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80-20 Rule Accounting Rate of Return Activity Analysis Adjusted Present Value Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV Annual Return Annualize Annualized Rate of Return Annuitization Annuity Calculator Annuity Certain Annuity Due Annuity Factor Annuity Formula Annuity vs Lump Sum Annuity vs Pension Annuity vs Perpetuity Arithmetic Return Assignment Method Average Formula Average Outstanding Balance Average Rate of Return Back-of-the-Envelope Calculation Ballpark Figure Benefit Cost Ratio Bottom-Up Estimating Break Even Chart Break Even Sales Formula Break-Even Analysis Break-Even Point Formula Break-Even Price Formula Build Lease Transfer Build Operate Transfer Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer Buying vs Leasing CAGR CAGR Formula Capacity Planning Capacity Requirements Planning Capital Allocation Capital Budgeting Capital Budgeting Examples Capital Budgeting Importance Capital Budgeting Methods Capital Budgeting Process Capital Budgeting Techniques Capital Injection Capital Rationing Cash Burn Rate Compounding Compounding Quarterly Formula Continuous Compounding Formula Conventional Cash Flow Cost Benefit Analysis Examples Cost Volume Profit Analysis Cost-Benefit Analysis Cost-Benefit Analysis Formula Cut Off Rate Decrease Percentage Formula Deferred Annuity Formula Deferred Annuity   Discount Factor Discounted Payback Period Discounting Formula Doubling Time Formula Equivalent Annual Cost Expansion Project Feasibility Study Examples Feasibility Study  Financial Decision Making Fixed Annuity Fixed Capital Float Management Future Value Formula Future Value of Annuity Due Formula Geometric Mean Return Growth Rate Formula How to Get Into Project Finance? Hurdle Rate Incremental Analysis Incremental Cash Flow Incremental IRR Independent Project Initial Outlay Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Investment Appraisal IRR vs ROI Life Annuity Make or Buy Decision Margin Of Error MIRR Mutually Exclusive Projects Net Change Formula Net Present Value (NPV) NPV Examples NPV Profile NPV vs IRR NPV vs XNPV | Top Differences with Excel Examples Operational Effectiveness Opportunity Analysis Opportunity Cost Opportunity Cost Examples Opportunity Cost Formula Ordinary Annuity Ordinary Annuity Formula Payback Period Payback Period Advantages And Disadvantages Percentage Change Formula Perpetuity Present Value Present Value Factor (PV) Present Value Formula Present Value of an Annuity Present Value Of An Annuity Formula Present Value of Perpetuity Present Value vs Future Value Product Life Cycle Profitability Index Profitability Index Formula Project Evaluation Project Finance Project Finance Jobs Project Selection Criteria PV vs NPV (Present Value vs Net Present Value) Relative Change Retainage Rough-Cut Capacity Planning Rule of 69 Rule Of 70 Rule Of 72 Formula Sales Forecasting Scenario Analysis Sensitivity Analysis Sensitivity Analysis in Excel Stare Decisis Sunk Cost Sunk Cost Examples Sunk Cost Fallacy Terminal Cash Flow Time Value of Money Time vs Money Time-Weighted Return Top 15 Financial Functions in Excel Top-Down Estimating Variable Annuity

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Capital Budgeting is an integral component of Finance. It arranges the extensive data in a perceivable format and helps the management in making appropriate deductions. Excel is the most viable option amongst the multiple spreadsheet options available in the market. It can manage highly complex data and present it in a very sophisticated manner to do project appraisal and sensitivity analysis. Its flexibility makes it the most used tool for projections worldwide.

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These tutorials will guide you through the intensive process of designing a scenario model that suits your business requirements and is customized as per your needs. WallStreetMojo has designed these capital budgeting guides that will make the process of the project and corporate finance decisions very easy. They're absolutely fool-proof.

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