Power BI Timeline

Timeline in power bi is a type of visual or visualization technique, it is used to define a data in the type of precision with respect to time, such as roster or completion of any given project, etc, it uses Gantt style charts to display the visuals.

What is TimeLine Visual in Power BI?

Power BI Timeline is a custom visual that we need to download from the web to use. This is not a default visual available to use. Timeline visual is a kind of slicer. We can use it to select multiple ranges of data values and see specific period visuals. Timeline visuals can accept only “Date” values, and anything other than date values cannot be applied to this slicer.


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How to Import Timeline Visual to Power BI?

Since Timeline visual is not a built-in visual to use, we need to import from the market place. Click on the below link first.

Source: Power BI Timeline Slicer

This will take you to the market place web page. Click on “Get It Now.”

Slicer Link To Download

Hit the Continue button in the next window. This will take you to “Download Page” and click on “Download for Power BI.” This Power BI custom visualPower BI Custom VisualIn Power Bi, there are some built-in visuals for data visualization, as well as some custom visuals. Custom visuals are user-defined and allow users to use their own creativity in terms of how they want to present data. For example, one can use lines and dots in a flashing and floating manner to display changes in data over time.read more file will get downloaded to your computer folder.

Download Timeline Slicer

Now open the Power BI file, under visualization, click on “Import From File.”

Power BI - Import Option

Now it will ask you to choose the downloaded file from the computer hard disk. Go to the respective file directory and choose the file. After selecting the file, hit on the “Open” button.

Power BI - Import Visual from Folder

In your Power BI file window, you will see the message stating, “The visual was successfully imported into this report.”

Import Custom Visual Pop Up

Now you should see this visual under the visualization list.

Timeline Visual Option

Create Timeline Slicer in Power BI

To work with Power BI Timeline visual slicer, we need “Date” values with associated data. Below is the historical stock price for the past two years of one of the prestigious banks in India.

Excel Data

Copy and paste the data directly to Power BI, or you can copy the data to an excel file and then import it to Power BI as an Excel file reference. So you can download the excel workbook template from the below link, which is used for this example.

You can download this Power BI Timeline Excel Template here – Power BI Timeline Excel Template

Steps to create Power BI Timeline are as follows.

  1. I have directly uploaded the data to Power BI.

    Timeline Power BI - Data View

  2. Come back to the “Report” view now.

    Power BI RANKX - Report View

  3. Insert power bi “Line Chart” from the visualization field.

    Timeline Power BI - Insert Line Chart

  4. For this blank power bi-line chart, drag and drop the “Date” column to the “Axis” field and “Stock Price” column to the “Values” field of Line Chart.

    Timeline Power BI - Insert Values in Line Chart

  5. For date, click on the “Down” arrow and choose “Date” as the option.

    Timeline Power BI - Date Format

  6. Now we can see the Power BI line chart, as shown below.

    Timeline Power BI - Line Chart
    Since the data is too large, we cannot see all the data here in the line chart, so by adding a power bi timeline slicer, we can configure the chart.

  7. Unselect the chart and insert Power BI “Timeline” custom visual that we have imported from the file.

    Timeline Power BI - Insert Timeline 2.1.0

  8. For this Power BI timeline visual, we need to drag and drop the “Date” column to the “Time” field of this visual.

    Timeline Power BI - Insert Date in Time Field

  9. Now take a look at the Timeline slicer and how it looks.

    Timeline Power BI - Timeline Slicer
    This Timeline slicer can interact with the line chart earlier that we have created. In the above slicerSlicerSlicers are a handy feature in excel to use multiple auto filters in a data table. However, it involves many clicks to use a filter on every column to find a date. A slicer makes it easier as it can be done with a few clicks.read more, we can select particular months, and the line chart will show numbers only for selected months.

  10. I have selected Jan, Feb, and Mar under the 2018 year. Now, look at the line chart.

    Timeline Power BI - Line Chart for Selected Months

  11. Power bi Timeline slicer by default grouped into Year >>> Quarter >>> Month. We can change this under grouping in the same slicer only.

    Timeline Power BI - Slicer Grouping

  12. Now I will choose “Quarter” and see how my Timeline slicer looks.

    Timeline Power BI - Timeline Slicer (Select Quarter)
    Since the “Quarter” is selected, my Timeline slicer is configured accordingly.

  • Like this, we can configure the Timeline slicer by “Year, Quarter, Month, Week, and Day” wise.
Timeline Power BI - Various Timeline Slicer

Note: Power BI dashboard file can also be downloaded from the link below, and the final output can be viewed.

You can download this Power BI Timeline Template here – Power BI Timeline Template

Things to Remember

  • Timeline is a custom visualization works like a filter or slicer.
  • The Timeline can accept only Date values.
  • We can configure the Timeline slicer by Year, Month, Quarter, Week, and Day.

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