Strikethrough in Excel

What is Strikethrough in Excel?

Strikethrough is a feature in excel which puts a line between cells, if the cells have some values then the value has a line mark over it, it is a type of format in excel which can be accessed from format cells tab while right-clicking on it or from the excel keyboard shortcut CTRL + 1 from the numeric tab of the keyboard, to remove a strikethrough the process is same.

Top 5 Methods to use Strikethrough in Excel

Below are the different Methods of Using Strikethrough Shortcut in Excel.

  1. Using Excel Shortcut Key
  2. Using Format Cell Options
  3. Using from Quick Access Toolbar
  4. Using it from Excel RibbonExcel RibbonThe ribbon is an element of the UI (User Interface) which is seen as a strip that consists of buttons or tabs; it is available at the top of the excel sheet. This option was first introduced in the Microsoft Excel more
  5. Using Dynamic Conditional Formating

Let’s discuss each method in detail with an example –

You can download this Strikethrough Shortcuts Excel Template here – Strikethrough Shortcuts Excel Template

Method #1 – Strikethrough Using the Excel Shortcut Key

Steps for strikethrough using the excel shortcut key are as follows –

  1. Select the cells in which we need the strikethrough format.

    Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 1

  2. Once the cells are selected, then simply use the excel strikethrough shortcut key that is Ctrl+5, and the data will strikeout.

    Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 1-1

Method #2 – Strikethrough Using the Format Cells Option

  • Step 1: Select the cells that need this format and then right-click on the cell and choose the option of “Format Cell.”
Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 1-2
  • Step 2: Now go to the font Tab and Select the “Strikethrough” option and Click Ok.
Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 1-3

Step 3: After clicking on “Ok,” the cell will get the format of strikethrough.

Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 1-4

Method #3 – Strikethrough Using this option from Quick Access Toolbar

By default, this option is not available in the ribbon and in the Quick Access toolbarRibbon And In The Quick Access ToolbarRibbons in Excel 2016 are designed to help you easily locate the command you want to use. Ribbons are organized into logical groups called Tabs, each of which has its own set of more. So we will now add this to the toolbar.

Strikethrough Method 2
  • Step 2: From the “Choose commands from” option, choose to display those commands that are not in Ribbon.
Strikethrough Method 2-1
  • Step 3: Select the Strikethrough Command and click on “Add,” and click on ok.
Strikethrough Method 2-2
  • Step 4: After the option is added, then it will appear below.
Strikethrough Method 2-3
  • Step 5: Select the data which you want to Strikethrough and Click on Strikethrough, as shown in the below Screenshot.
Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 2-4
  • It will Strikethrough the selected cells.
Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 2-4

Method #4 – Using it from Excel RibbonExcel RibbonThe ribbon is an element of the UI (User Interface) which is seen as a strip that consists of buttons or tabs; it is available at the top of the excel sheet. This option was first introduced in the Microsoft Excel more

  • Step 1: Right-click on the “Font” tab and choose the option of “Customize the ribbon.”
Strikethrough Method 4
  • Step 2From the options tab, choose to add “New Tab” and choose the “Strikethrough” option and click on OK.
Strikethrough Method 4-1
  • Step 3: After the option is added in a new tab, this will appear below in the “ribbon.”
Strikethrough Method 4-2

Step 4: Select the cells which you want to Strikethrough and Go to the New tab and Click on Strikethrough from New group.

Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 4-3

Method #5 – Using the dynamic conditional formatting option

Method 5
  • Step 2: Click on “Use a Formula to determine which cells to Format” and write the Formula as (=B2=”Yes”) then, click on Format.
Method 5-1

Step 3: Go to Font then, Check the Strikethrough Option and Click on Ok.

Method 5-2

Step 4: After the conditional formatting is done, Excel will automatically strikeout the text.

Strikethrough Shortcut Excel Method 5-3

Things to Remember

  • Excel Strikethrough Shortcut is only a way to display the text that is in the cell. This does not change the value of the cell. For example, “TEXT” is the same as “TEXT” for Excel and formulas.
  • The same steps are to be followed to remove strikethrough as followed to apply this.
  • If we only want a certain part of cell value to strikethrough, then we have to select that part instead of selecting the complete cell.
  • If we are using conditional formatting for strikethrough, then we should keep in mind that the reference of the range must not be absolute range and must be a relative range reference.
  • While adding the shortcut of the strike, this should be kept in mind that we cannot edit the tabs that are created by excel. This means that we cannot add this option to the “Font” tab, as this is a default tab that cannot be edited in any way.

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