Top 10 Best Books on Finance for Non Finance Managers

finance for non financial managers books

Top Best Books on Finance for Non Finance Managers – For some of you, books may turn out to be traditional way of studying a subject; however, for most, books are still “the-go-to-place” for studying any subject. And if you talk about finance, finance is one of the most complex and dynamic subjects you would ever find. If you’re new to finance, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. But we promise you that if you have these 10 best books on Finance for Non finance managers with you while learning the subject, and you put your heart and soul in these books, you won’t need to call yourself a “non-finance-guy” after a while.

We picked these books up after careful digging and these books are written while taking you (now, a layman in finance) in mind. So you will find these books lucid, useful and perfect for beginning your journey in finance.

Without much ado, let’s get started with the list.

#1 – Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Second Edition (Briefcase Book Series)

by Gene Sicilliano

This is one of the books that you can start with. This is particularly written for non-financial managers. Find out more in the review and best takeaways.

Book Review

The author has written this book in a very lucid manner. Even if finance is a dry and complex subject, while reading this book, you won’t feel the same. Each section contains examples so that you can quickly run through them and understand what the section is all about. And as per some readers, the author has mixed humour in such a way that you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book. This is not a detailed book though. If you are a beginner in finance and want to understand why and how of it, then you definitely should pick it up.

Best takeaway from this Finance for Non Financial Manager book

There are few things for which you should buy this book –

  • It covers the foundational knowledge so well that after reading this book, you can think of reading a detailed, advanced book on finance.
  • It’s full of examples, anecdotes and humour.
  • It’s very easy to read and doesn’t contain any complexity in any section.
  • It’s reasonably priced and value for money.
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#2 – The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers

by Edward Fields

Even if you have never felt the need to understand numbers before, this book will come to your aid. It will help you understand the basic numbers and how you can eventually be master of it.

Book Review

You can’t understand finance unless you have the foundational knowledge of accounting. This book will teach you how you can understand balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement and annual reports. Everybody who has read this book has transformed their way of looking at finance altogether. But there’s one warning sign. The text is dense and you need to make effort to read every chapter. However, if you’re eager to learn finance, that won’t be any issue.

Best takeaway from this Best book on Finance for Non Finance

Here are the reasons for which you should buy the finance for non finance book –

  • It’s more than 40,000 copies sold and it’s a perfect reference book for nonfinancial managers.
  • If you don’t understand numbers at all, you would find it invaluable as it’s full of case studies, concepts, terminologies and glossaries.
  • You will learn budgeting, cash flow, balance sheet, fraud detection tools and much more.
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#3 – Finance for Non-Financial Managers and small business owners

by Lawrence Tuller

Managers who work in big and small organizations and who are part of marketing, sales, human resources and operations are not very good with finance. For them this book is an invaluable resource.

Book Review

If you’re confused about which book to pick up as non-financial managers to understand the nitty-gritty of finance in the most practical format, pick this book up. It’s quite old, thus the fundamentals in this book are clear and concise. Don’t demean this book because it was written almost nine years ago. If you ever have doubt about it, just look at the name of the author. He is a Harvard scholar and author of 27 books. This book is thus particularly useful for people who are directly or indirectly related to business and who need to understand cash management, banking, planning, obtaining capital and so on and so forth.

Best takeaway from this Finance for Non Financial Manager book

Following are the reasons for which you should buy this finance for non finance book –

  • The author is an authority on the subject. Other than being a Harvard graduate, he has owned and operated 12 separate businesses. So whatever he shares is useful advice.
  • Old is gold and after reading this book you would say the same thing.
  • It’s not a book which only blabbers about theory. It’s practical and you will be able to relate with practical business.
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#4 – HBR Guide to Finance Basics for Managers (HBR Guide Series)

If you’re in into learning, you may have heard about Harvard Business Review. They create books, articles and products that are of immense help to the students of business. This guide is also similar.

Book Review

Suppose you start off a business. Now do you know when you would break even? Or how should you calculate the break-even point? If you’re a beginner in finance or just need a refresher, pick this book up and you would learn the basics of finance within 192 pages. This book is significant not only because it’s lucid or short; rather it will tell you everything behind everything. The question ‘why’ is very important. Picking up this book will help you get the answer of ‘why’ in finance.

Best takeaway from this book

Here are the best things you will learn from this finance for non finance book –

  • You will begin to understand the jargons of finance in a lucid manner. After reading this book, when someone would mention the term, you won’t stumble with it.
  • You will learn to use financial data to find out whether you can accept any more budget requests or not.
  • You will learn to do the math of finance to understand cost-benefit, ratio analysis and you will also begin to decipher the financial parts of your rivals.
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#5 – Finance for the Nonfinancial Managers

by Herbert T. Spiro

Even if you’re not directly related to finance, in this age of cutting edge competition, it’s prudence to have yourself equipped with tools and concepts of finance. Finance is the core of any business; and without the knowledge of finance, you may miss something under the appearance of triviality.

