could contribute to you booking a loss which you can avoid by educating yourself completely.

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