Book Review

Most books are able to only touch the scratch on the surface. Few are able to cover the fundamentals in a lucid manner. Only very few books are able to instill confidence in you about finance. This particular book will be able to make you confident about finance. It doesn’t cover anything complex in its 320 pages manual, but by reading it you will become good with numbers in finance. Professionals who have read this book have reported that from completely delusional about finance they have become the appreciators of the financial data in reports.

Best takeaway from this finance for non finance book

Following things you will learn from the book –

  • First of all, you will be able to apply break-even analyses after reading this book.
  • You would be able to create Profit and Loss account and budgets.
  • You will be able to interpret balance sheets of your company and of your rivals.
  • You will also gain enough expertise to understand other related financial statements like income statement, cash flow statement etc.
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#6 – Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers: All the Basics You Need to Know, 7th Edition

by William G. Droms & Jay O. Wright

The main characteristic of this book is its case studies. You can’t miss this book if you’re new in finance.

Book Review

This book is different in a way that connects the real life with the bookish knowledge. Financial concepts are useful when the non-financial managers can apply them in real life. By taking the help of this book, they really can. First of all, it’s full of practical examples; secondly, it doesn’t seem tough at all even if you’re coming from a non-technical background; thirdly, it gives you enough depth to understand the on-going financial affairs of the company. In a sense, it’s a complete book for non-financial managers.

Best takeaway from this Finance for Non Financial Manager book

Here are the reasons for which you should buy this book –

  • It would help you make decisions regarding long term investments.
  • You will not only learn the basics of finance, you will also get to know accounting through and through.
  • You will learn to read financial statements and interpret balance sheets.
  • You will also be able to do break-even analysis for understanding revenue and how much profits you can make at the end of the day.
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#7 – Finance & Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers

by Steven Finkler

This book will help you understand financial management from the core. And you will also get a CD-ROM with interactive excel templates.

Book Review

This book is one of its kinds because it claims to meet all your needs in regards to financial terms, jargons, concepts and basic understanding of finance. The best part of this book is the inclusion of excel application which is invaluable to the non-financial managers. This book will not only help you understand concepts, but it will also help you make critical decisions on behalf of your firm. What seemed to you as gibberish, after reading this book, they will make perfect sense. What more can you ask for from a book?

Best takeaway from this finance for non finance executive book

You should buy this book for following reasons –

  • This book is recognized as the best book on the subject. It’s also recommended for graduate course study.
  • People who are from different domains like Engineers, Architects etc. can also learn a lot from this book. This book is not only applicable for managers or people who have business acumen, but also for those who don’t have anything to do with business.
  • This volume has 23 chapters and it’s of 352 pages. If you can read this book and follow the application, you don’t need to read anything else.
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#8 – The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers 3rd Edition (McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Courses)

by H. George Shoffner, Susan Shelly, Robert Cooke

When someone tells you that you need to invest just 36 hours to understand a subject, it becomes interesting all of a sudden. And when you’re already willing to learn finance, then nothing can stop you from understanding the subject better.

Book Review

If you want to learn the foundational principles and concepts of finance under 36 hours, you shouldn’t delay. Because with this book, the demand is too high and the supply is moderate! It has been used for MBA course as well as understanding financial reports. People from all walks of life can read it through as a beginner course or as a refresher course. If you’re someone who doesn’t have any experience in seeing Profit & Loss account, grab this book and you will learn for sure.

Best takeaway from this book

There are few reasons for which you should buy this finance for non finance managers book –

  • It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn finance. Even people who are in finance profession have reported that this book was able to bridge some of the gaps in their understanding.
  • The bridging from one career to another is very tough. If you’re planning to move to finance by any means from any other profession, pick this book up.
  • It’s very reasonably priced and complete value for money.
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#9 – Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

by Samuel Weaver & J. Fred Weston

This is another McGraw-Hill book which will help you understand finance better.

Finance for Non Finance Manager Book Review

This book is not as exhaustive as you want it to be but it does the work. The reason we included this book under the best finance books for non-financial managers is because this many readers have recommended this book even as more proficient than an entire course. And if you can get a book of this sort in few bucks, why not try it. This is not only recommended by people who have been students but also by those who have been CFOs and executive officers of Fortune 1000 companies.

Best takeaway from this book

Here are the things you would learn from this finance for non finance book –

  • You will not only learn the financial statements and foundation of finance; you will also learn how to align these concepts with real business scenarios.
  • The best addition is performance measurements which very few books of the same domain have covered.
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#10 – Finance for Strategic Decision-Making: What Non-Financial Managers Need to Know (J-B-UMBS Series)

by M. P. Narayanan & Vikram K. Nanda

Why know finance? Because you need to make many strategic decisions; and if you don’t have thorough knowledge about finance, it would be difficult to make any decision small or big.

Book Review

It’s one of the books under Wiley Finance and it talks about the basics of what non-financial managers need to know. This book is particularly for you if you don’t have any knowledge in finance. This book acts as a great reference material for you. This book includes great cases and appropriate explanation for many decisions organization makes and these will surely help you understand the nitty-gritty of financial decision making.

Best takeaway from this finance for non financial manager book

Here are the best takeaways –

  • This book is particularly helpful if you’re in a position to make decisions and when your decisions affect the whole organization in the long run.
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